A point I often make is that; whether we like to admit it or not, we are never our own. We are the one living organism with a God consciousness. We have a soul. Because of that fact, the inner part of each of us will either yield to the will of God or, by default we please Satan. There is and, never has been any middle ground.

Through the process of time God has proven the fact that if he seeks to solely use the voice of man to guide the people of this world to his will then man, being greedy will always find a way to get gain and, to conceal the true will of God from people. We see this all through the Old Testament. That is even in the gospels when God used his own Son to speak to man. The only difference is that Jesus Christ being, God in flesh always spoke absolute truth. Still men doubted, who he was and, what he said.

On this blog I’m teaching the ( Book of Acts ). In that book, actually from the very beginning we see that God sent his Spirit to, not only speak to man but, also to live within them. In order to have that Spirit living within you all it takes is you asking Jesus to be your savior, to confess him and, believe in his finished work on Calvary.

The men of this world, even the religious people have always sought ways to keep the people of this world in spiritual darkness. When we are in spiritual darkness, Satan can use us as ( tools of darkness ). All through time, this has been the case. The leaders of this world, whether, normal leaders or religious leaders have sought ways to keep mankind from knowing truth.

Over the years religious men have discouraged people from reading scripture. We see that first in the Pharisees and Sadducees, they wanted to teach people themselves what the law was and how it was to be carried out. As time moved on we see other religions that told their people the same thing. Often, not even allowing them to own a bible but instructing them to only allow them to read it and teach it.

Today, we see all types of versions of the Bible, we see Sunday School literature and ministries that try and teach what we are to think. instructing us how to live. We have pastors that, while they read the Bible, they use the words of professors and the thoughts of other men to teach; other that simply allowing the Spirit of God to teach us from God’s word.

The Bible says that God came down in the cool of the day to fellowship with Adam. That’s always been his desire. He wants to commune straight with each of us and build a relationship with us. Therefore, he placed himself, by his Holy Spirit within those that believe. Because his Spirit has convicting power he can use; we that believe to speak his word to those that are lost. That self-same spirit points the lost to Christ and, moves within them as well. Sine we have the Word of God and, his Spirit within us, technically, we have no need to be deceived by man. Even as I write, the Spirit within you can discern whether I am right or wrong.

Seeking not to be seen as harsh but, willing to share truth; our main stream religions and denominations have become instuments of Satan. Even the average secular and Christian schools are designed the same way. They teach people every art but, the art of Hearing and listening to God’s Spirit. This has become a powerful tool of Satan and, it’s all about spiritual ignorance.

The most powerful tool you will ever have or gain can be found down on your needs in prayer, willingly dying to yourself and, asking God the Father to teach you, instruct you from his own word.

Believe it or not, man cannot teach God’s word, we can only be vessels worthy of his use. If we are worthy vessels, then the Spirit of God can teach through the things we say. However, it must be the Spirit that reveals truth to each of us.

When we learn the art of listen to God’s spirit apart from the teaching of any man then, the power that Satan has through Spiritual ignorance vanishes. He might be able to win in a few battles but, in Christ and, the revelation of his truth by his Spirit, the victory has already been won.

Don’t allow men to keep you in Spiritual ignorance. Folks, I truly believe that there are pastors, teachers that are caught in this spiritual ignorance and, they simply cannot see it. To be honest, I became born again in an Independant Baptist Church. Actually, I was caught up in the doctrines or somethings they taught. It wasn’t until I left that and began to simply study God’s word that I realized that some of what they taught was hindering my Spiritual groweth.

We often stay in Spiritual ignorance by choice. It could be the love of a Church, a pastor, or a group of people, could be anything. However God is a jealous God, he wants your undivided attention, he desires to teach you.

It’s the choice of every person to decide. Do I choose to stay in Spiritual ignorance and allow satan to use me? Or, do I sell mysel to the living God and allow his Spirit to teach me.


There is actually four classes of people in this world. All four can be seen in the last few verses of ( 1 Corinthians 2 ) and, the first few of ( 1 Corinthians 3 ). We see the 1- ( natural man ) never been saved. 2- ( babe in Christ ) learning, growing in Christ. 3-( carnal man ) saved but, living of the world. 4- ( spiritual man ). walking with Christ, mature.

A babe in Christ is spiritual as well because , we are all still learning.

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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