The Bible says: For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own souls ( Mark 8:36 )

Within the thought process of the average person it is important to become excellent in some field for the purpose of making a living as we go through this life. However, within the very makeup of every person is a God conscienceness. Because of that part that’s built within us we all realize we must depart this world someday and, it is ever before every person.

There are people that speak about this in very different ways, some even deny the very exsistance of God the Father and speaks as though there is nothing beyond the grave.

God has give every person the free will to think and act as they please but, even that doesn’t change the fact of truly what’s within them. We have the ability to make our tongues say whatsoever we chose for them to say. I contend that when the vilest man lays his head on his pillow at night, he knows that at some point ther will be a reconing day whether he chooses to consider the end or not.

We have a choice of what we truly want the most. If we build great things only while living on this earth then we lose it all when we die. However, if we choose to lay our treasures up in heaven where we, if we choose to, can spend eternity with the things we work to gain after we depart this earth.

This is something we must be taught. The things we send before us are all spiritual and probably not for the purpose one might think. We even have to be taught to consider what happens after we die. That is the responsibility of people such as I using scripture to prove all that is being said. My intention is to do just that. All in time.

Pastors and teachers have the awesome responsibility to prepare you, as a student. If we graduate high school and go to a university to further our education In a specific field, then we expect to have credentials to verify what we have accomplished and the end of our training. In this life, as we pursue the things we are passionate about, that’s the way it works. We trust our professors to prepare us on day one for all we need to know, we even continue to learn about the changing aspects of our field as we go through our lives.

In a general Church setting that is also the responsibility of our spiritual leaders. We have to be taught that when this life ends at what we call death; it actually just the beginning. On that day, you begin either, life eternal or death eternal. That aspect of your being has to be confronted. We must deal with and make a choice. Failure to make a choice is actually stating that what you have in this, your present life is all you desire. This is what you want the most.

As a spiritual teacher, failure for me to warn you and try to teach you to get prepared for those days in front of you would be compared to a professor in a university not properly teaching you to be prepared in the field you seek. My passion demands that I at least try to help you see your spiritual need, to seek to change what you think you desire the most. The Apostle Paul puts it this way: ( 1 Thessalonians 2:19 ) For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?

What he is saying here is that you as a born again believer, one that he had the privilege to lead to Christ, standing before him on that day is what he finds joy in, that’s what he wants the most.

The Apostle Paul was educated in the religious field, he also knew other trades but when he was born into the family of God, he still taught, worked at his other trades for a living but his passion changed and he sought to prepare people to stand before God, in a way that was pleasing to God the Father.

What do you want the most? God’s desire is to change you desire and to use you for his glory. He deals with the heart of mankind through the passionate teaching and preaching of his word. As he speaks to you, you decide, seek to follow him. One day you’ll be glad you did.

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