In the United States of America, our slogan is (IN GOD WE TRUST). I believe with a passion that among (we the people) that slogan still rings true in our hearts!

In our nation we the people see very clearly what happens when education and the love of money takes away the clear vision that we have by the Spirit of God that truly desires to lead this nation.

(We the people) go to all kinds of different denominations of Churches, some of us don’t even go to Church however, although we might not all see things in the same spiritual light, we all basically, in our simple way seek to know Jeaus Christ and have a yearning to walk close to his will.

The deception of education in our schools and even in our Churches has greatly weakened the ability of (we the people) to fight against the powers that be.

(We the people) placed our trust in our government and our spiritual leaders only to have them become our worst enemies to the destruction of our freedoms of liberty and religion.

Just as our government seeks to weaken or even change our constitution, now even the word of God has been changed to the place that we never even argue over what is truly his word anymore.

If we stay on the same course we are currently on, one day will we simply accept anything our government says to be true in our constitution? Will we become a rogue land void of any solid foundation to stand on, just as our Churches have become?

(I believe) that the watering down of God’s word was the prerequisite to the downfall of the ability of (we the people) to have control of our governemt.

It all happens just a little at a time, Satan is a picture of patience! He woos us to sleep while we changes our leadership into a people he controls rather than the Spirit of God being the voice that speaks to our hearts.

Often, even the people he is using is unaware of his tactics.

Jude 1:4


My desire is to help (we the people) understand where their spiritual focus must be! This has nothing to do with a personal desire to lift up any denomination or religion or any one version of God’s word. My desire is not to degrade any political party but simply to show what has happened to (we the people) myself being one of those people in the very sense of deception.

(I believe) that our political eyes are being opened at this time to the political corruption in our nation however, I don’t see the same (eye opening experience) as it relates to the spiritual corruption that (I believe) brought about the possible destruction of the nation that uses as it’s motto (IN GOD WE TRUST).

We seen in the verse we read this: (certain men) ( of old ordained to this condemnation). So, when did all this start? That might be a hard question to answer however, I believe America as a nation was at its strongest when the original text of the word of God was at its peak. Once men begun to allow (themselves) to tamper with God’s word, a downfall began!

Being ( ONE NATION UNDER GOD) is a very powerful statement. But, what is the essence of that statement? What that statement means is that the leadership of our nation recognized what the word of God was, read his word, listened to his spirit as he spoke and moved toward the will of God as he;the Spirit moved on their hearts.

The men that (crept in Unawares) had nothing to do with politics persa. However, their actions had politcal assertions whether they meant for them to or not. It’s impossible to change God’s word without it effecting a (whole nation under God), impossible.

The United States as a nation was completely unaware of the transformation that a single spiritual act or, the lack thereof could do. All it takes is time! Many things might be done with well meaning intentions but, the mindset that forgets to consider God’s Spirit as he speaks will always allow God’s will to be missed until, that Spirit is heard and obeyed once again.

What I write, where I stand is a place you don’t have to agree with. However, it’s not up to me to convince you of truth. God’s Spirit wants me to the best of my ability to reveal truth to you, it’s up to that same Spirit to reveal that truth to you. Once that occurs, it’s up to you to believe what God’s Spirit reveals to you and act on it accordingly.

Do you realize that up until the late 1800’s every attempt to change the word of God into the English Language was done only using the original text written in Hebrew and Greek? At that point man begun to change the words in scripture revising the King Kames Bible, not the original text. I’ve often wondered, was it God’s Spirit that moved on man’s heart to remove the books of the Apocrypha from the King James Bible? Did God inspire man to do that in the late 1800’s? If not, then under whose authority was it done, was it Satan?

That act took place over a hundred years ago, look within our Churches at what we have today! What do we see that is inspired by God today, anything? Is it even debated? My point is that what man use to look at as a very sacred book is not ever considered to be that way today. Now, you can take any version you like, any book you like and call it God’s word. Not one person ever questions it in many cases. As a matter of fact, if it is then the person that questions it becomes the enemy!

