This is a term that I have often heard used over the course of my born again experience. However, what I wonder is; can someone tell me where that place actually might be? I thought that I might try and give my thoughts on the topic and, you then can allow God’s Spirit to let you know whether I am correct or completely wrong.

Let’s begin this with this verse:

2 Peter 3:9


Can’t we assume from this verse that our Lord’s will is that every person be saved, coming to repentance?Now, I’m going to say this. In every sense of the word, the only sin that any person actually repents from the moment that asked Jesus Christ to be their savior, being born again is (unbelief). I will also say this. Very often when people get saved; there are certain sins they know they are guilty of therfore they stop at the time they get saved simply because they have the knowledge of the sin they live in.

If I use myself as an example, the Sunday morning I got born again, I had a very foul mouth, cursing almost every word in my everyday walk of life. The moment I go saved, I cleaned my vocabulary up! However, salvation in the general sense is simply placing your faith, all that you are under the blood of Jesus Christ. In other words, If I hadn’t cleaned my vocabulary up at that time, I would have still been saved. That aspect of my life would have been simply God would have to convict me of on a later date.

When you consider that I quit cursing as the same time I got saved, can you imagine just how many other things I have changed in my sin cursed life since the moment I got saved? I confess, there have been many things I have had to repent from since that morning and, some I’m still working on as of this day.

When it comes to the center of God’s will and a desire to be there; can’t we look at the word repentance as an evolving thing, not just any one event? One way to look at it is to say that the moment you are saved, that starts a process of each person’s born again experience working toward the center of God’s will. I will say that (the working toward) is the center of God’s will.

As an individual, born again believer it’s not my place to be a judge of any person. I might look at a person and clearly see sin in their lives which we all have the ability to do. You, today can look at me and see sin in my life. I know that because I see it much more clearly than any other person. And, I’m daily seeking to turn from my ungodly self. However, I cannot look at any person and say they are not born again simply because they are not just like me, can I?

I’ll share this true story with you. As an electrician, I once wired a single wide mobile home for some kinfolks of mine. The woman was there for a while as I worked on the mobile home. As she talked to me concerning her own family she made this statement, mind you, I’m just listening as she talks. She shared with me that she didn’t believe that one of her sisters or her mother had been born again. Now, I knew them both very well, knowing they both were faithful to their Church and living very good spiritual lives as far as I knew. When she made that statement, I looked at her and replied; I don’t think you are saved! She looked at me puzzled and said, well, why wouldn’t you think I’m saved? I replied, well, I have just as much right to doubt your salvation as you do theirs, don’t I?

Everyone of us are at a different spiritual level as it relates to God’s will for our lives. Now, let’s consider something. Can you see how both this ladies mother and sister could have been daily seeking to find exactly where God’s will was for their lives when the lady speaking might not have even been considering what God thought about her thinking she was good enough just as she was?

When we speak of God’s will it has all to do with the desire within our hearts, not what people might see in our lives. I’ve been saved since 1975. I still today see myself as a hell desirving sinner, know my sin very well! I seek daily to allow God’s Spirit to tranform me into all he desires for me to be.

I’ve share this story before. An evangelist once stated (IF YOU KNEW ME, LIKE I KNOW ME) you’d get up and walk out of this building right now. After we chuckled and a short pause; he said this: (IF I KNEW YOU LIKE YOU KNOW YOU) I’d leave with you! That my friends is truth! On our very best day, we are nothing more than sinners, simply saved by God’s amazing grace because to the blood of Jesus Christ!

If you truly desire to be in the center of God’s will, All it takes is a willing heart and mind. One that is willing to hear him as he speaks and move in the direction he desires for you to go. The problem begins when we get content living just as we are. Many people live their lives never even considering changing anything for his glory. The truth is that salvation is in all three tenses. If you have been born again then that is (past tense salvation). You’ll never have to go there again, that’s past. As we live our lives each day, if we are seeking God’s will for our lives then that is (present tense salvation). God’s Spirit is seeking to cleanse us from our sin and guide us to his will as we live out our lives. Do we seek to hear him and change? (Future tense salvation) will be when we actually stand in his presence, our worldly struggles are then past tense, we have our reward!

Can I say here that God’s will is not static? If your spiritual life is static then you truly have a problem. When I use that term and seek to define it I mean that God’s will is not the same for every person in the sense of our spiritual growth, it always moving and, if we are where God desires for us to be we are changing a little everyday to be like him.

The center of God’s will is within our desire to find it. Having no desire to find it becomes a very great sin in our lives. Seeking to find the center of God’s will is a very special thing in the heart of God the Father bringing about very great rewards when we stand in his presence.

Are you seeking that center in your life? Then that makes you a very special person in the eyes of God the Father! If you not, then if I were you I’d (MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE)!

2 PETER 1:10


This whole chapter is very enlightning to the spiritual growth of a born again believer. My greatest concern in my life is for those that think they are saved but, are not! What I often say is that I’m not the judge of any person but, that doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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