In the spiritual realm; what does that mean? I don’t even know that ( believism ) is a real word however, that phrase was coined a few years ago and I believe it became a well known practice by many Churches without even realizing it.

So, I’m not an advocate of ( Christian education ) not in the higher learning class such as the colleges and universities. I say that as a man that has no formal education. Many might think I need to be taught proper writing and English skills. You, might be right but, when it comes to a spiritual education we must be very careful who is doing the teaching and why. As we get into what this term is actually doing you might see why I say that.

Just as we see in secular education, our colleges and universities have become institutions of basic indoctrination into political beliefs, so have the main stream religious schools streamlined what they teach and their main focus is not on teaching students to hear what the spirit of God has to teach them.

There was a time when you could clearly see a difference in the basic doctrines of every denomination but now they are all somewhat the same with just minor differences. The difference has more to do with what they will allow from a physical standpoint rather than any doctrinal argument.

I see this as all stemming from what I’m calling ( easy believism ). Because of this, there is no argument about doctrinal stands or what spiritual truth is or,how God might truly see how we live in the flesh.

The argument! In reality, the man in a Church setting; standing behind the pulpit represents, ( absolute truth ), as present by the Holy Spirit of God. Every person within that building is seen as wrong and, needing to conform to that truth. That is the argument. It is between God the Father and our sinful flesh.

This is a good verse to make this point ( Isaiah 1:18 ) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though you’re sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Easy believism is the ability to get people to say they believe in Jesus Christ. At the time this belief was started someone might go out on the street and ask someone if the were saved, do you believe in Jesus Christ? If that person answered no, then the spokesman would give them a little scripture and ask if the would like to be saved, if the answer was yes then they would pray. That person then became another number of people that was led to the Lord that week. Did that person actually get saved? Now, we basically do the same process in all our Churches. Once any person goes through the motion of saying they believe, joining Church and being baptized, there is never a question about whether any change is made or they are never challenged beyond that point. In most cases now, if you are in good standing with the Church you are a member of then, you are considered pleasing to God the Father.

Look at this verse of scripture: ( Galatians 4:19 ) My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,

Now, look at verse ( 20 ) I desire to be present with you now, and to change my voice; for I stand in doubt of you.

Where did we get the idea that being born again is an easy thing? Believing in Jesus Christ is an easy thing but, that in itself is not salvation.

When we consider ( easy ) let’s start here with the messenger. The actual person that has a duty or burden to help another person see their need to be saved, to be born again. The very first thing the messenger has to accomplish is to bring a person to the knowledge that they are worthless and without hope in the body of flesh they live in. The truth is, you are a sinner, lost without God and there is nothing good about you. There is no reason that God should care for you and just as you are; hell should be and will your eternal home. The messenger has the responsibility to bring every lost person that is a candidate for salvation to the knowledge of those absolute facts, according to God’s word. The first goal of the messenger is to bring the sinner to the knowledge of his lost condition.

The ability or power of any person boldly doing that is not easy and, above that, it takes the spirit of God to cause the sinner to see what the messenger is seeking to relay to him. The Apostle Paul used the analogy of ( travailing in birth ). It’s not many women that I know if asked, will tell you that child bearing is an easy task. In order for a child to be born, that pain is going to have to be faced.

Easy believism seeks to have spiritual birth without the messenger having to face any pain. Let’s take it as step further. The Apostle Paul says ( until Christ be formed in you ). Once a mother goes through the pain of child bearing, isn’t that just the beginning? The Apostle Paul even says here that, because of what he is seeing ( he stands in doubt of them ).

I like to point out that ( the Church ) is the mother of salvation. The messenger is the pastor that is willing to stand and bear the pain if necessary, saying all that needs to be said to help the sinner see his lost condition. The Church he pastors supports all that he says and, once new birth happens the Church takes that babe in Christ under her wing and spiritually nurtured that child to spiritual maturity.

When it comes to true salvation; can I prove or make you see the point I’m making? I’m willing to try.

The way I would choose to bring true salvation to light would be like this. True salvation has a beginning, a present and a future. Easy believism only shows you the beginning. The Apostle Paul makes two statements: ( I want to change my voice ) and ( until Christ be formed in you).

