As a student of scripture, I believe that to understand the age in which we live in and, how it unfolds in time ; we must have a basic understanding of the ( Book of Acts ). The entire New Testament is all relative in that it all works together to bring us to the spiritual maturity level that we all need when we stand before God one day.

I’ve often said that the Bible has ( pivot points ). These points must be searched out and, we must allow God’s Spirit to guide us to the spiritual understanding we need in our spiritual walk through this life.

My desire as a teacher is to teach a basic understanding of the Book of Acts. Within that, to allow you, through my teaching to learn to grow beyond my teaching to a place of a perfect understanding of God’s Word. That’s my desire. With the help of the spirit of God we can all grow spiritually.

I’ll begin teaching the Book of Acts and, I be doing it verse by verse. As you watch you will see the different segments and verses as it unfolds on my blog. By God’s grace we will all grow spiritually together, one verse, one word at a time.

May God add his blessings to the ( studying ) of his word.

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