There are four books we call the gospels in the Bible. They are the first four books in the New Testament. Each of these four books; while being interwoven reveal Jesus Christ in a different light. The gospel of Matthew reveals Jesus Christ as the ( King of the Jews ). The gospel of Mark reveals Jesus Christ as the ( Servant of man ) . Luke reveals Jesus Christ as the ( Son of man ) and the good John reveals Jesus Christ as the ( Son of God ).

As we look into the phrase Jesus said to Nicodemus in ( John 3:7 ) he is saying it as the Son of God. It is a spiritual statement to which Nicodemus, like many can’t understand. Since Jesus made this spiritual statement, now he must teach the concept that he is speaking of.

Not only is this statement to Nicodemus but every person must have this same experience if they intend to, as we say:( go to heaven ) when they leave this earth.

While being born again is a choice, it’s also more than just a choice. Many people live within the mindset that simply saying they ( believe in ) Jesus Christ is being born again. Many of the Churches, by the way they present Jesus Christ also leave the impression that ( believing in ) Jesus Christ is all any person needs to do.

If we make a simple observation here, just in the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus; we can see my point. Nicodemus, standing and speaking with Jesus, can we agree on the fact that he ( believed in ) Jesus Christ? He would have a hard time denying his existence.

Nicodemus looking at Jesus in the flesh, was also hearing what he was saying in the flesh. If you will notice he even says; how can this be, can a man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?

We know from scripture that Nicodemus also was around when Jesus was crucified and rose again. ( John 19:39 ) And there came also Nicodemus, which at first came to Jesus by night, and brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred pound weight.

We see these things but, all this does not mean that he was born again. It’s possible he was but, if so it goes beyond simply what we see.

Jesus, as he spoke with Nicodemus taught him of the spirit within him. Actually it had nothing to do with the flesh of Jesus Christ but the spirit that lived within him.

We must be born by that spirit. I realize that Jesus in the flesh didn’t sin did he? The Bible says he knew no sin but, if you could talk to the Pharisees of that day; they said he was a sinner.

In other words, if I, or any person was capable of living like Jesus Christ in his flesh, would that fact get us to heaven?

Often in our Church settings we are left with that as being the born again experience. We, as Church members set, what we consider the legal guidelines for membership in or perspective Churches. If our members live up to those guidelines and, say they believe in Jesus Christ we consider the to be born again In reality, being born again has nothing to do with the lack of sin. When we see ourselves as sinners and, realize we need a savior, something else has to happen.

Jesus said: that which is flesh is flesh but, that which is spirit is spirit.

Before we are born again the very spirit that guides us is flesh, born of the flesh. Being born again is being born or allowing the same spirit that lived in the flesh of Jesus Christ to come into you and replace the spirit that was born of the flesh. Once that spirit lives within you; it’s not that your spirit leaves but rather you now had a spirit within that will help you overcome the weakness of your flesh. It becomes a choice to whom you will serve.

Being born again is, first of all your willingness to ask God the Spirit to come and live within you, realizing that you are a sinner and in need of that spirit. Secondly, God having the power to make that transformation.

Faith is another key. I like to share this Biblical truth when I talk about this. The children of Israel were commanded to bring a lamb to be sacrificed to the high priest. That lamb had to meet certain criteria in order to become that sacrifice. When any one of the families in Israel approached the priest with that lamb; the high priest never looked at the people which brought the lamb. His eyes were on the lamb to be sacrificed, he wanted to make sure that lamb met the criteria in question.

Being born again is me or you placing all we have on Jesus as that lamb that met that criteria. When God the father looks down he only looks at the perfect lamb of God, being Jesus Christ. He doesn’t look at me. He already knows I do not meet the criteria.

My faith, being born again is in that fact. I place my eternal destiny on the perfection of Jesus Christ and that alone.

Another point that can be made here is this. In ( John 1:14 ) the Bible says that the ( word ) was made flesh and dwelt among us.

My faith is in what that word tells me. When this world is in fire; I’ll be standing on that word which is Jesus Christ.

Have you been born again? Do you know him? Has his spirit been born in you?

Marvel not at the things that I say; ye must be born again.

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