As a metaphor of the point I’m trying to make here; I once used an example of the Niagra River. How that the water in that river is headed for a great fall; Niagra Falls. I said that there was a time when one man was rowing a boat down the river and, thousands of people were on the banks screaming at him. warning him of the falls ahead.

If we bring that up to this present day; there are thousands of people in the river rowing toward the falls and, only one person on the bank screaming for them to stop, dangers ahead. We are a depraved people. There’s another verse of scripture I’m reminded of. ( 1 Peter 2:8 ) And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them that stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereas also they were appointed.

There are millions of people rushing head long to hell. They cannot see their demise and, to be certain, the stumbling blocks are all but gone. They need the convicting power of God’s word, they need people to stand in the gap on their behalf and become a rock of offence to them to slow the direction they are headed in and, to show them the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at the Church you might attend. If there is a presence of the Holy Spirit there; we have all but blocked him and his power within the walls of that building. We go to our perspective Churches, do what we do there and, leave every aspect of our Christianty within that building when we go home.

We, as believer are to be the resistance, the stumbling block to sinners on their road to hell; just as someone was in our lives at one time. The salvation that is or, was freely given us is a growing organism within us. It expands within ourelves and, also reaches out to those around us. Although many might reject our words or, our deeds, the resistance we offer is a very needed part of the well- being of every lost sinner on the face of this earth.

We, as believers are ( watchmen on a wall ). We stand in the gap between heaven and hell for every non believer. While we can’t make any person believe, we can make them accountable to the truth, we can force them to have to make a choice. That’s what the preaching of God’s word does, even in witnessing, a choice has to be made.

Most people don’t like to look at their spiritual self. They don’t won’t to be told that any part of their lives is wrong, anything they do is suppose to be excepted and, no questions asked. We even see that in our modern day Churches, every person is seen as saved, talked to as saved. Not one aspect of their live is questioned and, if it is then we are being judgmental.

The responsibility of every believer is to prepare people, by teaching them to stand before the judge one day. When we give ( righteous judge ) it’s not the individual that is speaking. The voice is simple relaying what the righteous judge is going to say when we stand before him. That, my friend is the ( resistance ) that is needed in our world today.

We need to call sinners, sinners and, hold theme accountable in every espect of their lives. We need to be willing to pay any price for the salvation of those that are lost. This need to be a daily push toward the righteousness that is found in Jesus Christ. I, as someone that loves you, cares for your soul am asking you right now; do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Can I see him in your everyday walk of life? Can you say as a believer; ( you know ) heaven will be your home? Have you been born again?

I want to be ( resistance ) in your path. I desire to be a ( stumbling block ) a ( rock of offence ) on your path to destruction.

( RESISTANCE ) as believers we need to be seen as such!

Marshall Clayton

1 Timothy 1:7

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