This website and blog is for the sole purpose of creating spiritual thought in the people that read it.

Over the years as a believer and student of the word of God and a born again believer in the finished work of Christ on Calvary; I have seen the transformation of our Churches into religious social activity buildings, places with a hint of Christ without the power thereof.

These things burden my heart. In most cases the will of people, the members of Churches is the driving force behind the decline of the spiritual power in our Churches. These members never considering to demise of their own children and grandchildren because of their lack of concern with the true power of conviction that the spirit of God brings upon a soul.

We have replaced the true born again experience with Church membership and baptism. We have replaced the leadership of the spirit of God with the education of men. And, also true spiritual maturity with the mindset of what men’s opinions of us are.

While I tend to be very hard on the Church as we see it today, I know that my trust in the true Church is still alive and well. My desire is to help those that truly believe to arise and stand for truth, to force the hand of the weak and Beggarly, must of which are standing behind the pulpits in our Churches. These men and, in some cases, women need to be pressured by the true believers to stand on the principles of God’s word.

I truly believe that the greatest problem we actually face in our land is the people that stand behind our pulpits, their lack of being willing to do whatever it take to stand and proclaim the word as God desires for them to speak.

We are living in troublesome times and most are ill prepared to sand before Jesus Christ. My true desire is to open spiritual eyes, through this site.

As I write, it’s an individual letter to you, the reader. Just as a preacher stands and preaches, that message is a message from God to individuals sitting in a congregation . While many people might hear the message at the same time or read an article at the same time; the Spirit of God will speak to each individual and bring that one person to his side if that one person will yield to what he is speaking to that one heart.

That’s my passion, to allow God to do the speaking, to allow him to do that transforming by his power.

Let’s build something together.