I’d like to begin this with a true story that happened to me once, just to help you understand that what I’m writing has very little to do with statistics and , as always more about a spiritual mindset and, simply provoking thought.

I once had a little television program on our local cable channel. The program was called ( THE BIBLE SAYS ). When I agreed to do the program I stated my whole reason for doing it was to cause people to look at themselves in a spiritual light, to provoke thought.

One night as I was instructed to begin, I was live, I never said good evening or any else I didn’t say anything as far as greeting the people. The first words out of my mouth was this: ( I believe that 85% of all Christians are going to hell and, 65% of all preachers )! After that I began to explain why I made that statement. At that time any person that chose to could call in and talk to me live. A lady called and ask me where I got my facts from?

I answered her like this: Ma’am I don’t have any facts however, I got your attention didn’t I? At that point she hung up on me!

Often, we become so complacent and content with our surroundings that we forget to set and keep the standard that actually created the situation that brought about the circumstances that placed us where we are. I believe that it’s very possible that is exactly what placed the United States of America in the very position we are in today!

When a I was a young boy, we got our eggs from chickens each morning, we got our milk from a cow, most of our breakfast meets came from a hog we had raise from a little pig. Most of the vegatables we ate the whole year, we picked and my mom and sisters put them up for our winter meals. And, on Sundays, we went to Church.

That trip to Church on Sundays, in most cases was not optional! It was just like the work you were required to do each day, it was not optional. And, the food we ate, was not optional! If mom placed it in front of you, you did’t complain! You learned very quickly, in most cases, the hard way that complaining was not optional either.

My dad was the head of my family and, my mom seen to it that the things he requested was carried out, also not optional. Just by way of making a continual point, if we had friends over to our house to have a meal, the children ate last, also not optional!

My mom was, at that time a ( stay at home mom ). You might say; what she didn’t have a job? Let me take you through one of her days. We’ll just us a ( worse case senerio ). We lived on a little farn in northern North Carolina. We raised tobacco, that was our livlihood. In the summer time often we would get up around 3:30 or 4:00 am and, we would move out a barn of tobacco before we would have breakefast. Mom was the first one up. At this time was she not only preparing breakfast for her family, she was also starting the preparation for lunch in which she had to do for every person that would be working for us that day. I would take around and hour to move the tobacco out to the packhouse then we would eat breakfast.

I was the only boy with three sisters. Now you have to understand. I said the worse case senerio. That means that when those girls were needed outside the house early in the morning, mom had to wash up the breakfast dishes while she continued her preparing of lunch. Once she was at a spot she could leave the house she had to milk two cows before she came to the tobacco barn. When she arrived at the barn, she worked with us until about 11;30 or 11:45 am when she left the barn to set the table, preparing to feed every person.

When the meal was over while dad might lay around and take a break for a few minutes, the children might be playing, what was mom doing? She was cleaning up after the meal. Washing dishes, About the time she finished, dad was ready to go back to the barn. She would work with us until we were completely finished each day. At that time, two cows had to be milked again and, the milk had to be care for. She made our butter, also buttermilk. I simply make that point to show that it was more to milking cows than just that act. Supper had to be prepared! Once we ate, the cleanup had to take place once again.

Within that; the house was clean, beds made up, all our clothes washed and ironed and kept in repair. In the summer time she pick strawberries, blackberries, cherries, we often helped but, she made the jams, preserves we called it. The garden had to be picked and frozen or canned, adding to her daily chores. By the way, on Sundays, cows still had to be milked and, meals still had to be prepared.

So far, do you think my mom had a job? Basically, all this with very little pay! To be completely honest with you, today my sistes and I are reaping the benefits of the hard work my mom and dad did in their lives. My mom had equal rights, even while seeking to be obedient to her husband, she worked possibly harder that he did. Now, I never heard my mom complain, my dad might have but I didn’t! My mom never smoked a cigarette, I never heard her curse. When my mom and dad spoke, her children listened! While we were disciplined when we were were wrong, it was far more to it that just the do’s and don’t’s of our lives, We had love and respect for one another and authority. That respect for authority and love for one another began at home. I can see how that all these things that I went through in my young childhood brought about and built character in my life that is still there today.

