Yesterday my pastor brought a message from ( Luke 3:15 ) And as the people were in expectation, and all men mused in their hearts of John, whether he were the Christ or not;

The whole point of the message was ( what is said about you )? Can people see Christ in you and, does that cause them to hear the voice of God the Father from your lips?

John the Baptist was a men sent to the nation of Israel. He was point them to Christ as their coming Messiah. He even made the point that ( there was coming one after him to whom he was not worthy to undo the latches on his shoes ),

I often wonder; what was the platform of John the Baptist? He basically, as far as I can see had to create his own. He just had to go out and begin to speak and proclaim what God told him to say. Actually, that is what the pastor was saying. What do you do outside of this Church? If we never take the message of Jesus Christ outside the Church, are we not sinning against God? Jesus Christ himself said; concerning John the Baptist, asking the people; what went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken in the wind? A man Clothed in camel’s hair? You see, these people heard the message of John the Baptist and went out seeking and sharing. They sought Jesus Christ and shared what they had heard. Even the woman at the well in ( John 4 ) left her water pots, went back to her village and proclaimed ( come see a man that told me all things, is not this the Christ? At that the whole city went out to see Christ>

Con sider this. Look at all the religious buildings that speak of Jesus Christ within them, all the member of all the Churches. What if every one of us went out side that building and cried like the woman at the well or, spread what the people did after hearing John the Baptist had to say; what would that do for the glory of God?

Just as John the Baptist created his platform and, Jesus dis the same at the well, creating his own platform; my pastor did the same. However, if what my pastor said, being inspired by the will of God stays confined within the walls of a building and. we never create our own platform outside that building, doesn’t that in itself quiet the very voice of God? Is it not the responsibility of every believer in Christ to create their own platform outside the walls of the Church?

Jesus Christ stood at a water fountain and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ, when he did that a woman, an individual took what he said to her city and salvation ran ramped.

The very flesh of John the Baptist or Jesus Christ is no different than our flesh. They simply allowed the spirit of God to speak and be used of them. My pastor is a type of Jesus Christ. He stands where Jesus Christ would stand every Sunday morning if Jesus was here. His responsibility is to speak with his lips of clay the very thing that Christ lays on this heart thus; is not Christ doing the speaking through him?

When I or, any person leaves a Church building and we take the gospel of Christ within our hearts and we allow our lips of clay to speak what God lays on our hearts. Is that not the very same thing the woman at the well did? The people that heard John the Baptist and went out and shared what he said?

If my pastor prays, seeks God’s will as far as his message on Sunday and, we as God’s people never allow that message to leave that building then we have committed the greatest sin of all.

John the Baptist died, standing on a principle, so did Jesus Christ. However, Jesus never ask you to die a physical death for him but rather a spiritual one. It very well might come a day when I have to die a physical death for him. that; I can’t say but right now my desire is to simply be willing to use my lips of clay for his glory, outside the walls of a building.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your savior? Have you been born again? Do people wonder if you are Christ? What do they see in your flesh? What do they hear from your lips of clay?

Lord, today; help me be an extension of my pastor as he is an extension of you. Help me to proclaim the fact you died and arose again outside of the Church building and become a powerful voice for you glory that others might be saved.

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