Early in the morning on December 4, 2020 one of God’s chosen vessels feel asleep on this earth, from his body of flesh and, awoke in the presence of Jesus Christ; the one that died for his sins on the Cross of Calvary.

This was a man loved by many people and, was a blessing to many; specially his family. My wife and I went to bed last night about 10:30 pm. Neither of us could sleep and, we both got back up, sit and talked a few minutes. About 3:30 am or so we got the news that he had passed. I know that for many, this might seem strange but, with that knowledge, I, as a former pastor began to preach his funeral, even as I lay in my bed.

I can’t say for certian but, I suppose every man that has God’s Spirit within him and, a desire to allow that Spirit to speak goes throught the same process of thought as God stirs within his heart. I’d like to share my thoughts with those that might choose to listen.

As I considered how much of a loss this must be to a loving wife, loving children, grandchildren and every person, including me that loved this man, I also thought! Everytime he and I would come together for even just a few minutes; our conversation would always turn to Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

As I considered the loss of this man, it’s almost like God’s Spirit stopped me in my tracks and begin to show me the gain ( ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE ). We’re all in our flesh, we all are very weak through the very flesh we live in. Because of this, we grieve at the loss of very special and,.important people in our lives. It’s like a part of us has also died, especially for a wife and children. That is very understandable.

However, consider the life of this man! Do you realize that there are millions of people that die, some of them very rich but, leave this world without one spiritual attribute for their families, not one. Look at what his man left. He left his family with a legecy of a great love for Jesus Christ, a passion for his word that reached out and touched people all around him, including me. The very lips of clay he had was a mouthpiece for Jesus Christ, he continually searched for and taught truth.

In our flesh, we never want to lose anyone that can show love for family, Church, a Sunday School class and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In our fleshly minds we need this man to continue with us. However, if we are of any age at all, we understand that death come upon all men. With this knowledge, let me try and explain what happens to a ( Godly, spirit filled man ). At some point and time a sinner sees himself for who and what he is. With his gained knowledge of Jesus Christ; he asked Jesus to come into his heart and to be his savior. The day that; that transformation takes place, no person is Godly in their flesh. In the case of a Godly person, someone that chooses to study God’s word and slowly ( die ) to themselves, they are transformed by the very spirit of God within them to all that God desires for them to be. As a ( Godly man’s ) body slowly deteriorates, the Man within him grows stronger and stronger.

What you see before you is an empty shell, a body that housed the very God of this universe. When the God we serve was finished with this body, when this body had fulfilled his purpose, the man within this empty shell,went to his heavenly home. We knew him and loved him in his physical capacity, but what all had he become? I got news for you friends. If this man would have continued like he was before he met Jesus Christ, you probably wouldn’t have liked him very much. What you loved is what he ws in Jesus Christ. Amen?

I want you to know, that all this man suffered in the end of his life had nothing to do with him, his walk in Christ was concrete. What he went through was all for your benefit, as a matter of fact, his whole life after Christ, being a ( Godly man ) was for your benefit.

I want you to know something else ( He’s not dead ). He is alive forever more. I want you to know something else, what he had within him is still alive and well here! On the morning of ( December 4, 2020 at around 2:00 am, this laid a mantle down at the feet of his wife, his daughters and his son in laws. As a man that loved this man, I charge you this day to ( PICK IT UP )! He also laid this same mantle down at the feet of his Sunday School class. In my heart, every member of that Sunday School class should be fighting over which one of them will take his place.

This man left you something far greater than a body of flesh, he taught you the word of God. he exhibited the Power of God within him as revealed by the very Spirit of God he possessed. He was tired and weary from the struggles of this sin cursed body. For me to seek to deprive him of his victory at this time would be a sin in my flesh. Let me read to you what he is saying to you right now. ( 2 Timothy 4:6-7 ) For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. ( 7 ) I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Now, let’s finish it. ( Verse 5 ) But ( you, the people I hand my mantle to )( watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of your ministry.

The mantle he left is to be carried on, passed on until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His job is finished, your’s has just begun, that is, as for now as the work in Christ he began.

God grants us ( a time to mourn ) ( a time to rest ) however, the battle didn’t end at the death of this saint. At some point we must pick up the mantle he laid down, that mantle is the blood stained banner of Jesus Christ. The people he taught, he loved and help bring to this day in his life must be willing to continue his work all for the Glory of God.

Written to and for people I love

Marshall Clayton

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