SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ( May 2,2021 ) ( Hebrews 6:1-3 )


If you notice, the first word here is ( therefore ). That word is tying this chapter back to what was is being said in ( Hebrews 5 ). In the last part of that chapter the writer is making to point that ( strong meat ) is for them of full age. Every person that uses milk is ( unskilful ) in the work of righteousness.

Before we get too deep into the teaching in ( Hebrews 6 ) there is something, even a point that the Apostle Paul is making within this study that we need to build upon. The point is ( are you actually born again )? The act of being ( born again ) is the act of God placing his Spirit within you. Now, in this book, Apostle Paul is teaching the Jewish believers, The problem is, what did they believe? If we look at the very first part of ( Hebrews 6:1 ) he say this:

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us move to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works.

The people that the Apostle Paul was speaking to had no problem believing in Jesus Christ. Many of them walked with him, talked with him, seen his miracles. They could basically tell you every part of his life. However, knowing those facts is not salvation! The Apostle Paul stops short of saying these people are not saved. The reason is because we, as people cannot see what is within the heart of other people. Only God knows whether any person is truly born again or not.

The point is that if all you have is the ( knowledge of Christ ) then that could be the reason you are not able to take strong meat or, grow to maturity. When you allow God’s Spirit to come into your heart, spiritual growth is going to happen. Can we even debate that fact? I need to mention this here. The ( doctrine of Christ ). That doctrine is about the responsibility of Jesus Christ, why was he born? It completely different than understanding the ( Doctrine of salvation ) or ( the Church ).

I don’t know how far I’ll get into these verses today but, next Sunday is coming! I’d like to draw a comparison here. I’m going to begin this with ( the act of abortion ). Why would any young lady or woman be seeking an abortion? I’d say the question has a simple answer! It’s because ( they know ) there is something growing within them! And, they also know that, if it is left alone, by natural course, it will mature. Many people want to say ( it’s nothing ), well, if it’s nothing then leave it alone!

I pray God’s Spirit will allow me to teach this the way I feel it in my heart! I met a young man and his wife and child this past week. I actually talked to the young man yesterday. My desire is to use something he told me to seek to bring about the understanding of ( leaving the doctrine of Christ ) to the Hebrew people and, ( moving toward perfection.

This young man shared with me, with great excitement how that he and his with greatly desire to have a child for a long time and, finally his wife became pregnant ( with child ). Can you imagine this young man and his wife seeing other couples with little babies; desiring one of their own and not being able to have one. I’d say that especially for the wife. She could hold other babies, walk around with that little baby in her arms but, it was not her’s to possess!

The nation of Israel walked with Jesus Christ, touched him, talked with him but, still he is there, He’s standing ( away from them ). THe fact that he was ) outside ) of them did not actually make him a part of them. When will he belong to me?

Now, let’s look at this man’s wife, even he, the husband to the best of his ability. Can you imagine this lady, the very moment she was told she was with child!!!!? The very moment that she share that with her husband!? Can you imagine the care she took, they took just to simply protect the life that was within her!!!? Consider, the very moment that union was made life began! Now, she didn’t know that, he didn’t know that however, the desire to have a ( CHILD OF THEIR OWN ) was so great; even without that knowledge she, he, done all they could to assure the growth, even without the knowledge of it being there!

Once this young mother realized ( she was with child ) do you think she said it was nothing? I seen this young mother this past week. I stood at the passenger window of her vehicle and talked to her, not even realizing that there was a child in the back seat. Tat is; until she let the window down and told her to ( say hey ) to me. I think it’s a little girl, if not, they can schold me later! However, she was in a car seat. That young mother is still today protecting that little child she and her husband love so dearly and, as life moves foward, they will continue to do so; all because of a very great love for ( they life ) that they created, God blessed them with and, she carried within her!

Now, let’s spiritually take this to another level. This young mother went through ( the act of childbirth ). Look at this verse:

( Genesis 3:10 )

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multipy thy sorrow and thy conception: in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Personally, I believe that any woman that goes through natural child birth comes just as close to death as humanly possible and still live. Howeever, would you agree with me, and, I’ll say this to mothers; once you go through child birth, almost as soon as that child is born you begin to ( leave the principles of child birth ). I’d say that a mother has so much love for her new born child she quickly forgets the pain she went through and now changes her mindset to bringing her child to ( perfection ) or maturity.

The day I was ( born again ). I went through great conviction. One of the most difficult things I ever faced was stepping out from behind a pew and going to an alter. Even admitting; I was a sinner and I needed help. In comparison, just as soon as I got up from the alter, I began to grow spiritually. I often testify that I probably cursed someone out on my way to Church the day I got saved but, once God’s Spirit moved into my heart, my whole vocabulary changed!

As we look at the next few things mentioned here: ( ( foundation of repentance from dead works ) ( faith toward God ) ( doctrine of baptism ) ( laying on of hands ) ( resurrection of the dead ) ( eternal judgment ) And this we will do if God permit. If we go back and define these things within the ( doctrine of Christ ) then they all become pass tense as far as what happens once ( birth happens ). When a child is born, a mother changes her perspective on the things necessary and, once we are born again, we need to change our spiritual diet.

In seeking to close this lesson out, I’d like to share a verse with you and ask you a question about that verse.

( Acts 2:38 )

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The question is this: is that what you did when you received Christ as your Savior? Now, let’s move foward a little.

( Acts 16:31 )

And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

I’m going to say that; if you are born again, this verse describes what you did that God;s Spirit might move into your heart.

Salvation is in all three tenses. There is past tense salvation, present tense salvation and, future tense salvation. When this young mother found out she was ( with child ); now that fact is past tense, from that moment until that life is completely over, she will live in present tense and, once this life is over it’s future tense.

The fact I was born again, that day is past and gone. Now, I live in present tense salvation, I’m growing and maturing everyday. When I finish my course, since I’ve been born again, I’ll live in future tense salvation , in eternity with Jesus Christ my savior.

Jesus Christ, in reality died and rose again for the ( Church ). Now, when we are born again, we become a member of that body he died for. When the Apostle Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, he preached the very same message as ( John the Baptist ). Why? He’s preaching to the Nation Of Israel ) John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ! Those that believed that Christ, the Messiah was coming would get baptised to prove that they believed the message of John the Baptist. Now, that same Jesus had died and arose again. The people of Israel as we see here, are experiencing a change. Notice the phrase in: ( Acts 2:36 ) ( THAT SAME JESUS ). Now, he’s telling ( the nation of Istrael ) that if they believe that Jesus Christ died and arose again ( repent, get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

At this message the ( Nation of Israel ) the Jews by doing the very same act as they did when Jesus was born and lived among them now can receive the Holy Ghost ( the third person in the Godhead ) that he promised, by doing the very same thing. The gospel was first presented to the Jew. ( The Church ) is ( brand spanking new ) ! It’s, just like salvation, it has to grow and mature. Do you realize that on the Day of Pentecost, not one part of the New Testament had been written?

The book of Hebrews is written to those of Israel that were saying they were believers. However they were struggling with understanding the ( doctrine ) that the Apostle Paul was now teaching and, leaving the things they use to do behind.

If you will study the ( Book of Acts ) you will see that the Apostles ( laid hands on people ) Why? Because it brought about the knowledge that they were filled with God’s Spirit, Today, we don’t they to be filled.

In closing, next week I’m going to go into more detail about the next phrase ( repentance from dead works ). I can see a lot to say and teach there. So, that will be next week’s title!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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