I’d also like to point out that while we had a community mindset, respecting all of our nieghbours, we were also very much set up as an individual family. We didn’t seek to tell our nieghbours how to live and they didn’t tell us, we worked together as neighbours, as a county, as a state and as a nation. If we needed help, our neighbours came to help, if they needed help we went to them as well. Even if we disagreed with some things they were doing in their lives or, they disagreed with us, we all still worked together.

I can’t say that every family accross the nation had to be exactly the same as ours but, I will say that; as a rule it was very common in those days.

I’ll say something here that many people have forgotten and, many now have never even considered it. I’ll begin it with a verse of scripture:

( Matthew 5:13 )

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under the foot of men.

This is the way I’ll try and explain my thoughts. If you take a single grain of salt and drop it on a piece of meat, that salt will desolve and flavor a bigger portion of that meat than just the size that the grain of salt is. The people that came to this country, one of the reasons they came was because they sought ( religious freedom ) among other things. So, let’s just place those people on the the Mayflower to begin with. More than likely every person that was on that ship was not a born again beliver in Jesus Christ. Those that were, more than like had several different views on how to worship and serve him.

Each of those believers were grains of salt so to speak. While they might have differed in ways; the concept of Jesus Christ was the center point of their lives. It was so powerful! Their walk, their talk, their praying reached out to every person, even unbelievers to the place that it effected the very way they lived and, presented themselves as well.

They were the very salt of the country they were attempting to set in order. Now, a question one might ask, were they perfect? The answer is absolutely not. However, that question and, the fact they they were not perfect was, not then nor is it now the problem. The problem came to them and even today when people of any nation began to settle for less than perfect. You see, being born again will never make anyone perfect. However, it will create a mindset towards seeking perfection and, becoming more like our savior; Jesus Christ. Pressing towards that mark is basically what ( the spiritual walk ) of any person or nation is all about or, should be.

I personally believe that a very spiritual mindset was present and, to some degree; ruled in this nation up until the 1960’s. There are those that might say that things began to change right after ( World War two ) however, since I was born in 1951; My concept of that spiritual change was not so noticed until a little later. Have no doubt, what we see in our nation is a ( spiritual meltdown ) and nothing else. Therefore, the only way to repair the problem is spiritually related.

Since these things are spiritually related then, we must be willing to first see those problems and, then be willing; if we are part of that problem, change who we are to fix those problems. Therein is where the problem lies! I have news for you my friends; it’s not the people in this country that don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal savior that actually created the downfall of this nation. Now, they, today might have their role to play in our demise but, that is not where the problem lies.

Here I am, A ( white ) ( Old ) ( Man ). Like it or not, we are seen as ( the problem ) in our country. Therefore, if I write in this article what it will actually take to fix this mess we are in. I very quickly will become the ( villian ), count on it! At the very same time I make that statement; it is a ( man problem ) and that of basically of every race in our country. So, to begin with, can the men of this nation become ( real men ) again? That starting with the very men in leadership roles in our Churches and, every part of government starting with local all the way to Federal?

Actually, It’s not ( White Old Men ) that is the problem is it? The lack of our ability to see truth and, conform to that truth is where the problem lies. I made the satatement that ( it is a man problem ). Why would I say that? In scripture we see that that book is speaking basically in the male gender. For instance: God the Father is seen as a man. He came to this earth in the body of ( His Son ) being indentified as ( a Male ). Do you realize that every apostles that Jesus Christ called was male? When we reach the thousand year riegn of Christ, men will be in charge, whether we like that or not. As a matter of fact, they will all be the same race and, they won’t be white!

We, as a nation set ourselves up for failure, not because of any race but, because we simply refuse to except truth from any person. We refuse to submit to any leadership. Now, let’s go back and look at something. Let’s assume, even recognize that ( Old White Men ) were wrong about some things when this country was founded. You, dependeing on your own personal mindset can pick what you believe they were wrong about. The fact that they were wrong about some things, things that you thought about, does that mean they were wrong about all things?

