My spiritual status in this life is that I’m born again. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I understand what it feels like to be in a Church where His Spirit is so thick you can cut it with a knife, to feel the convicting power of his word as it is being preached by a man that has God’s power on his message.

Although I’m a Church member, I’ll have to admit it’s been some time since I felt that power in any Church I’ve attended. I’ve often thought maybe it was just me having too high of an expectation or maybe the spirit within me was just so dull that I couldn’t feel that power anymore.

A few weeks ago my wife went to Church and sit in the same place we always do. There’s a man that I’ve been aquatinted with for most of my life but hadn’t been a part of his life as of lately. I can say that he has lived a somewhat reckless life and that, over the years Church hasn’t been a big part of his life. He’s been coming to Church for some time now and we have spoken, just in conversation about things we remember about our younger days.

On this particular Sunday morning my wife point out to me that he had cut his ponytail off. As long as I can remember, he’s had one. After the service he shared with me that he was sick and it was causing him to lose his hair.

Almost immediately the Spirit of God spoke to me concerning talking to him about his salvation. For about six weeks I sought to find out where he lived. Between me not being at Church or he not being there I coundn’t get in touch with him.

This past Sunday he and I both were at Church, I found out where he lived and went to visit him on Monday.

AS he and I sit and talked, he assured me he was a born again believer. He also said some thing that made me realize that I was not alone in what I felt about Church services today, I guess in most Churches. He told me that the Church we attn]end is very loving. He said he enjoyed going there because of that he felt loved. He then asked me if I remembered as preacher in our past. I told him I remembered him well. He said do remember how you could go to that Church and something would just grab ahold to your heart and make you feel a need to change? I replied, I sure do.

He share with me that, although he knew Christ as his savior; he didn’t live the spiritual life he needed to. There were things in his life he struggled with, needed help with.

That help he needs is the power of God that is suppose to come forth from the mouth of the pastor of any Church. It’s the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit as we are being washed by the word of God.

Salvation is a new birth, that’s being born again. Once that takes place we must be fed spiritual food in order for that spirit to grow within us. This man is hungry for that spiritual food, the power that will help him overcome himself. we all need that.

I want you to consider this. This man sits in Church, he looks just like every other person sitting in that Church. His dress, his demeanor is no different than every other person there. However, he is starving to death spiritually. If he is not careful he will stand before God just as he is. Is that all his fault? Doesn’t the Church, the pastor have a responsibility to help and to bring about that spiritual change that a man hungers for?

AS I sit here and type the article, I can say ( I love you ). If you come around me I’ll even show you that love. With that being said; unless I feed you the spiritual food you need and willingly pay the price necessary to help you grow to being born again and, then to a mature spiritual level; is my love real?

This is just one man. This man is sick, maybe unto death. If not, he will die at some point. He’s seeking a relief for his troubled soul. One day he rode by the Church I attend, a building on the side of the road that has a sign in front of it that says Church on it. IN this man’s mind, here’s a place I can find rest for what my soul needs. He remembers a Church in his past, a pastor that preached a message far beyond the word ( love ), a message that reached inside of a man and had the power to bring powerful change in a man.

As I sit and reasoned with a man I call friend, I questioned his salvation. I and him if he knew for sure he was saved. While I am not a judge of any man, I am concerned for every person, especially as it relates to their eternal destiny and how they will stand before God.

Therefore, I shared my testimony with him. I told him that in March, 1970, I went to a revival meeting inn the same Church he was speaking of. This was just a years later and they had a different pastor. When invitation was offered I went down to the alter. The pastor ask me if I were saved? I replied. no. Basically speaking he showed me scripture and I made a profession of faith. I shared with this man that I actually left that Church just as I went in, nothing changed in my life. Every part of my life was the same other than now, I could say I had made a profession in Christ. I also shared with him that in November, 1975 I went down to another alter in another spirit filled Church. This time under great conviction. When I knelt at the alter, no person came to me but, that Sunday morning Jesus Christ met me at that alter and since that day my life has never been the same. The spirit of God moved into my heart and I was born again, old things passed away and all things became new.

I believe there are people in every Church, the Church I attend that are hungry for that power that they are not seeing or feeling. It’s almost just like a country. The people in a given country are seeking for great leadership, they hunger for leaders that truly care but, the leading class simply puts forth a false premise, that class only allows their own mindset to be revealed and we continue down the same dark path.

We need, the Church needs, I need the transforming power that comes from the spirit filled men and messages of time gone by. When we think the love of this world is good for us, we are deceived, truth is what we need and power to be transformed into a spiritual giant for Jesus Christ. The Bible says in ( Exodus 32:6 ) And they rose early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.

If you will read this account, we see that Moses was up on the mount meeting with God and, he delayed his return. Therefore the people made themselves a idol to worship. Look at what Aaron said in ( verse 5 ) And when Aaron saw it, he built an alter before it; and made a proclamation, and said, to morrow is a feast unto the lord.

Moses here can be a type of Jesus Christ. Right now Jesus is a t the right hand of God, he has delayed his return. Have we made Church our God? Have we idolized the building above the true and living God because of the delay of Christ’s return. These people offered ( burnt offerings, brought peace offerings; but not to the true and living God.

Aaron was the high priest, he succumbed to the voice of the people, have not our pastored made the same mistake? Aaron should have stood and proclaimed with power, he will return and stood for the righteousness God God put instead he yielded to the will of the people.

There are men, just like this man I’m speaking of, searching for something, many times they don’t even know for sure what it is. A Church on the side of the road should always be a place to find the power and security of Jesus Christ, a place where the man stands behind the pulpit and lays all he has on the alter, knowing that Jesus Christ could return at any minute and allow God’s spirit to speak to the hearts of men trough his body of flesh.

Can I show you something that I believe relates to what I’m saying? ( Acts 8:31 ) And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him. Here we see a man from Ethiopia; reading scripture from ( Isaiah 53:7-8 ) This man reads this but doesn’t understand what he’s reading. Peter, being; just another man took the same scripture and ( preached unto him, Jesus. ( verse 33 ) We see that Peter ( opened his mouth ) The mouth of a man is a powerful tool. how do we use ours? Peter used his to proclaim truth as revealed unto him by the spirit of God. This act brought about salvation in another man and we see where he was baptized.

In man’s search for truth, we need other men to speak to us. Aaron, because of fear or some form of weakness, maybe even lack of faith fell to the voice of other men.

Lord, this world is headed to destruction. Help me to be always willing to speak truth and that as you reveal it by your spirit. Help me to give myself completely for the cause of Christ, holding by nothing for you and your glory. Help me to be willing just as Philip was to go and share the gospel of your glory. Please touch all of our pastors, help them to realize the tremendous responsibility you have laid on their shoulders, to speak as you direct and not as pleasing men. The very souls of men is in the hand of us that are willing to stand behind pulpits and even do websites to proclaim the words you would have us say. Lord, help us to give our Churches back to you in every respect that those buildings might truly be houses of spiritual fulfilment and spiritual awakening. That men might truly be able to be transformed by your spirit that moves within them. Help us to go outside that building and share what we have in our hearts that the power of God would be throughout our land. Help ever born again believer to become and share what other men are searching for, open the eyes of the spiritually blind by the healing of their soul through the words that come forth out of our mouth. Help us, like Philip to take any verse and preach Jesus Christ.

All this always completely for your glory—- AMEN

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