In order the teach or, to help any person understand ( Spiritual Security ) we must first point out and ask the obvious question. Are you born again? How would you answer that question? As I sit here and type this, just like you, I just asked myself that question. My answer, sitting here all alone with just my own personal thoughts and, the Holy Spirit that lives within me; I can answer that question with an absolute ( YES ).

I don’t say ( I hope so ) or, ( I’ve been baptized ) or, ( I’m a member of a Church ). Sitting here, just me and the Holy Spirit, we agree, I’ve been born again. The question now is, how did you answer that question?

Many people say that salvation is simple. That statement can be very deceiving. Why? Because it’s easy to get deceived by the simplicity of what we might say ( believing is ). For example; if you walk out on the average street and, ask any person if they believe in Jesus Christ, more than likely their answer will be ( yes I do ). Does that mean that they are born again? As a matter of fact; if you let your next question be: ( are you going to heaven when you die )? More than likely their answer will be: ( I hope so )? Since that is the case, then where is the security we speak of?

If you tell me you believe in Jesus Christ but, you can’t say with certainty you’re going to heaven then, what is it that’s missing? If you tell me you’ve been saved but, you doubt your salvation. What have you been saved from?

Understanding what it actually means to be born again is the simple beginning to gaining the assurance of the salvation you say you have. Although many people say they are saved; very few can explain what takes place when we are ( born again ). I’ll say something here that you can just consider. There might be many people that are truly born again but, they have never been spiritually educated into what that actually means. I can clearly see that concept. However, if we are deceived then this can be very costly in eternity.

Therefore, let’s see if we can explain being born again. We, every person was born into this world with a sin nature. That means that it’s a natural act for each of us to sin. We can put any name on sin that we choose to, doesn’t matter, we are all guilty. However, how do we know that fact? Since sin is a natural act by people, how do we know what to call sin?

I can see how this becomes a problem. In God’s grace and mercy, he seen this as a problem as well. Therefore, he placed his Spirit in those that are born again and, also created ( the Church ). The responsibility of those two attributes is to share the gospel. He also gave us the ability to see his law ( the Ten Commandments ). With these things God brings each of us to ( ourselves ) that we might see our need for his saving grace.

So, what happens if no one shares the gospel and, you don’t go to Church? In that case we begin to see ourselves as equals to everyone else therefore, there is no need of any change on our part. We might even know Church members that live basically just as we do. However, while that is a detriment to the cause of Christ, it still doesn’t change our need for salvation

Look at these verses: ( Romans 10:13-15 ) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. ( 14 ) How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? ( 15 ) And how shall they preach except they be sent?As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

So, let’s see how this works. Since we know that many don’t go to Church. The pastor or. preacher of that Church preaches to the people that are there. The Holy Spirit places a burden on the hearts of those that are there, he also sends them out into the masses. These people proclaim the Good News of the Gospel, to those that are without.

I, as one of those that have been sent out; what is my basic responsibility? My basically responsibility is to help you see that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. I basically share with you that you and I are actually just alike. Why? Because we are all sinners, without hope in this world. We were born into a sin cursed world. Since we are sinners, we must be born again. You, I and every other person on the face of this earth had nothing to do with the fact we are here. However, our sin curseness, once we see ourselves as a sinner dooms us to a devil’s hell. No exceptions.

The good news is that Jesus Christ loved you so much; as a sinner that he paid the total price for you on his Cross. Now, are willing to lay yourself down, forget your past and, now allow him to become the Spirit that guides you life?

Being born again means that you have asked Christ to come into your life, your heart realizing your sinful condition. You are now willing to denounce your will as a sinner and, willingly allow his Spirit to direct your life. Old thing are now past away and behold, all things are become new! ( 2 Corinthians 5:17 ) therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all thing are become new.

Now, you might ask. does that happen all at once? No, it doesn’t but, your willingness to listen to his Spirit slowly but surely changes you everyday walk. Being born again is simply asking God’s Spirit to be birthed into your heart. Sanctification is you daily yielding yourself to that Spirit.

To show you the challenge of being born again. It might take years for people around you, your very friends to believe you have changed. The more you show forth Christ, the more convincing you will be. The Devil and those that choose to follow him will do all they can to bring you down to their level once again but, if we continue to follow his Spirit; we will not be deterred.

I have an uncle, he’s dead now but, he was a true drunkard if it ever was one. He went into D.T,s three seperate times. In 1958 he asked Jesus Christ to become his savior, being born again. Almost at once, his life began to change. He quit drinking, started taking his whole family to Church every service. In a Church servise one night he stood up and gave a testimony. This is what he said: ( When i got saved 25 years ago, there were those that said I wouldn’y make it. Now after 25 years some of those same people are still telling me the same thing ).

If you are born again, think about this: you begin going to Church, you start listening to the message each Sunday, go to Sunday School, just be a part. You just might be amazed just how much you will change spiritually just by listening and yielding to God’s Spirit. The first thing you know, you’ll be the teacher, the witness ( A POWERHOUSE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR )!

As you learn and yield yourself to God’s Spirit, all of a sudden you’ll be saying ( I KNOW ) I’M BORN AGAIN! ( I KNOW ) HEAVEN WILL BE MY HOME!

Being born again is the starting point. A good spiritual education and, your willingness to learn will bring about ( SPIRITUAL SECURITY ) in your new life in Christ.

Salvation is in all three tenses: past, present and future. In other words:

I have ( past tense ) been saved from the penalty of sin — Jesus took my place, hell is no longer a threat to me!

I am ( present tense ) being saved from the practice of sin — Daily I’m dying to my sinful ways and, yielding to his will!

I will ( future tense ) be saved from the presence of sin — i’ll be in my eternal home!

So, you see; just saying you believe in Jesus Christ is not all it is to salvation. Have you been born again, washed in his blood? Have you given your life over to his will for you?

Give your life to Christ! One day; you’ll be glad you did!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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