( HEBREWS 6: 2 )


I suppose we could spend a little time on the thought here ( the resurrection of the dead ). We haven’y actually said anything about that. So, I’ll say this as a way to create thought and to cause you to study to prove me wrong. As you already know I teach that ( the book of Acts ) is a transition period from the ( Age of Law ) to the ( Age of Grace ). In the last part of the ( Age of Law ) and the first part of the ( Age of Grace ) we see the ( Doctrine of Christ ).

If I were to create a metaphor about what we see here; this is what I’d say. You, as an individual became ( a living soul ) at the very moment of conception. Your mother’s body nourished you for the first nine months of you being. Once you were actually born she also feed you with food from here body ( milk ) and, you were slowly ( transitioned ) to a totally different diet which also caused you to grow and mature.

We can see people that were raised from the dead all through the Old Testament and, until the end of the ( Book of Acts ). I challenge you to show me any person that was raised from the dead after the ( Book of Acts ), that is in any of the epistles. As a matter of fact; we now are supposed to build ( Church Doctrine ) designed according to the epistles of the Apostle Paul. I also continue to contend as the Bible teaches in:

( Ephesians 3: 1-4 )

For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles, ( 2 ) If ye have heard os the dispensation of the grace of God ( WHICH IS GIVE TO ME TO YOU-WARD:) ( 3 ) How that by revelation the ( MADE KNOWN UNTO ME ) THE MYSTERY, ( AS I WROTE AFORE IN FEW WORDS, ( 4 ) Whereby when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ).

Today, there are complete Church doctrines built falsely because of the lack of understanding these verses we see here. Within this concept and, looking at all things said ( Hebrews 6:1-2 ) the most outstanding in my opinion is the fear of ( eternal judgement ). I’m going to address this today however, I’d like to make a spiritual point before we get to that.

When we consider the term ( resurrection from the dead ) what are we saying? We know that Jesus Christ and his Apostles had actual power to raise people from the dead. Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the grave, we can see events where the Apostle Paul raised a lad from death in ( Acts 20:9-12 ) when he fell asleep sitting in a window. However, like I said, we never see any of this in the epistles. The only other place in the New Testament I see a person raised from the dead is in (Revelation 13:14 ). This is referring to ( the beast ) the great imitator of Jesus Christ.

Over my years as a born again believer I came to realize a point that I believe needs to be made here. I’d also like to say that ( I believe ) God the Father has the power to do anything he chooses to do, no exceptions. He stepped out on nothing and spoke the world into existence. However, that doesn’t mean that God is going to move in every way we think he should move today does it. We live in a time of faith but, faith in what? ( I ) must understand what we can expect from God in the ( dispenstaion ) to which we live. Look at this verse:

( Acts 5:16 )

There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one.

( Luke 6:18 )

And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed.

Do you see the same picture in ( Luke ) or the gospels and ( Acts )? Notice ( they were all ) ? Can you show me where we see ( faith ) there. If these people had faith it was in a man and, ( his God given ability ) My point is that it was not their ( great faith ) that did any thing. It was within the ability that was given by God to men.

Whether it’s ( healing ) or ( raising the dead ) it was past of the ( Doctrine of Christ ) to which the Apostle Paul is saying ( Leaving ), as in ( past tence ). My faith is spiritual today. I’ll show you this verse and how faith relates to me and we well move on.

( Romans 8:28 )

Foe we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

I’ve never been deathly sick. I’ve always enjoyed pretty good health. I will say ( I Love God ) and it’s my desire to be ( called according to his purpose ) and not my own. If God chooses to use a slow method of death to take me out of this world then, I desire for my faith in him to shine! above all! I want my exit from this world to be ( according to his purpose ) no matter how tough it is on me. The only way that I choose to be healed of any sickness is if it’s God’s will for me to be healed. We could talk about this one thing all day. However, ( I believe ) God gives us wisdom and spiritual insight to walk through this world. If I have a tooth ache, I go to the Dentist, if I’m sick, I go to the doctor and, I take medicine. If I see a tree falling, I get out of the way. That’s common sense!

Now, back to what I said I’ve noticed. This has to do with ( eternal Judgement ). The people that can’t put ( raising from the dead ) ( healing ) ( laying on of hands ) ( dead works ) and so on behind them will almost always be concerned about ( eternal judgement ). What I mean by that is; those people believe you can fall from grace as they call it. ( They fear ) eternal judgement.They never get to the place that they can put their ( dead works ) behind them.

We need to ralk about this. Do you remember, in a former lesson I said that the ( Jewish people ) each year beought their sacrifices to be offered, they were excepted and, they went back to doing just as they always had, lived the same way as they did the year before? That being the case, just how much did they appreciate the forgiveness they just received?