I’ll be the first to admit. I cannot begin to understand all that has happened over the years as it relates to God’s word. I do however know its been changed multiple times. Please understand my point. Do we actually hear from God today is all I’m trying to ask. My whole desire is to help people understand that God deals with individuals. With that being said, we far too often just hear what man has to say to us rather than seeking to allow God’s Spirit to speak directly to us. That fact has allowed Satan to (slip in unaware) weakening our Churches and even our nation.

There was a time when men were so passionate about our nations constitution that they would fight against any person trying to misuse that document. It was the very same way with the Word of God. We placed a value on those two documents above our very lives knowing the consequences if either one of them lost their power.

In reality, if we lose our constitution, we lose our freedom. If we lose the true word of God then, what do we lose? Do we not lose our very souls, the souls of our children and grandchildren to a place called HELL? I see that happening in my very own family! What the very power of God use to be is now almost unspoken of by the very children that were raised in God fearing Churches. The word of God being changed and its power being deminished.

In our country today we see an uprising of patriots because many of our politicians are not keeping their oath to the Constitution of the United States of America they swore to uphold. I truly appreciate that passion because I stand with those patriots. However, why don’t we have that same unwavering passion for the true word of God. Can we agree that losing our own soul, the souls of our children and grandchildren to that place called HELL is worse that losing our freedom?

In my desire, my passion to try and create in or inspire a nation; I’d like to ask every reader a simple question. Will you say that you know you’re going to heaven when you die? Or, do you just have a (hope so) salvation? Without saying a word outloud, possibly, God just spoke to your heart! You see, we are no longer spiritually taught a (know so) salvation and we are not spiritually pressed by preaching with passion to come to that (know so) place in our spiritual walk with Christ.

I believe this fact is directly tied to the lack of the knowledge of the true word of God! Our Churches have now created a passion for almost every movement we can think of other than simply going outside the doors of the Church building and sharing a (know so) salvation. If you can’t say that (you know) you’re saved, how can you share what you have with anyone else? Our witnessing has now become inviting others to our Church and desiring for them to join our Church family.

All I’m trying to point out is that we have lost our passion for the true word of God and, we don’t have true confidence in what we have. This is because of the watering down of God’s word and also the preaching without the power of God.

As far as how all this relates to the passion we have for our constitution and our desire to bring it back to where it once was, I believe we will have a better chance of doing that than we will bringing the true word of God back to the place it once was. While Satan might have a hand in the destruction of the constitution he has a much greater desire to destroy God’s word and the power of the preaching thereof than he does the constitution.

Why would I say that? because the constitution has to do with our physical liberty while the word of God our spiritual liberty and wellbeing. Personally, I believe if we can inspire people to reconsider what God’s true word is with a passion to change their own mindsets toward his will with the passion of the preaching thereof then we won’t have a problem rebuilding our constitution. However, trying to reset the Constitution without first seeking the actual document it was based on will be almost impossible.

The very foundation of our constitution was based on the foundation of God’s true and Holy Word. The men that laid the foundation of the Constitution believd that word to be on a solid foundation and stood on its precepts. Did they all agree on it all? No, they didn’t! Just exactly like we don’t but, they agreed that it was the true and living word.

consider this: What does it take to change the Constitution? Although it is a process by law to change the Constitution, it can be done. However, what does it take to Change God’s word? Can it be changed? Has it been changed?

I believe it’s a great misunderstanding about this. The actual misunderstanding is just to whom is giving the responsibility to teach God’s word. The actual ability of man to change God’s word is within man’s ability to change who people will listen to. When Satan in the body of a Serpent looked at Eve and said: ( Did God say)? To whom was Eve listening? Man actually asked that same question today but, not in the same words. Often men will use things taught by professors to make a point. They’ll say; Professor so and so put it this way. Well, what differnece does it make what the professor said or taught?