Seeking to utilize what he’s says in these two quotes; he is considering that their salvation has already begun, it had its beginning.

The Apostle Paul, being the messenger paid the price and convinced these people that they were sinners, there was nothing about them that pleased God and, in their sinful state, without the blood of Christ, hell would be their eternal home. These people had been born again, in that; they had given up their right to be themselves and, had began the process of dying to themselves and becoming new creatures in Christ Jesus.

The Apostle Paul left this work, he gave the pastor of that work the responsibility now to ( form Christ in them ). He says ( I want to change my voice ) meaning he’s upset with what little change he sees in these people.

Just because we say we have ( Christ in us ) does not mean we are all he desires for us to be. The preaching of God’s word in power has a transforming power. It causes us to die to ourselves daily and become more like Christ. We become willing servants to the voice and will of God. This is the challenge of the pastor, to preach with that power, to bring about that change in you. It’s never ending, the burden is constant and if he is where God desires for him to be then, he will not be satisfied until ( Christ be formed in you ).

Being born again is ( past tense) but ( present tense) would be, the pastor , the Church ever pressing you to die more to yourself and allow Christ to rule and reign in your mortal body.

In a Church setting, from the most spiritually mature to the babe in Christ, just when you think you are where Christ wants you to be spiritually then the pastor, the voice piece of God the Spirit; jerks the rug out from under your feet, giving you another spiritual challenge, something else to give up in you flesh. After every service, you head home, challenged pressed to be more like Christ. ( UNTIL CHRIST BE FORMED IN YOU ).

The preaching of God word is ( THE CHANGING OF HIS VOICE ). It’s passion, desire, burden.

The Bible says this of Jesus Christ. ( Isaiah 50:7 ) For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.

Can you imagine that? Such determination to carry out God’s will and no thought of his own. A true pastor’s heart is this intent, bound and determined to prepare every person in his charge to the exact spiritual place God would have them be. His mindset is: if you are in my Church, you will be prepared to stand before God one day.

Then, if we consider ( future tense) salvation it would be actually standing before Jesus Christ as your savior, prepared to do so because your Church, your pastor willingly paid a price to see that come to pass.

There’s nothing easy about true salvation. Even Jesus Christ in the garden prayed for God the father to let the cup pass from him. ( Luke 22:42 ) Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Jesus Christ gave up his self to do the will of the Father, are we to do less? Just as God did not allow the cup to pass from his Son, Jesus Christ meaning that his death on Calvary was needed for true salvation to happen.

You pastor, your Church has the cup of responsibility laid upon them and it will not pass from them. If they do not take on that responsibility then that is not God’s will; they walk away from the will of God and left sinners in the hands of an angry God.

Jesus, in his flesh could have walked away, the Apostle Paul could have, the man that preached the gospel to me, could have, even I can. However, each of these people made a choice to suffer, to pay what ever price necessary that salvation might truly come to sinners.

As you go to your Church next Sunday, you know what’s in your heart; whether you are truly born again or not, you know whether you are dying to yourself and yielding to Christ but, every other person in that building is a potential candidate for salvation, you can’t see their heart.

We need, while recognizing that we cannot judge any man, show concern for their spiritual growth. We must push and seek to raise the spiritual attitude of every person, acknowledging the fact that ( Christ needs to be formed ) in every person. The possibility that each person is not saved is real and, should cause a true believer to be burdened for those people. We must understand that those same people are looking at you and wondering, with concern about your salvation.

In the average Church setting, from the pastor to the people, if this is not the case then, ( easy believism ) more than likely rules in your Church.

I’m asking you: do you know Jesus Christ as you savior? Have you been born again? I ask, simply because I care. Are you dying daily to your will and, allowing him to be seen in you? I asked because I’m concerned.

The fact that we live in a corrupt, sin cursed world and can be deceived is real.

Easy believism is simply man making you feel good about yourself and actually closes your eyes to the true will of God for your life. God wants you to go far beyond the voice of man and truly seek to hear the voice of God the father. When all is finished and we stand before him, you’ll be glad you did.

4 thoughts on “EASY BELIEVISM

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