Often when I write I make the point that we, as individuals actually don’t have but two options. That fact about mankind is never spoken off or, even considered. We like to think that we are independent and move about at our own free will but, just how true is that concept?

I realize that we all have different passions and we seek different avenues in our lives. For instance I made my living doing electrical work. That’s the field I had a passion for but that’s not what I’m speaking of. Within our ability to do the jobs or build the careers we build there is an underling force that governs how we go about the thing that we do; within that force, we only have two choices. We either seek to do the will of God or we are pleasing to Satan himself; there is no middle ground.


As we consider what we just referred to; what about a man that makes the choice to be a pastor? WE can take that to any level we desire. That is from a very uneducated man to one that becomes a doctor of theology. Within that spectrum we see the passion of the man, the pastor. Doesn’t he still have to decide to whom he will yield his will to?

We often never consider the consequences of the choice we make to yield to Satan instead of seeking the leadership of God in all that we do. How would you define the duties of a pastor? Let’s compare him to a Shepard of sheep. Often, the man that Shepard’s sheep does not own the sheep; he simply has the responsibility of being their caretaker. Can’t we say that a pastor has the same responsibility? He doesn’t own the people he pastors, they are owned by God the father. A good Shepard takes his orders from the man that owns the sheep; a pastor had the same responsibility.

We can also add a husband, a father into the same category. A good Shepard, a good pastor or a good husband will do all they can to guide their perspective flock down the righteous path so to speak.

With this being said; Jesus said: I am the good Shepard; my sheep hear my voice. ( John 10:22 )

I simply say these things to point out a simple fact about sheep; they follow their Shepard. If the Shepard gets up and begins to walk then the sheep follow. The Shepard doesn’t have to chase the sheep down to make them follow him. The Shepard will however go after a sheep if he sees one go astray, but he is never harsh to that sheep. He treats that sheep with loving kindness, bringing him back into the fold.

Jesus says; ( my sheep hear my voice ) ( I know them )( they follow me ) ( John 10:27 )

The sheep are very sensitive to the movement of the Shepard. It’s, in most cases like a tree blowing in the wind. It’s almost like music in perfect harmony. You never see the sheep trying to lead the Shepard.

The union of a husband and his wife is suppose to represent this picture. The husband listens to the master as he leads and the wife listens to the husband as he speaks or follows him as he leads.

The Church, the same way. The man of God gets his direction from God the Father and the Church follows him in perfect harmony.

Each type of sheep being very sensitive to the Spirit that leads them. Not one of these pictures is one dictatorship, no demanding, simply leading. Jesus said; my sheep hear my voice and follow.

Just how sensitive are you to the voice of God? To whom do you follow? There use to be a phrase that was made famous way back in the late 1960’s. ( I’m going to do my own thing ). The point I made a while back is that we don’t actually get to do that. No matter what choice we make, we are pleasing one of only two forces in this world. We are either pleasing God the Father by our actions or Satan.

When we are able to become ( Spiritually sensitive) to the voice and will of God then that becomes a very powerful force in our life. There is a problem within that though that we must understand. Whether it’s a pastor, a husband or just a singe individual that makes that choice; it’s not sheep they will be dealing with. A pastor has to deal with people that might be less sensitive to God’s Spirit, a husband or wife with a spouse that is less sensitive to God’s Spirit and the individual with a whole world that doeteven know him.

While being very sensitive to the spirit of God can be challenging as long as we live in this earth; it will be very rewarding when we stand before him.

The consequences of living a life and, thinking you are doing your own thing will be dire.

Each of us have but one life on this earth, be careful to do your best to live it being sensitive to the very voice of God. He gave his life for you, he asked that you, spiritually do the same for his glory.