Most people that are members of local Churches went to their perspective Churches yesterday. Today, the day after; what spiritual change can you see in yourself today since you are in Church yesterday?

We all are imperfect people and I realize that sometimes it’s hard to notice little changes everyday but, the reality is that we are supposed to die a little more to self and become more like Christ after every message we hear, after every spiritual thing we learn.

It can be related to growing old, I can’t tell everyday that I am getting older but I know I am. The question might be; can you see spiritual growth in yourself as you look at yourself over the years?

Each Sunday as we visit Church it’s supposed to be like a visit with Jesus Christ himself. The pastor represents the very voice of Christ as he speaks. Each time we meet with him it instills a little more of him in us. There’s a verse I like: ( Acts 4:13 ) And when they say the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

Every Monday as we go out, after that visit with Jesus, it should have that same effect on us. Our Church visit should invigorate us with spiritual energy and cause us to become bold in Christ.

It says there that ( they perceived) that they were ignorant and unlearned. The truth is that we all are spiritually ignorant and unlearned until the Holy Spirit teaches us spiritual things. Actually, it’s not our pastors or Sunday School teaches that we learn from. They are instruments in the hand of God if they are so willing to be. As they speak, being led by God’s Spirit, there words show us our weak areas and then, if we are willing to submit to that word, to become more like Christ then we become less ignorant and less spiritually unlearned, become more like Jesus Christ.

Did your visit to your Church create this in you yesterday? When we consider all the Churches and religious institutions in this world today, there is absolutely no reason for the power of God not to be revealed in this world by the people that leave those institutions each Sunday? That is; unless Christ is not truly speaking or we are not listening.


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