What we’re missing is that it’s not the man speaking that has the responsibility to teach you but, that responsibility to left to the Holy Spirit of God that lives within each born again believer. All I or, any person can be is the mouthpiece of that Holy Spirit. It’s man’d responsibility to expound the truth of God’s word. That’s all he can do.

How can I inspire a nation to return back to the old paths of expounding God’s word? How can I get people, Church members to demand that their pastors preach the truth with power, those people knowing and understanding that Holy Ghost power?

At some point we fell in love with Church buildings, pastors and Sunday School teachers and we forgot the old paths of the true word of God and we forsook the Holy Ghost power we so desperately need to change a nation.

What can I say to help you as a individual understand that it’s very possible the Bible you say you read, the one you take to Church is not a book that is inspired by God the Father? What can I say to help a person see that the reason they can’t understand God’s word is not because of anything other that the absence of the desire to hear from God’s Spirit in our Churches and often, in our very own hearts? What can I say that will cause you to turn from your Church, your pastor, your Sunday School teacher and drop to your knees, begging God to teach you from his word, by his Spirit? What can I say?


As we get into what’s missing, speaking expressly to individuals; I’d like to have you to consider yourself, spiritually forgetting every other person, including me and every other part of your life that might give insight to where you are as an individual. I want you just to look at what things you know about your personal spiritual life.

(I believe) that to inpire this nation the way it should be inspired is relative to the faith that God’s people actually put into what the say they believe. At one time in our nation the Church house was the meeting place for believers, for a school to teach our children and also a place where concerned citizens met to come to important issues in their communities. The faith that believers put forth was like a sweet smell even to those that didn’t believe.

So, let’s make this missing fact (1). Do you realize that from 65 to 75 percent of Americans call themselve Christians? With that fact being known, notice just how little Jesus Christ is mentioned outside the Church we attend. As you look at yourself, when is the last time you looked straight at another individual and asked; have you been born again, are you saved?

While it’s a possible three fourths of the citizens of our country that say they believe, Jesus Christ is one of the least talked about subjects at our homes and our work places Considering yourself, am I speaking to you? or, are you the exception?

Still speaking about the things we discuss around our homes or our work places and, changing a nation, exactly what would you like to change it to? Can you see how that question is answered just might be one of the greatest problems we have in our country? Let’s consider some things we now see in our people (Christian people and Churches). Before we get into this, there’s a saying that I believe relates to this. (If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime).

Today, there are Christians who have as their passion to stop abortion. That’s their passion! Christian people set up pregnancy centers and organizations such as that. Their purpose is to seek to change the minds of young women about abortion offering them alternatives to abortion. Let’s say the organization wins, the process works and a life is saved. Is salvation acomplished or sin felt conviction drawn by the holy Spirit? Is that aspect of the true calling of the Church even considered? Can you see the same concept here as the fish and fishing? I am totally against abortion! However, all I’m saying is that in all we do, we must get our priorities right, seeking to win people to Christ above all.

I realize the things I have to say might not be popular but, they must be seen and recognized, above the passions we have in our lives. If not, we place ourselves on the eternal losing side. It we don’t consider these things we will focus far too much on the physical side of things and not nearly enough on the spiritual side, gaining eternal life for those concerned.

Let’s consider this as born again believers. Can we accept God will as we go through this worldly life, no matter what that will is? As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, where do we draw the line? Can we draw a line?

As we consider inspiring a nation, we must look into the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. I believe that the physical abilities of this world, what man is capable of doing today blurs the spiritual mindsets of even spiritual people.

I’d like to get inro some of the things I consider as time moves forward. However, My prayer is that some of the things I have already stated with help turn a nation back to the heartfelt spiritual mindset that will inspire each of us toward a loving God, one that truly desires to help us if we are willing to truly seek him.

What is your spiritual condition? Where do you stand with God the Father? Can he use us to inspire a nation back to his his will and his guidance?

Meditate on these things!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

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