The relevance of the life we live

As a Biblical teacher I seek to stay away from anything that might deter from the ability of God’s Spirit working through what I might teach. I stand on the guideline that I actually don’t have an argument with any person and the life they choose to live. I do however find great pleasure in trying to allow the spirit of God to speak and, I also have great confidence in his ability to change the sinful mindset of people far above any ability I might have. That; is by God’s design. He chose sinful men to speak to sinful people that his spirit might open spiritually blinded eyes. This sinful man’s eyes were opened by his spirit in November, 1975. In this case, I am the sinful man he has chosen to allow his spirit to speak to any person that might read what I write. This sinful body of mine desires to allow him to use me that I might help other people see his will.

I see a similarity in what we see in the world and what we see in the average place we consume our weekly dose of religious activity. In my case, I’d call that place a Church. Let’s start this by giving a verse of scripture that basically is a key in what is happening in all institutions today. ( 1 Timothy 6:10 ) For the love of money is the root of all evil: they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I live in the United States of America. As I look back at the founders of this country I might see some spiritual beliefs that I will disagree with. I’m sure if those people were here today we could have a great spiritual debate about our differences which can even be said about many people I am around on a daily basis. I can however say that those people had a passion for doing what they did to form a nation that went far beyond any amount of money they might or might not have been paid. We can even look at the common soldier of that day. Their passion to set up a nation where their families, their children could be free had nothing to do with money at all. It was all about will and passion to build something bigger and greater than themselves, live or die.

The early Church, even in that day was the same way. I can’t say they didn’t get paid, I don’t know but I do believe they would have done and said exactly what they taught with or without any money ay all. Doctors, nurses, teachers, pastors, they all had the same mindset. They were driven by a desire to make a difference. Can you see how that, at that time; all things were relative? Money might have been involved but, that was not the driving force behind what those people did.

If we bring this up and look at it today, how many politicians would be in office if the flow of money was cut of? How many teachers would be teaching if their was no money? How many preachers or pastors would be doing the work in the Church if there was no paycheck?

I understand money is needed and we must have it to move about in this world but, if that is the driving force behind what you do then, is what you are doing real? Is it a heart felt passion? The things we see in the secular world, the mindsets and driving forces are also in every basic element of our local Churches today. It’s to the point that without the ability to make the amount of money that the pastor needs then, he won’t be there.

If you have been around for a few years you can remember when a pastor felt led by God to be in a certain area. He was determined to preach to the people that God had called him to serve even if he had to work five days a week to pay his own way. When did God began to call men to buildings and not areas?

Let’s say that a man truly feels led to come to a certain area. A Church in that area asked him, after he had preached a trial sermon to be their pastor, he excepts. After a few Sundays as he preach what God truly lays on his heart to preach; the people of that Church change their minds and asked him to leave. So, he agrees, the next Sunday he has rented a building right across the street from the Church and he is still preaching in the same area. Why don’t we see those types of things today?

Many pastors are relative to the mindsets of our politicians, they don’t move without money. Again I say, I realize we all need money but that cannot be the reason for our passion. Even worse; many pastors preach what the members of the Church are pleased with. Now tell me, who actually gets the worst end of the deal in that scenario? I’d say our children, the children we say we love.

By the same token, look at our country. When men began to see dollars and migrate towards those dollars; who has been hurt the most since it began to happen? I see where younger generations are paying for their lack of passion for liberty and honesty. Politicians and pastors should never be concerned about themselves but rather what is best for the people they say they care about.

Every leader is ordained by God. Each person that takes on the responsibility of leading people will stand before God and give an account for his actions. This includes me as a simple man that writes and tries to point people toward truth and a loving Savior. We know that no man is perfect but if we will allow ourselves to be led by a passionate, Godly Spirit; leaving money completely out of the picture then, one day we will be able to stand before God and hear him say ( well done my good and faithful servant ). That being worth far more than any money we might gain while we are here.

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