What is ( Church ) anyway? I’m not a politician. I also try to stay away from any political views I might have because my heart is to fight a battle for the souls of men. I choose my battles. If I win a ploitical battle but, in the process lose an opportunity to witness to someone about their need for Jesus Christ then, I’ve won the wrong battle.

The whole concept of ( Church ) is about a ( called out ) group of people in every generation. The concept is passed from generation to generation. The people that are members of the ( concept of Church ) are people that have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. These people have gained the knowledge that ( they are without hope ) ( they are sinners ) in need of ( a Savior ). They realize that Jesus Christ is their only hope. In other words: ( we, as believers ) have seen ourselves for who we are.

The transformation that transpires within our hearts causes us to forget who we are and, commit to becoming all that Jesus Christ desires for us to be. Actually, it doesn’t matter what name you might place on ( the Church ). What denomination you are called by. If you claim membership to a Church, that, in itself is making a statement.

If you are in politics and, claim membership to a Church then, if you do not live up to a standard set by Christ Jesus then, you do a disservice to the very name of the Church you represent. I completely realize that any person that makes the chioce to go into politics are no different that I, as a person am. Therefore, I stand on the principle that once I claim Christ as my Savior, become a member of a Church then my desire to never do anything to cause that Church or, the name of Christ to be looked down upon.

The Apostle Paul said this about a man that was living ungodly but, claimed membership to a Church. ( 1 Corinthians 5:5 ) To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

Actually, the Church was putting up with this ungodliness. He was actually scolding the Church for not doing something about this lifestyle. He was instructing to Church to pray that this man might die, being more concerned about his spirit than he was his flesh.

( I personally believe ) that their are members of every denomination that love Jesus Christ. They love the Church and, know exactly what I mean as I say the things that I say. They are greatly botherd by the actions of people that seek to use the Church for their benefit and, cannot see to real value of walking in God’s Spirit to edify ( the Church ) and Jesus Christ above all the things in this world.

( Job 32: 18 ) For I am full of matter: the spirit within me constraineth me. God’s Spirit is placed in every heart that is truly born again. If that spirit does not constrain you from living in sin then, it’s very possible ( God Spirit is not in you ). Although you profess to be a member of ( the Church ) you are not.

I see myself ( for who I am ). In my flesh I cannot be pleasing to God, his son, Jesus Christ and, the Church, the true Church that is in this world but, not of the world. The Spirit of God within me causes me to care for my fellow man, to live above my sin and to do my best to exalt Jesus Christ.

Is that same Spirit within you? to whom do you seek to please?

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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