In the last two segments of this journey toward ( Tribulation ) we have looked at different ways God dealt with mankind. We tried to show the beginning and, end of each way God worked with man. We’ve seen that up intil now God has only spoken to two men, Adam and Noah. In this period of time God speaks to a man called Abram. ( Genesis 12 ) As you read through this, the next chapters in ( Genesis ) we watch as the the nation that comes from Abram is formed. As you read and watch this unfold, you will see that Abram becomes Abraham. God promises he and his wife a son. In other words, Sarah cannot have children but, God promises them a son.

The son they have, his name is Isaac. He is ( the son after the promise ). We see that promise in ( Genesis 17:15-19 ). As you continue to read through Genesis, Isaac has two sons. ( Esau and Jacob ). I’d like to point out something here. If you remember; Adam had three sons; ( Cain, Abel and Seth ).Cain killed Abel, Seth, being the youngest is the ( Spiritual line ) that we have followed up until now. That being, even Issac ( the only ( son after the promise ) of Abraham. Now we see that Isaac also has two sons, ( Esau and Jacob ).

The Bible says this ( Romans 9:13 ) As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Why you you think God would say this? ( The reason ) is because it just a picture. We see it all the way through. ( The first born ) if a type of your flesh. ( The second born ) is a type of you, once the spirit of God is born within you. That part of you is ( the second born ). Out of the ( second born ) is where God creates the ( Nation of Israel ). As we continue through ( Genesis ), we see that Jacob has ( twelve sons ). These twelve sons become the ( twelve tribes of Israel ). As a matter of fact, in ( Genesis 32:28 ) we see where ( Jacob’s name is actually changed to Israel ).

All the way through the rest of ( Genesis ) we see this family develop. Now, the rest of the Old Testament is concerning God’s dealings with the ( Nation of Israel ). Although up until this point; God has only spoken to three men, as the Old Testament unfolds we see many men that God uses to speak to the ( Nation of Israel ). The problem is; ( the Nation of Israel ) won’t listen to the men God uses to speak to them. These men were called prophets, one of these prophets was a man called ( Daniel ). We read Daniel’s story in ( the Book of Daniel ).

In the first part of Daniel we see that the ( Nation of Israel ) has been taken captive because of their inobedience. Although this is true, there were four of the children of Israel that would not submit to ( the King of Babylon ). Daniel just happened to be one of them. If you will notice; all the way up until this time, God has always had ( A man or men ) that stood up for him. We can’t say how many people that were in captivity were like Daniel and, the other three children but, the focus here is on these four children because they are in the ( King’s Palace ).

At any rate; God chose Daniel to reveal how things would unfold concerning the future of ( His Chosen People ). We began this teaching with the revelation of that in ( Daniel 9: 24-27 ). I won’t write those verses again but I do desire to show what is being said in those verses. Please understand: this is not just something I see but it has been proven out by many people over the years. I will say that ( I ) didn’t just take their word for it, I also sought to allow God’s word to teach me what was being said. It simply takes time to study it out.

As I told you in the beginning of this ( I’m not your teacher ) I’m just a vessel that seeks to be used of God. The Holy Spirit is the person that has to be the one that ( settles ) within you everything that might be taught whether true or false.

As you look at the ( 70 weeks ) that Daniel speaks of in these verses; each week is a period of ( seven years ). As you read and study it, you will notice that ( 69 ) of those week were completed at the ( cutting of of the Messiah ) which is the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

Now, as I’ve been going through this, I’ve tried to show you a beginning and an end of each way God dealt with mankind. Just by way of recapping a few things; we can see the flaming swords at the end of Adam’s life in the Garden of Eden. We can see the flood of Noah at the end of the second way God dealt with man. At the end of the third way which is life after the flood, where God gave Noah a covenant with a few laws to govern mankind; we see that now God is picking a ( special people ), people that are in the same ( God Line ) that we’ve followed from the beginning.

What God does here, he seperates his people from the rest of mankind and, writes a law: ( we call it )( the Ten Commandments ). Now, let’s notice something. When God found Adam guilty of eating the fruit. Do you remember what God told him would happen if it ate the fruit? God told him ( YE SHALL SURELY DIE ). However, physically Adam didn’t die did he? He died ( spiritually ). He was seperated from God because of his disobedience. We see that God fixed that ( Himself ). ( Genesis 3:21 ) Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them. Do you see that covering? Do you realize that blood had to be shed, a sacrifice had to be made for that covering.

The greatest point I’m making here is that, although God said he would die, physical death didn’t come at that time. Now, Adam has the responsibility to share ( God the Father ) with his children and beyond. We do see however, at the end of the next period of time, many people die. Again, as we move foward and see God, this time; using Noah allowed himself to be revealed to mankind. As we go foward to Abram and the building of a nation again, God doesn’t destroy anyone. However,it becomes the responsibility of that nation to show forth God the Father.

What we see in ( Daniel 9 ) is God seeing his people, his own people; being filled with ( self will ).Now, we must point out something here! God the Father has already made a promise to Abram concerning this nation he has built. ( Genesis 13:15 ) For all the land that thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever. You can read verses around this one but we see here the promise God made and, God keeps his promises. In other words, the ( Nation of Israel ) will be on this earth forever!

Therefore, when we see and, understand that ( 69 weeks ) of the ( 70 weeks ) God determined against Israel was completed at the death of Jesus Christ, there is still one more week to come.

As I stated, the whole Old Testament was all about ( the Nation of Israel ). We see how God, through his prophets sought to make that nation ( hear him ) and ( listen to ) his voice. With this being said, that doesn’t mean that people outside of that nation couldn’t ( believe ) and walk with God. From the very beginning and, still is all about ( Believing and trusting Him ). There are many people we see in scripture that I believe was ( children of God ) by choice. If you will read the ( Book of Daniel ) ( I believe ) that even Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king was a believer in the end. I could also mention ( Ruth ). There’s a whole book about her in scripture. She was a Gentile.

I’ll close this segment here. In the next sgment we’ll look at the ( death of Jesus Christ ) and what we see. Remember, I told you that some things could be figureed out in scripture. We see that fact as we look at the scripture in ( Daniel 9 ) Any person that had an Old Testament can figure out the timeline between to two periods of time mentioned in ( verses 24-27 ). As a matter of fact, I believe a man named ( Simeon ) had figured this out. ( Luke 2:25-26 ) And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him. ( 26 ) And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord’s child.

Simeon had figured the numbers out and knew that ( according to the time period ) Christ was about to be born. I share with you that the death of Christ was the end of the fourth period of time.

We will look at what happened around that time.

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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