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Sunday School Lessons

I have a great passion for teaching God’s word. I often say that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to listen to or hear anything I, as a person has to say. Actually that makes me just like every other person on the face of this planet. The reality is; we all need to be taught, especially spiritually speaking.

The power that is needed to teach spiritual things comes from the very spirit of God. Just like any other person or teacher that has a platform to stand on I, have to prove myself worthy of your attention. I have to prove that I can allow the very Spirit of God to speak through me and to truthfully teach what he would have you to learn. A good teacher will stir something within you that causes you to dig deeper that even what the teacher; teaches. You leave the classroom with a true hunger to know more about the subject that is being studied…. Read More

Spiritual Sensitivity

Often when I write I make the point that we, as individuals actually don’t have but two options. That fact about mankind is never spoken off or, even considered. We like to think that we are independent and move about at our own free will but, just how true is that concept?
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Old Testament/New Testament Defined

As we look into this; one of the questions I like to get settled before we begin is this. Have you settled you own mind around the fact that the Bible, a stand alone book id literally God infallible word? Today, It’s not just the Old testament or, just the New Testament that is God’s infallible word but, it’s complete book and only that book. We can add nothing nor can we take away anything from that fact. Is that fact settled in you heart?
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About: Knowing the Truth

There is an aspect of every person’s life we very seldom hear anyone say anything about and, we never even consider it. In actual reality we never truly get pick and but one thing about our own self. That is which master or lord to which we will serve.
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