I Heard a man make this comment once. He said that if a person that an opportunity to meet him and missed out on that moment actually, that person hadn’t missed a thing. By the same token if a person has the privilege of meeting Jesus Christ and misses that opportunity, he’s missed it all.

As I write and seek to build this blog or website, something I know very little about, it’s my passion to teach all about the man, Jesus Christ. My prayer is that he, through his spirit can use me to spiritually educate any person that is willing to hear what I have to say.

To be honest, I really don’t understand blogging or how to build a website. However, my passion to help prepare people that are either lost or deceived about their spiritual lives is so great I feel I must seek to learn the process that I might get my heartfelt passions out for the world to see.

To the best of my ability my opinions will never be shared. I believe that there is one truth and I do not own that truth. The word of God is that truth, we simply must be willing to study and seek that truth.

Truth has nothing to do with a religion, race, culture or denomination. The truth is hidden in scripture and is revealed by God’s spirit to those that possess that self-same spirit. There is only one spirit of God. Therefore we must move beyond our mindsets of religion or denominations and be willing to hear that one spirit when he speaks to out hearts.

This is who I am. I seek no fame or monetary gain only to give any person that is willing to read and seeks to understand the true and living God a chance to do so. I even understand that I can be wrong and, I desire for other people to teach and guide me to the truth in scripture if that is the case.

Therefore, as you read and study behind all the things I might write, allow the Spirit of God to teach you and not simply what I have to say. You, as a reader can also go deeper in the study of God’s word than I can and thereby, become my teacher.


— Marshall Clayton

Each child of God begins as a babe in Christ. The very next day, the second day of your new birth is a time to teach; even if it’s just what happened to you the day before. The second day of our salvation is a measured growth as designed by God the father and, we are able at that point, to call people to God’s glory and to teach new born babes in Christ. It’s never yet been seen what one person totally surrenders to the Spirit of God can do in one lifetime.

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