What is the difference in ( clinical depression ) and ( depression )? Is there an answer to that question that can be clearly defined and why? I’ve somewhat researched both terms and as far as I can see the only difference is that one is constant ( clinical depression ) and, the other temporary ( depression ). That means it can come and go. The word ( depression ) as defined means: feelings of severe despondency and dejection. ( Synonyms ) misery, saddness, unhappiness, sorrow.

Therefore, according to doctors there is no clearly defined reason for this problem. I, just as an individual can clearly see how any person’s mind, their very inner being can be disturbed just like any other part of our frail bodies. If a person lives a life that is basically healthy, does all the right things, exercises, eats heathhy foods but, the same peraon get heart disease, liver problems, diabetes and any other problem known to exist, our minds can be the very same way. That’s simply because we are all imperfect people.

There is two other terms we hear today. ( Maniac Depression ) and ( Bipolar ). Both of these are actually defined as the same. ( A mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression ).

As we look at those things, one of the greatest problems is, we can clearly see other diseases. We can see the reason they occur and, in a lot of cases we can take a medicine to correct them.

I, myself have been married twice. My first wife which has now passed away was diagnosed as ( Bipolar ) and ( Maniac Depression ) in the early years of our marriage. Therefore, I know first hand what it can be like to live with those things.

I also once had a pastor friend that said this: I use to preach from my pulpit that if people would just get right with God, depression would be gone, He said he preached that until his wife was diagnosed with ( Clinical Depression ).

Often, men and women can be very hurtful when we don’t understand! I want you to consider this:

( John 11:21 )

Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.

Can you hear a form of depression in that statement? I can! However, even in that statement, look what she says in the very next verse:

( John 11:22 )

But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

Now we know that particular depression was temporary don’t we? We know that because Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. If we were to make that a ( spiritual application ), we can see the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The people of Israel knew he was the King of the Jews, the Messiah; at least those that believed. When he died on Calvary, we can see ( depression ) on most or all of his disciples. However, he return, being raised from the grave. Although they were excited and revived from depression, they still didn’t understand it all.

On the day of Pentacost when ( his Spirit ) came down, there was a transformation of their understanding! It might have taken a while for them to mature but, now they had the very life of Christ within them.

This brings us back to ( depression ) and ( Clinical depression ) that is, any way you might choose to describe it. Being Maniac or Bipolar or just depressed.

Being ( born again ) and being ( depressed ) have a relative point. Just as no other person in this world can see the ( circumcision ) that took place in my heart by ( God’s Holy Spirit ) other than by what they see in our lifes; no other person in this world can tell what kind of depression you have. That is ( other than the one person ) that has either, salvation or depression.

To the best of my understanding, there is a test they can give you to see if you have a chemical imbalance in your body, I don’t know that for sure. But, let’s say they can. Can they also give you ( a medical chemical ) to resolve the issue like they do with other physical problems?

My only reason for pointing this out is because, whether we like it or not, it becomes a very personal problem. Only you as an individual can decide what is real about you. The doctors confess they ofton don’t understand the reason for ( what they call ( clinical depression ).

As a man that has lived there, as a born again believer, I can tell you some things that I’ve witnessed with my own eyes. I know that ( in our flesh ) we love having our way! There is absolutely no difference in ( me desiring something and, not being able to have it ) and ( me having something I want to get rid of and can’t ). Both is all about bringing us down into a depressed state.

Often we are depressed simply because we can’t have our way! Did it ever occur to you that Jesus Christ is the only man that ever lived on this earth that never had one thing just as he desired it! The very battle between our flesh and God’s Spirit that lives within any person that is born again can bring about ( great depression ) if we are not willing to submit to his leadership in our lives. Again, I say, only you can decide where you, as an individual. That is, whether it falls on your physical condition or, your spiritual condition.

Let’s say your doctor tells you are clincally depressed. Is he not speaking as a man? What if your doctor simply looked at you and said: ( you have a spiritual problem ). Would just as readily except that and build on it as you are willing to listen to his diagnosis of you being Clinically depressed? What if he told you, you just need to grow up, take on adult responsibilities and meet your life head on. Would you be just as willing to hear that diagnosis as the one of clinical depression?

Often, the real medicine we need to fix our problems, we reject because we simply can’t have our way if we except that as the answer. For instance: what did it take for me to be bprn again? For me to be born again, I had to come to the end of myself, see myself as worthless, no good. I had to look at Jesus Christ and say, just as I am, I cannot help myself. However, I completely believe you can! Salvation is all about dying to self! Guess what? Dead people don’t hurt!

Many people might take this as being hard but, I’m not, I’m simply trying to get you to see that ( only you ) can say for sure, about many things in your life. In many cases concerning these things a doctor can no more say for certain what your problem might be than your pastor can say for sure you are born again. They don’t know, they simply know what you say.

I’ll say this in closing. If you looked straight in my eyes and said: I don’t believe you are born again! The fact that you said that to me would not bother me at all. Why? Because I know what I am, I have confidence in my total salvation! I, myself have a ( heart condition ) that, verified by my doctor. If you looked straight at me and said, you don’t have a problem with your heart, I believe you are lying. Just the same! That would not bother me at all. Why? Because I know the truth.

As you read all I had to say about ( Christians and depression ). If you know, within your heart that you have ( Clinical Depression ) you are a ( Maniac Depressant ) or ( Bipolar ) then all I had to say won’t bother you even a little, Why? Because you know the truth.

I am a pastor, preacher. If I look straight into your eye and say this: I don’t think you are saved, you have never been born again. If you know what you are, then that fact won’t bother you even a little. Why? Because you know the truth. Only those that will not except truth are bothered by ( the truth ).

Can you except your truth? Can you come to a resolve about who you truly are and, if it can be fixed, are you willing to take the medicine that’s available to make you whole? ( Only you ) can answer that question! Many people won’t except the diagnosis of one doctor, they’ll ask for a second opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. However, how many opinios do you need? Are you going to keep looking until you find a preacher, pastor, doctor, friend, maybe even an enemy to say what you desire to hear or, are you willing to hear truth?

There are many families, wives, husbands, even friends that face very difficult lives because of the desire for one family member or person being so bound and determinesd to have things like they want them to be! Often in, no win situations.

Selfishness in the heart of a person is completely contrary from all the ( the born again experience ) is all about. I went to visit a man with cancer a while back, a member of our Church. I was concerned about his salvation. It turns out, he was born again, I was glad to hear it. As we sit on the porch, his wife come out the door. She looked straight at me and said, I don’t want a preacher, a baptist peracher talking to my husband, I want you to leave. It took a few minutes but we got that settled.

She was on medicine for depression. What I couldn’t understand was; what did the fact that I was a preacher or Baptist have to do with me being there? If I would have walked up drinking a beer and using God’s name in vain, would that have mattered? Would that have been alright within a depressed state of mind? ( I say ) often it is a spiritual problem rather than a physical one!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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