As the sun comes up this morning and each of us have the opportunity to go about another day that God has given us: what is your focus on? Seemingly we think very little about what the relevance is of each day or what is truly as stake. We all have plans basically for tomorrow or, at least expect to be here tomorrow.

There are many people, one week ago today highly expected to be here on this Sunday as well as every other person but, God had different plans, plans that actually we have very little or no control over.

Every week we have an opportunity, a privilege to live, we cross the very second, minute, hour that we will live our last minute, Every year, as we live we cross the very day that people will see that date written on our tombstone.

So, since you are here on this day in history, what will you do with it? If we are wise we will allow the Spirit of God to began to lead us in a direction that honors him and seeks his will. There is nothing you can do or gain in this world that is worth more that the time you spend with him in preparation for the rest of your days and eternity.

We have a hard time seeing that part of our lives because it’s seldom put right in front of us. But, the truth is that we are all only one second from eternity.

We set aside this day each week, just as the Bible teaches to acknowledge that there is a God, to allow him to speak to our hearts by a pastor. I realize that he can speak to us as individuals without recognition this day as his day but it is however important that we make this day a point in our lives.

God the Father is ever before us. We need to see that fact. It doesn’t matter whether we see him, hear him or simply choose to ignore his existence, he is still right before us.

The first day of every week is a reminder of that fact. It is, by design to make each of us aware of our his presence and our ever present need for his grace.

We call ( the Church house); God’s house. That building is to put forth the very power of God as it works through the people that confess Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those that make that claim is the power of God in this earth and they have the responsibility of showing that power especially as they come together on every given Sunday morning in an exhibit of his power in them.

When that power is truly revealed it has a drawing effect on those that don’t acknowledge him that are without and it also puts conviction on those hearts because of the very existence of God’s house.

This month, some forty four years ago, on a Sunday morning there was such a building that we call God’s house. That building and the people within has that kind of drawing effect on this sinner. While I was not saved in this month, that drawing had already had already began in my heart.

Today, where are you spiritually? God’s desire is to transform your life starting today. His Spirit is willing to move into your sinful heart and start that transformation.

I am nothing more than any sinner other than the fact that the Holy Spirit, using the word of God convicted me as a sinner and I ask Jesus Christ into my heart to become my Savior.

God’s desire is for this day to mean something in your life. His will is for every Church to be a powerhouse for his glory and for that power to be seen and felt outside the walls of each building so every sinner will feel the conviction needed to be born again.

Just as on this Sunday morning I can look back and realize the power of God and what it meant years ago; God want you to be able to know a past and present with him.

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior today, today you can begin your future in your walk with him. Are you saved? If so, allow God’s Spirit to speak through you and if not today is the day of your salvation if you choose for it to be.

The Bible make it this simple: ( Roman 10:9-10 ) That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. ( 10 ) For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Today is the Lord’s day, tomorrow can be his day for you as well if you will allow him to be your savior.

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