The mindset I have about this thought has been within me for some time but, was revitalized by two things I seen in print in the last few days. One of the things that was mentioned was the lack of concern we see now in our Churches with dress codes or any real seperation from the things of the world. The other was an adult making mention of the fact that they purchased a children’s Bible because; to them it was much easier to understand.

I personally like the ( King James Bible ). I understand that it is written on a fourth grade reading level. I personally believe that the understanding of God’s word goes much deeper than what grade level it’s written on. I also know that God purposely wrote it to make it necessary to have the Holy Spirit within you to understand it as you read. That mean that not only do you have to be born again to be able to see God’s will within his word but, you must have a true desire to know him, to seek to understand it.

One verse that I’d like to show you concerning this is:

( 1 Corinthians 2:14 )


I write a lot, in different ways about this very thing. The reason I’m so concerned about the deception of the heart of people. Satan is a very patient man! His desire is to win the battle over time. If he can get people to except something less than truth over time then he can cause a multitude of people to die lost and not even realize their spiritual condition.

You might ask me; do you believe that the ( King James Version ) of the word of God is the only way to go? My answer to that would be this. It appears that from the early 1600’s until somewhere around 1900 or there about; it was the english translation that was excepted. In the late 1800’s men tried to get people to except other versions but to no avail. However, in time the concept of other versions took over. Now, to most people the ( King James Version ) is almost a version of the past.

( In my opinion ) when it comes to understanding God’s word and, the need for that understanding in order to known him; if I was going to do anyting I’d seek to go back to the original text on my own rather than to trust men to search and define things for me.

The truth in God’s word feeds our innerman once we are born again. The true knowledge we give to that innerman brings our flesh to a true security in Christ Jesus. The Apostle Paul was a man that truly desired to know him. This is what he said:

( Philippians 3:10-11 )

That I might know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering, being made conformable unto his death; ( 11 ) If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.

If you leave these verses in context; he’s not speaking about death as in when we die physically in our flesh but, rather allowing Christ to resurrect in us, dying to our flesh while we live. We do that by knowing him and, being conformable unto the death he was willing to die while he lived.

In most of our Churches today we are not taught ( seperation and sanctification ). I attribute this to the watered down truth that we hear. Some of that is because of the liberal mindsets of the pastors and people but, some of it is because of the lack of understanding of God’s word as revealed by his Holy Spirit.

One of the things I’ve noticed that changed in different versions is this. ( Jesus Christ ) and ( Christ Jesus ). What would be the difference in those two ways of talking about the same man? Personally, in my study of ( King James ) I see or have noticed each time it was used differently that it has to do with who we see as first. In other words; My name is Marshall Clayton. The day I was born again, it actually became Marshall Christ. As I have died to myself over the years, it’s slowly becoming ( Christ Marshall ).

Jesus is the physical name of ( God the Father ) Therefore, when we see ( Jesus Christ ) we are seeing what Jesus is doing in his flesh. When we see ( Christ Jesus ) it’s more about God the father being seen within his physical body. Let’s, just for the sake of argument assume I’m correct. Can you see how if we change those terms, it will be impossible to learn the spiritual aspect of what the Holy Spirit is teaching?

We also see this: ( Holy Ghost ) and ( Holy Spirit ). What’s the difference or, is there one? I hadn’t read the original text but, was it a reason that ( King James ) used both terms? Did the original text show a difference? I make the same arugument! If any version changes these two terms to one simple term, how can we learn the difference?

I often make this statement! Salvation is a free gift. However, all the security, knowledge and understanding we gain after that free gift, you will have to work for, pay some kind of price for. You might even have a great spiritual teacher in your pastor, however all he knows and says to you is worthless unless you gain and understand that knowledge for yourself. Not only that but, you also can add to the knowledge you gain from him.

To simply settle for a children’s Bible or, live a life without spiritual seperation or sanctification is paramount to living in spiritual kindergarden you whole life and, standing before God the Son, Jesus Christ as that child that never grew up. ( In my opinion ) many pastors should be ashamed of themselves! A pastor, if he chooses to use any tranlation of God’s word he likes should ask his people to at least bring that version to Church when they come. For a person to be sitting in a Church, trying to read behind their own pastor but, can’t stay with him because of reading a different version of the same book is a very confusing thing. ( God has nothing to do with confusion ).

( 1 Corinthians 14:33 )

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all Churches of the saints.

One other scripture we can use here is:

( 1 Corunthians 14:8 )

For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

There is a battle for the soul of men! many people are confused about the very teachings of God’s word. They are confused about versions and exactly who they can trust. In our Churches we live and act like we are in a big party room, we act as if we are very content with who we are when; deep within our very being we are seeking to know things that are not being taught or, even talked about.Where years ago men fought to maintain a certain spiritual standard with scripture and Church life; that very concept is now a thing of the past.

Look at yourself! are you confused? How do you see yourself as a spiritual being? Is God pleased with your life? Are you still a spiritual child in an adult body? These things we must come to a resolve of in our own hearts and, that long before we stand before the righteous judge! If your pastor, Sunday School teacher or no one else cares for your soul then you become earnest about how you will be when you stand before Jesus Christ.

In closing, I’ll share this story! I once started a Church. As I was preparing to do so, I went to visit a family I knew that, I considered to be Godly people, a man and his wife. As I walked in their home, they had a lady visitor. We sit and talked a while and, then I told them what I had on my heart. I also invited them to be a part of my burden.

It just so happened that, at that time there was a Church basically right down the road from my house, the lady that was visiting this family was a memebr there. She invited me to come to be a part of her Church. I told her my desire was to preach and, I didn’t expect her pastor would give up his position for me! As we continued to talk, the some how the subject of the ( King James Bible ) came up. The lady visitor disagreed with my stand.

This is what I told her. I said, I don’t know much about these two people that live in this house. I know they say they are saved and they know they are going to heaven when they die. They both said, that was true. I then said, I’m going to step out on a limb and say that when both of these people got saved, the man preaching was using a ( King James Bible ). Once again, they both agreed.

I then look at the visiting lady and ask her, do you know you are going to heaven when you die? All she had was a ( hope so ) salvation.

Now, That might not be certain in every case, I understand that fact. However, what version of the Bible do you use and, do you know heaven will be your home?

I truly believe many are being deceived and, live daily in uncertainty because of a lack of true spiritual teaching. That fact burdens my heart! You will never hear me talk down on what any person chooses to do with any version of the word of God, any denomination any person chooses to be a member of, but that never means I’m not concerned about the very soul of every man and, the direction it is headed!

Deception is a very powerful thing and, it has always been! The very concept of God’s word is real and, it is there in truth to bring your innerman to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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