We, as a nation; because of our individual, single mindsets have become willing to ( throw the baby out with the bath water ) to see to it that we have our own personal way! We, show our own spiritual ignorance by the way we present ourselves; bring the destruction to the greatest nation on ther face of this earth.

I’ll show you when our demise first began. It began when the slogan ( In God We Trust ) became just a slogan instead of a reality. You can decide in your mind when that happen. You can also decide whether you are a part of the problem or, are you seeking to be a part of the solution.

Let’s look at the ( war on poverty ) that began in the 1960’s. I understand we have spent well over 15 trillion dollars in that war. How much of that money did you get? Do you realize that we are now in debt just a little over that amount yet, we still have poor people? Actually, if you are a person that actually got some of that money, maybe for years, guess what? In more cases than not, all you did was to make some ( Old White Men ) richer! Adding to that, causing a great nation to be indebted while they got the money!

What about ( equal rights )? You pick the catagory! Do you think you become equal with another group just because ( Old White Men ) or anyone else might pass a law that states the you are? If you wish, you pick the race or sexual orientation! Just because ( It is spoken ) does that make it is real? Women fought for the right to vote and, they won! Let’s say your voice becomes louder that the voice of men, does that make it right? Whatever happen to the submission that ( The God ) we say ( We Trust ) and what he has to say about it? I’ll admit; there are many men, husbands that are very weak as leaders. Actually, their whole mindset is very self willed and, self seeking. However, going about to fix that problem by creating another problem is very contrary to the ( God we say We Trust ). In other words, if the man that is suppose to lead you is not doing so then, that will never make you correct by going your own way or, seeking to take the leadership role in your family or, in any nation!

Who is the ( God ) we say ( we trust )? What does it mean in our nation when we say you have ( freedom of religion ) here? Although the phrase ( freedom of religion ) is a very true phrase, as a nation we were not founded on a ( generic God ). Yet, in the minds of people today; we do! This nation, as a whole was founded on the ( one and only true God ). We recognize him from the words we read from ( his word ). That word was made flesh and dwelt among us, his name is Jesus Christ. He is not generic, he is real! The very laws that this nation was establisheed on were centered around his word. Without a doubt, we, as a nation prayed and reveranced his name!

In the beginning, ( Jesus Christ ) was always the center of every law. They all pointed men back to that center, One of the first things many might point back to and say ( as a Nation ) we were wrong, could be slavery. O.K.! I’ll give you that. However, did we, as a nation not seek to fix that mistake? Now, let me ask you as an individual something! I suppose that ( you ) being who you are, are perfectly free from sin in every way, there is no need for you ever to change anything about you?

I’m not saying, nor did the leaders of that time say that we were perfect but, we sought always to point back to that center? Let me ask you another thing. When ( Old White Men ) passed a law that gave women the right to vote, were those ( Old White Men ) pointing back to that center? Now, since I asked that question, what you might desire to asked me is ( Do I have a problem with women voting )? FRIENDS, COUNTRYMEN, AMERICANS ! LEND ME YOUR EAR! It has nothing to do with what I might think or say. Our desire should always be about ( WHAT DOES GOD’S WORD TEACH )!

Elijah the prophet made this statement to the Nation of Israel.

( 1 Kings 18:21 )

And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.

At some point: the ( old white Men ) the leaders of this nation began to reference something other than God’s word in their law making decisions. The laws they made and, I might add, continue to make were not and, are not based on ( the word ) of ( the God ) that ( we as a nation ) say ( we trust in ). At some point, you pick the place, we, like the Nation of Israel began to follow other Gods.

It’s one thing for a God fearing, trusting nation to respect the right for any person to ( follow any god they choose ) but quite another to began making laws or allowing their mindsets to become part of the choices we make!

Consider! ( Old White Men ) are blamed a lot for the problems of our country in the beginning. Would you mind looking at our Senate, House of Representivies, even the White House and tell me what we have now? Look back over the last fifty years, see how diverse we have become. And, also, look at where we are now!

You might look at me and say: Well you’re just a ( Dirty Old White Man ). I won’t listen to you! I’ll answer that this way. I have no problem with any race or greed, nationality or sexual orentation. I’m not a bigot, nor am I racist. As far as I’m concerned, any person has a God given right to hold any office in this nation that the individual has a desire to hold.

