Actually, I written more than one book. Only one is published. I find it too expensive to go through the process and, at least for me, very little in return financially. However, since I don’t write for the money anyway; I just as soon give what I write to anyone that has a desire to read what I might write. All the writing I do is spiritual teaching with a desire to help people prepare themselve to stand before our Lord one day. I always try to leave my opinion out of what I teach and allow God’s word to make the points instead of just my opinion.

Now, as I say that, you could look at what I’m saying in the title as ( My Opinion ). And, for the sake of honesty , you would be correct. If you choose to read this book and put up with the fact that what I’m saying about this one book in the Bible and, One chapter in the Bible I believe it will help you to have a better understanding of why I wrote about these two places in scripture.

The book that I’m offering is titled ( One Chapter and One Book ) It relates to the fact that we are on a journey through this life and, we all must stand before God. As believers, it will be at the ( Judgement Seat of Christ ). ( Romans 14:10 )( 2 Corinthians 5:10 ) The question I seek to answer is ( how do we stand there )?

Please understand, I don’t consider myself to be an author. I know very little about the english language although that is the language I speak. Paragraphs, punction, and the use of words all are just as I might be talking to you. With all that being said. That doesn’t diminish my desire to help people to see and know truth. My love for the gospel and the passion for truth has nothing to do with my education level. Please also know I done the best I knew how as far as editing the book.

I can either send it in a word document or, just in a simple email. So, if you follow me and desire a copy, send me your email address and the way you desire to receive it and I’ll send it. You can also feel free to share it with as many people as you like.

All for God’s glory !!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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