As individuals we’re born, we grow up, we become educated, we marry have children and do our jobs. Most of us never consider just how accountable we are for the very actions we take. For most of us the biggest oath we ever take is our marriage vows.

That one vow, while not looked at as very important is seen by the God of this universe as a ( God fearing ) and binding oath.

Personally, I believe that many things we are; in the lives, we live ( is an oath ) that we take. That comes without words. for instance, as a man, I stand before a pastor or an official.the They have the authority to marry my fiancé and I. On that day, it doesn’t matter what words I say; if an oath hadn’t happened already in my heart, my words are worthless.

Every person as they grow, even as children, we become responsible, accountable to God the Father. And, as time moves forward, depending on the careers we chose, it’s possible we become even more accountable.

This whole article came about in my heart because of what I see today in journalism in the United States of America.

Personally, I believe that journalists and the pastor in your Church have exactly the same accountability to God the Father. They both will stand before God and be judged accordingly. Where the pastor has the tremendous responsibility to give spiritual truth and, to prepare those he speaks to for what is ahead, what he sees coming to those that are spiritual, the journalist has the same responsibilities to, not only the spiritual but all people, sharing truth and preparing every person for the dangers he or she sees. They both give us knowledge to enable us to make wise choices as we go th through our lives.

For either pastors or journalists not to take that seriously is for them to place judgement upon themselves. The oath they take ( IS AN OATH WITHOUT WORDS ) and that, even if they take an oath of words.

In ( Ezekiel 33: 1-6 ) we see a ( WATCHMAN ON A WALL ). I don’t know who the watchman was but, it doesn’t matter. The warning to him is the same.

Supposedly, a pastor or journalist stand on ( the top of a wall ). They have the ability to see things average people cannot.

Their responsibility is to watch for trouble and sound a trumpet to alert the people about what they see. That enables people to have a choice about the decision that have to make.

When people under their watch are left oblivious to the truth and the dangers then;they are left in ignorance not making wise decisions. That causes them to hurt themselves because of not knowing how to make wise choices.

This is the highest platform I have. I’m not the pastor of a Church or a member of the news media. But from this platform I send this warning!

Any pastor, from the platform he has that will not warn the people around him of the place called ( HELL ). The place that people go to because of rejecting Jesus Christ and his shed blood is placing himself in a position of judgement and, that before God.

As we watch scripture unfold before you very eyes in the days we live, as we see the signs of Christ returning for his Church, if you don’t point out these things, helping your people prepare for that day then you, as pastor will be accountable for your actions!

As a journalist, you have a very high platform, a very high place on the wall of this world. When you hide truth, the truth of what you know from the people you can talk to, you can warn then you will be accountable to God the Father.

In this world, you might have many powerful friends and, you might gain high places in the circle you live in. However, there is a day coming when all that will pass away in your life, only you and, you alone will stand in front of the God of this universe.

Often, the people that with the smallest platforms speak and,make the wisest statements. They are people that are not influenced by powerful people of this world.

They are also people that no one has to listen to but, pastors and members of the news media might be wise to hear what they have to say.

In closing, truth has no political party, no Church denomination, no friend or enemy, nothing to gain in this world. Its only desire is to prepare other people for eternity.

When we follow men and, when we settle for less than truth then, our father becomes Satan himself.

He knows no love and, cares less for where or how you end up. Please, that heed to the warning! This life will soon pass. However, eternity is forever!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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