However, I, as a ( Old White man ) do have a problem when you begin to recognize some other God as the God of this nation othe than Jesus Christ. I’ll also say this. If you call yourself a ( Christian ). By default, you are saying you have been born again, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and, you acknowledge ( His Holy Word ) as the book that governs your life.

Therefore, if you are going to call the ( God ) of this ( Old White Man ) your God, not matter what color you are, what nation you came from, what sex you are, how old or young you are, what state you are from, what political party you are a part of, what Church you go to. Even if you are from another religion, that’s fine; but we must start to submit ourselves, govern ourselves, make laws based on the word of God this country was founded on, the word I call Jesus Christ.

In closing, I’ve made this statement time and time again. The biggest problems we have in our country is not the people that commit sinful acts, those people have always been a part of our ( God fearing nation ). The greatest problem in our country are the men standing behind the pulpits in our Churches in our country! They have yielded to the calls of the cares of this world, they have forgotten to concept of allowing God to speak through them, to set a Godly standard, the kind that Jesus Christ would set if he, himself stood behind their pulpit! It’s something I believe we misunderstand. We are of the opinion; from pastors to the pews that we ( can have things our way ). WE have a mindset that where we have unity; then God is there. Neither of those things are true. We must ( come out from among them and be seperate ).

Men of God became puppets instead of pastors, began to please their members instead of hearing from God. Look at this verse:

( 1 Peter 4:16-19 )

I’ll be making some comments as we go through these verese.

( 16 ) Yet if any man suffer as a christian, let him be not ashamed; but let him glorify God on his behalf.

One of the problems today is how we define the word ( Christian ). Look around you; about every person you see calls themselves ( Christian ) today. There is no stand for the word of God, it has become a word only, that without any true meaning!

( 17 ) For the time will come that judgement must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin with us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

Our Churches are filled with men, women and children that show absolutely no respect for God or his word! Our pastors simply go along with the flow knowing; that if they truly stand, persecution, true Christian persecution, from those that are within that body that are not born again ( will come ). However, notice ( if it first begin with us ) if we, those that are truly ( Christian ) ( born again ) begin to stand, demanding righteous, ( what will be the end of them that obey not the gospel of God )?

Friends, we think we can play God, play Church! Guess what? God’s not playing as is evidence as we look across our nation. I’m a born again believer, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Let’s say that I’m sitting in my local Church. I’m seeing all the ungodly corruption that is there and on a very regular basis. Let’s say I stand up and begin calling it all out, which would be ( God honoring ). Can you see that it is nothing short of the Grace of God that would allow me to do that? That would be as far as I’m concerned or the pastor of any Church.

Look at the next verse:

( Verse 18 )

For if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

Do you realize that the only thing standing between me or, any born again believer burning eternally in hell is the precious blood of Jesus Christ? Do you realize that it was ( His truth ) from ( his word ) that plunged me under his precious blood? We, as people, normal people that are born again often never stop and consider just how special that the man that was preaching, a man that was willing to suffer persecution if necessary, simply for the cause of my salvation. We never consider just how close we came to burning in a Devil’s hell for eternity!

( If we scarcely be saved )! How about all those people that are trusting ( a Pastor ) to, under great conviction and passion to share that same gospel with them? The Apostle Peter is saying there, ( where shall they appear )? God, the father of Jesus Christ; placed his hand upon me and called me to preach. When I consider that, me, being called by him and the possiblity of one soul leaving this world lost without him because I refused to share the truth with him burdens my soul!

( Verse 18 )

Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful creator.

In the United States of America. If you happen to ride by any Church, no matter how big or small. If you happen to be lost and undone without Christ then, that building should be a place, of tremendous security for you. At any time, your choice, that you choose to stop and go into that building; you can! The man that pastors that place has a God given responsibility to preach to you ( truth ). If that doesn’t happen, no matter where you spend etenity, you can hold him accountable ( to God ) for his refusal to be persecuted for the truth!

What am I saying! If we are ever to see this country return to it’s ( Old Spiritual Landmarks ) then it must begin in the House Of God!

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