That lamb was just a picture of ( the sacrifice to come ) being ( Jesus Christ ). He became the perfect lamb of sacrifice. I think I’ve also said this. When these people offered their lambs to the priest; he didn’t look at the person that was offering,, the priest was concerned about the lamb meeting all the qualifications for the sacrifice. Jesus Christ became that ( perfect sacrifice for me ). I want you to know ( I truly appreciate him ). I seek to allow him to live through my life. I willing desire to give up all I want and allow him to direct my life.

One day when I stand before him, I’ll be a sinner, I realize that however, Im not depending on my ability to meet any standards, I totally ( placing my faith ) on his ability to meet every standard. I don’t have to worry about ( etenal judgement ) becauce ( by faith ) I know I can trust him. God the Father, in that sense, will be looking at the perfect sacrifice, not me as I am judged. Actually my judgement for sin has already taken place in his death, burial and resurrection, by faith I trusted that.

When people are truly born again ( eternal judgement ) is past tense! Is sin in our lives ( past tense )? No, it’s not! Every born again believer will battle the ( practice of sin ) until we die. Basically, we are dying to sin daily, we are seeking to do all to please him, not because we have to but rather because we choose to. Often when people tell me that they believe that a person can fall from grace or, lose their salvation, I asked them; have you ever lost your salvation? Almost every time the answer is ( No ), they always see someone else that has; in their opinion.

The greatest reason for this is they look at a physical act and, consider that salvation. They watch someone go to an alter, make a profession of faith, get baptized and join Church. None of that is salvation. I often tell people, I’m not a judge ). I can’t look at you and tell that you are lost. If I look at you and ( I say ) you are saved, am I not ( judging you ) to be saved when I can’t see your heart? God’s Spirit gives us discernment, I realize that but, we can also be wrong. We can’t completely depend on our ability to decide who is lost and who is saved. I like this verse of scripture:

( Romans 8:16 )

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

By faith the Holy Spirit assures us as believers that we are God’s children. I can say that ( I know ) I’m saved. At the very same time our spirit, that Holy Spirit within is can discern often when another person is one of his children or, not. The point is that; while I can say of a certianty that the Holy Spirit lives in me, just as you can say that about your own self if he lives with in you but, we can be a judge for certainty of anyone else, lost or saved.

You must understand, I didn’t get this assurance the day I was born again. I had to spiritually grow and understand. I often say I’m the product of many spiritual teachers but, I myself had to study to gain that assurance. My knowledge and spiritual groweth might help you to gain that assurance but, that is a blessing that is completely between you and the Holy Spirit as you grow.

As you read this, do you fear eternal judgement? Have you been born again? My greatest burden in this life is one that I’ll have to say that I can’t know for certain the salvation of others. What I mean by that is that ( I believe ) there are many people that are members of Churches that have never been born again. While I’m not a judge of any man, that doesn’t mean to I am not concerned. ( I believe ) that our Churches today far too often leave the perception that ( saying you believe in Christ ) ( getting baptized ) and ( joining Church ) is salvation. Most Churches never teach the concept of what it means to be born again. This leaves people to stay in spiritual darkness about what it truly means to be born again. Their lifestyles are never challenged and, their salvation is never questioned.

The Apostle Paul is actually doing a great job of preaching here in ( Hebrews ). He’s challenging these people to ( leave ) ( move foward ). That, not in a physical sense but, spiritually to an understanding of spiritual new birth. ( I believe ) that a pastor should preach every message to the place he causes every person to question their salvation every Sunday or every time he preaches. When we, as individuals reach that spiritual point that our salvation can’t be brought into question; then we are truly growing to the spiritual level we shoud be. If we still fear ( eternal judgement ) it’s not that we aren’t saved but that we haven’t reach the spiritual level we need to that we understand what being born again is all about.

Only you can decide whether you are born again or not! However, I’ll do my best to make you doubt that you are saved until you grow to the place that you have the assurance from within that the Holy Spirit lives within you!

I’ll close with this: ( I’m so sure of my salvation that I’ll swing out over hell on a rotton grape vine and spit in the Devil’s eye. He cannot touch my salvation! He can tempt me, sometimes cause me to fall but, he can’t touch my salvation.

This is the place that I desire for you to reach as a born again believer. This verse in closing:

( 2 Peter 1: 10 )

Wherefore the rather, brethren, giving diligence to make you calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:

( verse 12 )

Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remeberance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth.

You should read starting in ( verse 1 ) and notice,

( Verse 9 )

But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar of, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

Just as spiritual teachers before taught me to grow spiritually, I now have that responsibility to you. However, only you can allow God’s Spirit to teach you and move past ( eternal judgement )!

Until next week,

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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