What is the true length of any person’s life? What is the spiritual value of that life, no matter what we might think?

God’s word tell us in: ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ) Pray without ceasing. I take that to mean that our hearts should always be in tune to the very voice of God the Father. As we listen, he speaks. As we ponder the things we have on our hearts, the things we seek answers for and, think about even when we are not in a position to pray as in what the normal person might call prayer.

With this in mind, the things I’ll be writing here are a result of my continual search for truth as I go about my daily activities, as God stirs within my heart. As I sit at my computer, with this on my mind; I just got a question asked me about why we don’t worship on Saturday which is the Sabbath? I thougtht, of how we get so caught up in trivial things that we can’t even realize just how powerful God, through his spirit within each born again believer can be.

God’s power is unlimited. He can use people that we would never consider as being someone that would ever be used in any way by God’s Spirit. I never want to minimize God’s power he has within any situation. The bible says in ( Hebrews 11:4 ) By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it ( HE BEING DEAD ) yet speaketh. You can read this in ( Genesis 4 ) how that Cain, the first born of Adam and Eve, killed his younger brother. What we see in Hebrews is that; although he was dead, by his faith, he still spoke. Now, we know that in the natural sense he didn’t speak but the will of God continued, even after he was killed. We can see a spiritual application in that act.

As I’ve lived my life I’ve had the priviledge of speaking at many funerals. It’s always been my desire to allow myself to be used as God would have me used at any time I was asked to speak. After all. what I actually have to say is worthless; unless it is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

One of the toughest funerals as a man; I have ever had to preach is that of a new born child. In my personal opinion, the death of a child that is only two or three years old is very tough to deal with. That being said, any time anyone loses a loved one the very act of standing in front of them and speaking is a challenge. Then, to add the responsibility of saying what God would have you to say makes it much more difficult. However, can you see that the very fact that a man is willing to allow God to speak through him is a very power extention to the voice of the person that has just passed away?

I mentioned children. I once preached a funeral of a child that, in his very short life; never spoke a word. This child’s family was pretty well known and, had many people that were desiring the best for the child. Therefore, when the child died; the Church was filled with people.

As I preached this message I felt impressed to point out that this child was safely in the arms of Jesus Christ. The fact that God considers and allows for people to reach an age where they have the ability to make decisions and choices protects children under the grace of God. I also point out that each person that attended that funeral was there at the calling, ( the voice ) of that Child. I told those people of the need of every person that lives to ask Jesus Christ to be their savior. the need to be born again.

I also told them that, although this baby never spoke a word; every person in that building was their because of that baby. As I preach this message; the convicting power of the Holy Ghost moves out over this congregation, God speaks to hearts, letting them know their need for salvation. It could be, you, as an individual never attend Church but, because of this little baby that never spoke a word, you are hearing the message of salvation.

Because of this one day in time, God will have to wait for the completion of all things to know just how powerful ( the voice of his little baby, that never spoke a word ) was. Can you see that if one person ask Christ to be their savior because of this one service, it’s no telling how many people can be touched by that one person. That, all because this one litle baby died.

I won’t go into the gruesome details of this but, I spoke at a funeral once of a child of a man I worked with. Over a period of time, I had witnessed to him a number of times trying to get him to see his need to be born again. One response that he gave me sticks out in my mind and, I pointed it out to him at that funeral. The told me that ( he hadn’t lost a thing in heaven ). He had no reason to go there.

As I preached that funeral, I stopped, called his name, the very father of that child. As we made eye contact, I told him what he had told me in front of all those people. This is also what I said: ( now my friend; you have a reason to go! )

I have one more funeral to share with you but first; being born again is a very special thing. Men that are willing to be used of God in any circumstance are men that are willing to make ( all things work together for good, for those that love God, to those called according tohis purpose ). Being born again is simply God, by his Holy Spirit showing you that you are a sinner, you acknowledging that fact, by faith, believing that Jesus Christ died and arose again for you, as a sinner. With that knowledge, you ask him into your life that he might be ( born in you ).

Men that truly desire to see people born again realize that a funeral is one of the best times to preach the gospel. At that time, death is right in front of the people there. Those people are very sensitive to that fact. The Bible says this: ( 2 Peter 3:9 ) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any should perish, but all should come to repentance.

