The individual relationship with Jesus Christ; of each born again believer is a very special thing. The ability we have, at our fingertips if we make a choice to truly know him is priceless. I’ll be the first to admit, that knowledge is not easily gained and, it can be very costly. We see that in the verse above. The Apostle Paul making note of what it cost him and, how willing he was to pay that price.

I often say this. Salvation is free to anyone that desires to obtain that free gift. Once you have God’s Spirit within you; most of what you gain after that will cost you, it’s not free. Basically, it’s like anything else. If I give you book that teaches math. You now have that book but, what you do with the free gift you have is completely up to you. Just because you own the free gift of a math book doesn’t make you know any more about math.

As a born again believer, one that understands the salvation message, I can sit down with you and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with you. Let’s say that you except that message and, tell me you asked Jesus Christ into your heart. That means that you just received the ( free gift ) of salvation. Now, I also give you a Bible the same day. The Bible is, in essence, Jesus Christ. ( John 1:14 ) And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, ( and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, ) full of grace and truth.

Salvation place his Spirit within you. The Bible is a book written of him. ( Hebrews 10:7 ) Then said I, I come ( in the volume of the book it is written of me, ) to do thy will, O God.

Since I introduced you to Christ and, you desired for him to move into your heart. I also gave you a manual, all about him, how he works, how he thinks, how he reveals himself. What you do with that manual about him is completely up to you,

I’m going to give an example here of something that happened to me once. Just to make a point. I’m an electrician by trade. One day I was asked to go to a Church to repair some lights. My contact at that Church just happened to be a man I had known for some time. As usual, as we began to talk, I took the converation to Jesus Christ, even questioning his salvation. I had a desire to know.

As we talked, he shared with me that they had a woman pastor. He asked, how do you feel about women preachers? This was my reply. I asked him if he had an email address? He said yes. I told him that if he gave it to me I’d write something about my stand. I took a Bible and I showed him this verse, ( Titus 1:9 ) Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

I axplaind to him that if I simply told him I agree with or disagree with wonen pastors then that’s all you know. My thoughts or opinions doesn’t mean a thing. What you desire to know is how Jesus Christ looks at women pastors.

Therefore, he gave me his email. I sharesd scripture and, biblical knowledge to help him see how God looks at that concept. I sent him four or five emails. I say all that to say this. Though I sent him all of that, it’s still up to him to allow God’s Spirit to use what I said, whether right or wrong. Only God’s Spirit can reveal truth, only individuals can except that truth. All the knowledge I have on any subject is completely useless to you unless it is inspired by God’s Spirit. He is the teacher, we must be a ( willing to learn ) student.

I hear people ask questions often that I have resolved in my heart long ago. I am confident and content with how Jesus Christ views those things, completely apart from my opinion.

Look at the next verse in ( Titus ) ( 1:10 ) For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially of the circumcision:

Exactly what those that mean? How many different ways of understanding salvation do you know that are taught. That is, in respect to Jesus Christ? I can think of three right off the top. ( 1 ) There are those that believe ( you cannot know ) God determined your destiny before you were born. ( 2 ) There are those that believe in ( eternal security ) meaning that once you are born again, you can never be lost again. ( 3 ) there are those that believe that ( once you confess Christ ) as your savior; you still must keep the law. if you sin or break the law of God after you are saved the, you must ask forgiveness for that sin or you are lost.

I’m sure there are different versions of them all but, the Apostle Paul taught ( eternal security ). We don’t trust our flesh. We are completely trusting the finish work of Christ on the Cross for our salvation. God sees his perfection. not mine.

When any person tries to mix law and grace then, they are of the circumcision. The Apostle Paul says here that they that teach this are: unruly, vain talkers and deceivers.

Many people, once they believe something, then they set out to do all they can to prove ( to themselves ) they are correct. If I ( myself ) set out to convince you of anything then, I just became unruly. If I try to convince you of ( my ) way of thinking then, I’m a vain talker. Why? It’s not up to me to convince you of anything. That’s the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. If I misuse God’s word then, I become deceptful.

