( HEBREWS 4:12 )


Last week we looked into the ability of man to inner into the very rest of God. We looked at the verses here ( 4-11 ). In ( verse 11 ) we seen the word ( labor ) and sought to understand what he means by that word. God’s saving grace ( salvation ) is free but, the actual studying of his word takes work and time to gain the rest that he desires for each believer to have. It’s a continual fight between our flesh and the spirit that he has placed within us to teach us and guide us to that rest.

Here, in ( Hebrews 4:12 ) we see what it takes to bring us into that rest. He says here that the word of God is ( quick ). That word means ( alive ). The same word is used in:

( Ephesians 2:1 )

And you hath he quickened, who were dead in tresspasses and sins;

( Quickened ) Each believer has been made alive. We were dead in out trespasses and sins but, when the ( word of God was preached unto us, it did exactly what it says it’s capable of right here in ( Hebrews 4:12 ). Just typically speaking, when God’s word is preached to a sinner that is lost without God in there sin; that word does ( heart surgery ) on the sinner’s heart. It creates a distinction between the spirit of man and, the soul of man.

Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I can’t say I completely understand ( body , soul, and spirit ) and how it all works. However, just in my simple way of putting it, we have a spirit of our own, and, of course we can see our bodies. At the same time we have a soul. Within that soul is were we have a ( God Consciousness ). The problem is, although we realize that fact we live our lives governed by our own spirit, we do as we please and give little thought to waht God desire for us to be and become.

The Bible teaches us that ( our flesh ) is going to return to the ( dust from whence it came ). Therefore, if we live our lives simply pleasing ourselves, following our own spirit, when we die, it all ends at the grave. However, the ( God Consciousnes ) within us desires to be ( quickened ) and to take control of our very being. His desire is that ( His Spirit ) becomes the controlling factor in the believer’s life. We can argue that our sin, the sin in our flesh corrupts the very soul of any of any person that is left to themselves.

If our sin factor in our lives is not put in check you might say then, every lost soul ends up in a ( Devil’s hell ). However, when we are put under conviction by the preaching of God’s word and, we surrender to the very will of God, asking him to come into our heart for salvation then, just like it says; he has the ability to completely seperate our soul and spirit. In a sense, we become two people in the very same flesh. If you will notice, he mentions three sets of things in that one verse. ( soul and spirit ) ( joints and marrow ) ( thoughts and intents ).

Why would you think he would mention the ( joints and marrow )? ( In my opinion ); you can disagree if you like but, our joints is what gives our bodies flexibility, that help is to move. The bone marrow brings life to those joints. Therefore, when God seperates our soul and our spirit. Then, his spirit is the one he desires to be the one that feeds and nourishes our joints, directing our every move. When we are in our natural state, we are led by our own personal will. Our bone marrow, being dictated by our own will tells our joints to go and do as we please. Once God’s Spirit has moved into our being, his will is to feed our joints with a new food being God’s Holy Word.

When we get down to the ( thoughts and intent ), this is where men often misunderstand our motives and the way we might act. Let me give you something to think about. Once you soul and spirit has been ( divided asunder ) by God’s word; can it ever be put back again? Do you think you are strong enough to take it back from God? We could even say that we don’t have the ability to undo the surgery that God has preformed. We didn’t have the ability to fix it the first time and, we don’t have the ability to undo it either.

Once we are born again and, that operation has occurred in our hearts in essence, our appetite changes, we begin to crave the ( meat from God’s word ). If we are feed a healthy meal of God’s word on a reagular basis then, the very spirit of God begins to slowly transform our flesh into what he desires for us to be. What happens it that man within us is not fed?

Before I get into this I’d like to point out that we can’t see what has happened in the heart of man with our naked eye. We can see how people live, how they act,and, what they do but, we still can’t see what has actually happened within.

So, if you forget about yourself and look at some people you know. First of all, people ( you believe ) by what you see that they are truly born again. What you are seeing is a person that is allowing ( the God man ) within their body to feed their ( Joints and marrow ). It is so powerful that you can see God in their lives. However, you still can’t see the actual ( surgery ) that ( you believe ) has taken place in their heart can you?

Secondly, Let’s look at someone that you know that has been down to an alter, said they were saved but, you cannot see salvation in their lives. Does that mean that ( the surgery ) hasn’t taken place, simply based on what you can see? No it doesn’t! It’s very possible that this person is saved as well, this person just hasn’t been fed the spiritual food they need to allow the ( God man ) within him to grow. It could be just as real to say that the first person is simply putting on a show and, not actually born again.

Do you remember ( the thoughts and intents ) of the heart? What we can’t see and say for certain, God can! The word of God instructs us not to judge. I, as a man in my flesh can say that it’s much easier for me to say that a person that ( acts like God ) is saved rather than to see salvation in a person that doesn’t act the part but, the point is still the same.

If we leave this verse in the context of rest as it is written, can you see that ( the rest ) that any person has is simply within themselves and not something that can be seen by man? As a man that is ( born again ) I have that rest within me! I know that that ( surgery ) has taken place in my heart. You, as an individual has to find that rest within yourself and, with or without the approval of the people around you.

In closing, I’ll share this story. I’ve told this many times. I went to visit a man once on visitation. When I drove up, he was standing in his yard. I walked up and introduced myself and, we begin to talk. During the converstion, I asked him if he were a born again believer in Jesus Christ? When I said that, he began to weep. This is what he said:

Preacher, four years ago in a little Church one night during revival, God drawed great conviction on my heart, I went down to the alter and gave my heart to Christ, i want you to know that for some time after that; I truly tried to walk with Christ. However, This liquor has got me and, it will kill me!

I want you to know that this man was completely resting in Christ. He was settled on the fact that he was born again but, realized as a man that his flesh we sinful and he was losing that battle over his flesh.

Now, was this man saved? All he is saying is that there has been a ( surgery ) within his heart. A seperation had taken place between his ( souls and his spirit ). He, just like me was a man that was completely unworthy of the grace of God. At the same time, God knew the ( thoughts and intents ) of his heart.

If we as people that are born again are going to place our faith in Jesus Christ then, we must realize that none of us are worthy of his grace. It is simply the grace of God ( I am what I am ). I can sit here and tell you all kinds of things that I am not but, It’s one thing that ( I Know ) for certain! ( I am still a hell deserving sinner ). The only difference in me and any other sinner is that I have had ( the surgery ) done on my heart that only God can perform! That simple operation is the only thing that seperates any of us from our journey to hell or heaven and, it must be done by God!

I preached that man’s funeral when he died. I told that story at his funeral. As I finished, his son came to me and told me, when you gave to alter call, I almost came to the alter. Just a few years ago, his son died of the very same problem. As I say these things, I can’t say where either one of them are today can I? Only God knows and, only they as individuals knew!

Has God performed that needed surgery on your heart? Have you been born again?

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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