AS you read this verse, you look at your life! Most people will have to admit; God has been very longsuffering as we have walked through this time he has given us here. That includes me. I realize better than most that ( I DESERVE HELL ). But, thanks to Jesus Christ and his shed blood for my sin, I don’t have to go.

Being born again is a spiritual starting point. If we are willing to pick up our Bibles, once we are saved and, begin to study, even begin spending a little time in Church; you might just be surprised where you will be in even one year in your walk with Jesus Christ. Spiritually speaking, it’s no difference than the day of your physical birth. From that day to know, just look at what you have learned? One of the most blessed things you will ever learn is to hear God’s Spirit as he speaks to your heart. In other words, you don’t just hear what a preacher says. You learn to, hear what he says and, then allow God’s spirit to weigh what he says with God’s word.

We speak of ( God using people that actually never say a word ). We have seen that in a couple things I have said here. However, I last funeral I was a part of, the man was a little older. About eight months before he passed, a couple and I had the priviledge of witnessing to him and, praying with him while he was in the hospital. There were also a few others in the room with us. Some time; after that day I realized that; although God’s Spirit was moving in the room, he was more concerned about being healed at that time than he was what was happening in that room at that time. That doesn’t mean that God didn’t speak to his heart doe it? He might have spoken to a number of hearts that day. We probably seen that a little later on.

With that being said; about six months later,my with and I had time to talk with him in his home. This conversation was completely of his own making. My wife and I were simply listening to what he had to say. As he began to share some things with us, he began to weep. He told us that a lady had told him about Jesus Christ as a boy. He said he had even ask Jesus into his heart at that time. However, he said that he had never in his life, since he ask Jesus into his heart; even considered living his life for him. He stated that he had always lived and done just as he desire to do. He testified, he had never even considered reading and studying the Bible.

However, someone had given him a Bible and, instructed him to start reading in John. He told us and, as he began talking he begin to cry once again; that as he read , he would stop and pray. He told us that he actually had started to understand who Jesus was. He assured us that he had settled things with Jesus Christ. He also stated that; from that time on, whatever the Lord wanted in his life he had excepted that as his will.

Not long after talking about this, his mother came in. She asked him if he had spoken to me about what he had on his heart? That’s when he asked me to speak at his funeral.

Somewhere around four to five monts later, I did. Now, I told you all of that to say this. This young man, as sick as he was; was actually just a babe in Christ. While the other two actual children I told you about couldn’t talk, although he could, he knew very little about Jesus Christ and, the role a believer has as a follower of him.

How ever, as I spoke, I tried to cause the people there to become an extention of his short lived spiritual life. Just like I said before, if one person at that funeral excepts Christ then God will have to wait until the completion of all things that this one young man can receive all the rewards coming to him.

In closing, every person has a God given right to do whatsoever they please with the life they have and, with the life we each have remaining. I’m reminded of something that I believe will work good here. I personally have two sister that have been dead for around sixty years. After I was born again in ( 1975 ); between then and now, I have visited their graves a couple of times for this express purpose. Just by way of information, these two girls lived about eight weeks a piece and, died about three years apart.

I’ve been to their grave, got on my knees and prayed ( Lord, why? ) Why did they die and I’m still here?AS I knelt there; I ask the Lord to use me on their behalf. Help me not to waste my life. What I have is a blessing, in all the hard times and good times, I’m still able to talk, walk and go about my life. If you can use me to be an extention of the lives of my two sisters, help me to do all I can in my life for your glory.

I don’t have the answers for all that happens in this world. However, this one thing I know; living for Jesus Christ, asking him to be your savior, surrendering your will to him is all a choice. I truly believe that if any one of the people that lived short lives but, believed in Jesus Christ could come back and speak, maybe at their own funeral; every one of them would do their best to make us see just how much a life for Christ is worth. They, every one would encourage us to do all we could, in our lives for his glory!

I wrote this with these funeral on my heart. The people that read this; it’s completely up to you, the choices you make. However, as for me! I desire to be an extention of Jesus Christ for every person that has gone on before me.

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7 ( For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and a sound mind ).

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