I often seek to inform people that when it comes to the Word of God; we, being in the flesh are not teachers, we are simply vessels. As vessels we can choose to truly seek and reveal truth or, we can become ( vessels of dishonor ). ( 2 Timothy 2:20 ) But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.

When men seek to teach the Word of God apart from the presence of the Holy Spirit within them, they become ( vessels of dishonor ). The ability to yield ourselves to the Spirit of God is absolutely a must when it comes to understanding and sharing his truth.

We live, at this present time in the ( Age of Grace ). it’s called ( the Church Age ). In other words, we have Church. Therefore, how do we know or understand from the word of God, what is to or, for the Church, what is for or, to Israel and then to, the lost and dying of this world?

( As a vessel ) that truly desires to be used by the Spirit of God; I’ll share with you what I ( I believe ) and you can take it from there. ( I believe ) and stand on the fact that the understanding of the ( Book of Acts ) is a necessity to be able to seperate scripture and rightly divide the word of truth. The Church as we know it had its beginning in ( Acts two ). What Jesus taught the diciples in the gospels actually unfolds in the chapters of the Book of Acts. Even the man that is responsible for laying a firm foundation for the Church upon the foundation laid by Jesus Christ, the prophets and apostles is seen in the Book of Acts.

When I say ( firm foundation ) I mean how the Church is governed, the precepts that are to be taught and guidelines of the leadership within that organism. The Church is a living organism, it grows and reveals the true knowledge of God the Father. ( The Church ) has nothing to do with any building but, it lives within the heart of those that allows the Spirit of God to live and, act out his will within ( their vessel ).

Another thing I often say is this; if you look inside of a mechanical clock you will see wheels that have different sizes of teeth on them, some very small and some very wide apart. Far too often, when it comes to understanding, studying God’s word; we are more apt to act like a wheel in that clock with wide teeth. In other words, we try to understand a chapter instead of breaking it down to single words and, spending time on one single word within a single verse. We need to be more like a wheel within that Clock to has the most teeth on it.

If you will study ( The Book of Acts ) it will take you to every part of the Word of God if it’s studied correctly. I attempt to teach the ( Book of Acts ) on my blog. Remember, I’m just a vessel. If you read the things I say, them it’s up to the Spirit of God to reveal truth to what is said.

In closing, God calls vessels. Each of those vessels has a choice to make. Do I desire to be a ( Vessel of Honor ) or, a ( Vessel of Dishonor )? When we add to that; the many people that have chosen to be ( wolves in sheep clothing ) meaning, they do not have the Holy Spirit within them. They simply chose to preach, teach or pastor for a profession. With all these options, it becomes a challenge to find a man that truly seeks to teach truth.

If you will study the Apostles Paul’s letters to the Churches and, read in ( Revelation 1-3 ) about what Jesus Christ says to the Churches you will see that almost as soon as a man established truth in every Church; then, when he left. false teaching crept in.

My desire is to be a ( Vessel of Honor ) for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As I write, speak and share, it’s very important to me to be known as one that seeks truth. Will I always be correct, probably not but, my heart is to be taught by the Holy Spirit of God and, to share what he has to say and not what ( I believe ) or, my opinion.

Again, when you stand before God, you’ll stand alone. That is, without me, any pastor or teacher. The best we can do is seek the presence of the Holy Spirit in our Lives and, allow Jesus Christ to be our advocate on that day. ( He is the only one that truly matters )!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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