Nehemiah 4:17


If you will read this book in the Bible you will see that Nehemiah had been given permission by the king to go and visit Jerusalem and the walls around it. The people of Israel were in captivity and he hadn’t seen his hometown in years. When he returned the king could see in his face that he was disturbed and, that king gave him permission to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.

In the verse we wrote it says this: (AND THEY THAT BARE BURDENS). As I considered this it dawned on me that it’s possible that every person that went back to help rebuild that wall wasn’t actually able to do very much work but, they were just as burdened as the man that could do about anything that needed to be done.

It also says that every person used a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other. I’m going to call this (multitasking). Just because the king had given them permission to rebuild the wall didn’t mean that there wasn’t people of other nations that would be fighting against their very will to do so.

As I look at Nehemiah and the fact he had been gone from Jerusalem for a while; In reminded of all the great American people that have died, leaving this country in a very stable, well governed condition. What if (the king) would grant just one of them permission to come back to our country and view it now, what would he see? When that person got back to the king would he see a troubled look on his face?

I think so! Just as the people all around Jerusalen could care less about that city at that time, we now have the very same mindset of people right here, all around us. The individual that, let’s say came back from a period around 1950 would be very grieved with what he sees, I know because I am that man!

I’d like to share what I believe to be the necessary weapon we each need to carry in out other hand as we do our perspective jobs in an attempt to rebuild this nation. One of the first things we can do, even without using our hands is to (pray without ceasing). We see that in:

1 Thessalonians 5:17


If we as patiots truly have a desire to put a country back to the place where and when God blessed us the most it must come from a humble heart, a heart that is in constant communication with God the Father, that; within our ability to speak to him and hear/listen to his direction.

Something I often say is this. Any person that can’t tell you one thing that they would be willing to die for actually doesn’t have anything to live for, they just can’t see it. Can you see how that has to do with what any person desires the most? What I’m looking for cannot be just about me. I must be concerned about something much greater than just my own personal life.

This is another point that I often consider. Do you realize that Jesus Christ is the only person that ever lived that never got one single person to be just like the desired for them to be? Basically speaking, he never got his way, not even one time yet, he gave his all for us!

We all have tools, attrtibutes, abilities as we seek to rebuild a nation, restore the walls that are torn down. We have the ability to use one of our hands to use the tool we have been given by God’s grace to bring about something great. However, the weapon we must have in our other hand is the word of God! That weapon along with our prayers to him and hearing him as he speaks to our hearts will create one of the most powerful forces this world has ever seen (again)! I believe it was once here, right in this nation!

Somewhere along life’s way we laid God’s word down, we stop praying for the things that are truly important and began to see ourselves as greater than any other thing that matters.

My dad lived to be 92. I use to jokingly say to him: yeah, ya’ll build those super highways so we can drive and travel more freely, our children can pay for them! Look where we are now! Our great great grandchildren can’t even pay off the debt. All this because of what we desire for ourselves.

Please don’t misundestand, I realize that corrupt politicains have basically placed us where we are today. More than likely, it was the same with Nehemiah, the leadership in God’s Chosen People led them into captivity. However, Nehemiah desired, as an individual to change that course inspired a nation!

We, as a people can do the very same thing. The tools we need are at hand, all given by God the father and empowered by him through the Spirit he places in the hearts of all that believe.

I once heard a story about a missionary that was retiring from a mission he had spent his entire life to build in a foriegn country. The flight he took to come home also has a rock and roll band on it as well, they were headed home as well. When the plane landed there were thousands of people to meet the band as they got off the plane but, not one soul was there to greet the missionary.

As he walked through the airport he prayed; Lord, all this time I’ve worked for you and all these people came to see these band members when they got home but, not one for me. The Lord spoke to his heart and replied (YOU’RE NOT HOME YET)!

We, as patriots must realize the greater cause while we seek to save a nation. We must put our priorties in the right place seeking God’s will in all we do. There are people with great talents among us but they seek fame and fortune using their talents. Every talent is God given and God’s desire is for each talent to be use for his glory. If not, it all ends at the grave!

Can we be Nehemiahs and see the greater picture and cause?

Marhsall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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