October 17,2019

This week the Democratic candidates for president had a debate. While that debate was airing; the freedom from religion foundation had a commercial aired. The spokesman boldly said that he was not afraid of burning in hell.

While I am not a member of ( the freedom from religion foundation ) I, like those members am free from religion. I, like this spokesman, have no fear of burning in hell.

There is a great difference in me and this spokesman though. I am a born again believer, I’ve been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and I am a member of the family of God.

This transformation in a person’s life has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with a relationship, a choice, a birth.

While I would argue that mankind and the world has made Christianity a religion, actually the born again experience is not a religion.

Salvation is a free gift from Jesus Christ to anyone that chooses to believe. Since that gift is free by definition, I don’t have to do anything. The things I choose to do for Jesus Christ in my time on earth, I do by choice, no forced to by any religion or having to be part of any religious organization.

I often think about the word ( Protestant ). That word, by definition is saying that a person left or protested one religious organization and joined another. There are many Churches that are called ( Protestant Churches ). I’m not a Protestant, I never rebelled against any one religion joined another.

The Apostle Paul once made the statement that he was a member of the ( Jew’s religion )( Galatians 1:13-14 ). He makes the point there that he was separated from that religion by God, through his Son, Jesus. The Jews are not a religion either, you must be born a Jew to be one. They had made that mindset ( a religion ).

There is a denomination that calls themselves ( non-denominational ). By default, do they not become a denomination within itself? The ( freedom from religion foundation); does it not become ( a religion) by default?

I thank God, through his Son Jesus Christ that I have set free from the religions of this world and am a part of his family by his marvelous grace.

Some religions appear to be working toward God while others are, or appear to be working against all that God is. Nonetheless, they all are religions.

In our world we have the Church of Satan, people that religiously worship Satan, although it’s apart from God, it’s still a religion.

In reality, there is no middle ground. We either walk with God by faith, trusting in him through the blood of his Son, Jesus Christ or we follow Satan. You can place any name on the religious organization that you choose to but you are either worshipping God through the blood of Jesus Christ or you are a follower of Satan.

Ignorance is bliss. Many people, although very happy, even satisfied end up in a burning hell. All the boasting they might do, all the happiness they might have will end the very second hell is their home.

Religion is something we think we can do to please or displease God, depending on the mindset of the religion. Actually, religion has nothing to do with the true and living God. Without realizing it we contradict God’s whole purpose when we cause anything to be done religiously. God desires a personal relationship with those that walk with him.

Salvation is being born into God’s family and that by choice. I might not always be a good child of God, but I’m always a child since I’ve been born into his family.

So, I can join the freedom from religion foundation and still walk with Jesus Christ; am I correct? That being because I am free from religion.

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