As a father and also a grandfather I have watched my children and, most of my grandchildren grow to physical maturity. My oldest gransdaughter is now ( twenty-one ) years old. I often emailed my grandchildren and explained to them that I can now teach them things that I could not teach my children or, their parents. Age, in itself is educational. I remember watching my daughters as they grew. I knew that their life would unfold right before my eyes and, they didn’t have any idea what was in front of them. We’ll look at that more in the next segments.

As a man that has spent the : now, majority of his life seeking to understand God’s word, it’s my desire to teach our younger generation, as they go foward some spiritual wisdom they need or, atleast it would be to their life long benefit to know and understand some things that they might not even consider now.

Just in the very beginning, let’s watch every life unfold in scripture. ( 1 John 2:16 ) For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but of the world.

Every person goes through each of these stages in their life. Basically, we never completely get over any of them. However, when people reach my age ( 70 ) and, even before we begin to wonder, what have I done with my life? That is the pride of life. We begin our lives lusting in our flesh. As we grow, we begin to see things we desire. If you will notice, your grandparents, if you ask them what they desire for their birthday. In most cases it’s not anything they want. While, when we are young we desire all kinds of things.

The struggle, people like me might have would be getting younger people to hear and understand that their life is going to unfold. When we are young we have a tendency to think we will always be. If we are not careful and, if we are not taught wisdom then we will fail in our life’s journey.

Is it possible for me to help you see that; this life and, all that you can see with your eyes is, at its best, temporal? Even, everything about you is temporal. Change is coming.

( I believe ) that most parents spend so much time seeking to prepare their children for this world that we spend little time perparing them for eternity. And, that being to place we all will spend the most time. As a matter of fact: the time we have on this earth is simply a preperation place to prepare for eternity. If we use the letters in the word ( Bible ) as an acronym, what would it mean?

B- basic

I- instructions

B- before

L- leaving

E- earth

My burden, my heart is heavy. And that, even for my children and grandchildren. With that being said I realize that it’s not I that has the ability to change any person. Therefore, my desire must be for those, other than my family as well. Within that; I trust God’s Holy Spirit to do the work in hearts that I cannot.

My prayer is that God ‘s Spirit can use the things I write for his glory and, to open the eyse of the young people of this world. With this being stated and prayfully moving foward, we’ll begin with ( THE ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS ).

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