I want you to know! I’ll do all within my power, given me by God’s spirit to teach you, show you truth. However, that’s where my resonsibility ends. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to convince you. If we use ( sound doctrine ) that’s not just a verse. It is using the word God to Convince in truth. That’s what the Spirit of God works through. ( Truth ) ( John 16:7-13 ) Neverthe less I tell you truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away; the comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. ( 8 ) And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: ( 9 ) Of sin, because they believed not on me; ( 10 ) Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; ( 11 ) Of judgment, because the prince of the world is judged. ( 12 ) I have many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. ( 13 ) Howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

I’d like to make a few comments here: do you see there where Jesus said: ( it is expedient that I go away ? Being metaphorical here, we all must go away. None of us can claim to be able to send the spirit like Jesus did however, we must understand that our flesh is not important. ( It’s not me I want you to hear ) but, the spirit of God, it’s he that teaches you and assures you.

Often, we are so determined to make other people see things our way, our truth; that we drive the spirit away. When, if we will simply speak truth and, get out of the way then, God the Spirit can teach all things.

As a matter of fact; if any person truly hungers and thirsts after righteousness then that will even be taught by God’s Spirit through my ignorance. My ignorance and, saying a wrong statement will cause that person to study and find truth.

While God uses people, writers, pastors, teachers and yes, even Churches to speak his truth, it’s not those vessels that is actually doing the teaching. It’s the Spirit of God unless, those people, writers, pastors, teachers and yes, Churches refuse to get out of the way.

When you allow people, writers, pastors, teachers and yes, even Churche to become your teacher then you are being very foolish, you are a fool. The knowledge we gain, all the spiritual knowledge we gain has to be taught by God’ himself, by his Spirit, it will never be left to men alone to teach God’s truth.

While people of all kinds might like to judge us and, often do, they will not be our final judge, Jesus will.

When we gain our knowledge from the teaching of the Spirit of God then, wisdom shall be ours. We will stand before God fill with the knowledge of him and not the world.

If you will notice in those verses he also says this ( of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged ). You do not want to be judged with him. The teaching of men will lead you to failure but the teaching that comes by God’s spirit will always lead you to truth!

I realize that what I’m about to say is taking it to the extreme. However, I believe God’s Spirit will use it to make my point. Let’s say that you go out in a beech area from a local Church to witness for Christ. By chance you see a man and his wife sitting in their back yard just enjoying to sun. She is wearing a bikini and he has his swimsuit on.

You walk up and indroduce yourself as a Church member and, you would like to share Christ with them. These two know nothing about Church or, even what sharing Christ is all about. However, they are interested snd opened to listen.

As you share the whole gospel story and, also reveal to them that they are sinners in need of the saving grace that Jesus Christ and his shed blood can provide. Both of these two people; realize they are sinners and they both except Christ and, become born again.

Yor have a word of prayer with them and, also invite them to Church Sunday Morning. On the next Sunday morning they both show up for Sunday service. She is still wearing her bikini and he is still wearing his swimsuit. AS they come in and sit down, not one person acts surprised or, pays any attention to how they are dressed. The Pastor, like usal preaches a very powerful message but, that message has nothing to do with proper dress. It’s just a message filled with the truth, the power of God.

At the end of the service, they leave and go home. The man looks at his wife and says; honey, did you notice we were the only ones there dressed as we were? She replies, yes and, I felt a little uncomfortable. He replied, so did I. Then he says, I really enjoyed what the preacher said and would like to go back but, next week we will dress more like those people were dressed.

Can you see how in this story the Holy Spirit did the teaching and not any person or the Church? Although, both were used by God’s Spirit. Far too often we force issues and will not allow God’s spirit to do the teaching. We want to be the teacher.

In closing, I know I’m going to heaven when I die. That spiritual knowledge was not given me by any man or Church but, by the very Spirit of God. The way I dress, the way I talk, the way I walk spiritually is all because of gained spiritual knowledge. I use to smoke and, many people told me how wrong it was to do so. I believe that is their opinion. One day I stopped smoking but, not because man told me to or, to be pleasing to any person. My whole desire is to be pleasing to my heavenly Father and, to the best of my ability to hear him when he speaks.

If God’s Spirit lives within you, then study his word, listen to him when he speaks and, yield yourself to his will. That is ( gained Spiritual knowledge ). God can use men, even you and I to teach his will but, it must be you that hears and learns what he desires to teach you, never by force but always by choice.

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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