In considering this topic we should first define what ( crony ) is. ( A CLOSE FRIEND OR COMPANION ). ( The Church ) when I say that; I mean the true Church. Can it be cronies with the religious world in any form? If you follow me on my blog, you know that on the site I’m seeking to teach through the book of ( Acts ). I haven’t written or added to that section in a while but, I believe I’ve finished ( Chapter 5 ). I get bogged down often with simple things in scripture that many people simply overlook. Therefore It takes me a while to teach through a book. Also, I’ve limited time and I also enjoy writing things of this sort.

With that being said; in the first few chapters of ( Acts ) we see something there that is very important as concerning ( being cronies ) with religion. The new born Church in ( Acts ) completely withdrew themselves from the ( Religious crowed ) at that time. What they actually told them was this: ( Acts 4:19-20 ) But Peter and John answered and said unto them. Whether it be right in the sight of God to harken unto you more than unto God, judge ye., ( 20 ) For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.

If you read there you will see that all the people that believed agreed with Peter and John. Therefore, they seperated themselves from the religious people of that day. If we consider this, they didn’t want to hear from God ( second hand ) filtered through what someone else thought or desired for them to hear.

Now, with that being said, look at this verse: ( John 10:27 ) My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they know me. To Jesus Christ; you are very personal to him. He says, you; as one of his sheep, hear what he speaks to you. He says ( you know him ) and ( he knows you ).

What happens to us, we become clones or cronies of pastors, Churches, religious organizations. These clonies become very pleased with us and, we’re pleased with them. However, where is Jesus Christ in that picture?

Believe it or not, Jesus Christ only deals, speaks to individuals. By design, our local Church has one pastor. By design, that one pastor stands and speaks what God’s Spirit tells him to speak. By design, each person in the congregation hears what that spirit has spoken to him or her and, by design, each person has a choice to either yield to or, reject what that spirit has to say. By design, if that one person hears what that spirit said, he or she grows thereby and, becomes more like Jesus Christ, not the Church, not the pastor, not another member but, just like Jesus Christ desires for them to be at that time.

Each born again believer grows at a different speeds, or levels, as designed by God, for that individual. One of the most overwhelming things I hear from many Church members to is ( God doesn’t care how I dress ). Actually, when that statement is made, what they are actually saying is ( the clonies I follow doesn’t care how I dress ) and, they are exactly right; they have been croned to that sect of people. There is actually not one thing about your earthly walk that God dosen’t desire to change. If we will become willing to hear him as he speaks, we’ll find that out.

Do you realize that every ( Christian religion ) uses the Bible as their guideline? I’m going to use a metaphor here. In one match, there’s enough fire to burn many acres with the fire within that one match. However, if it’s not ( striked ) it’s worthless. If it is controlled it can be ( striked ) but, it will barely burn itself. The word of God is the same way. The word of God is just a book. It is nothing unless it is ( set on fire ) by the Holy Ghost of God. That fire starts in one person, it’s carried by the voice of that one person to those that hear ( that person ) or the ( Spirit within ) that person, and spreads like a wild fire.

People that are caught up in ( Clony Religion ) and croned will never grow beyond where the people in control of that religion allows them to grow. If we will simply learn to drop to our knees ( as individuals ) even one that might not know Jesus Christ. Simply, by faith ask the Lord to ( teach me ) even about your ( free salvation ) and then allow God’s Spirit to; day by day, instruct you in his will for you and, day by day become a spiritual giant for the Golry of God.

We must realize that ( God the Father ) only speaks to individuals by his Spirit. We must be ( one of his Sheep ). We must never allow ourselves to be cloned or croned by anything or person other than ( The Holy Spirit ) Of God.

He, desires that we be like him as we walk in our flesh.

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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