( HEBREWS 6: 4-6 )


Just before we get into these verses I feel a need to talk about ( Verses 3 ) just a little before we move on. ( and this we will do, if God permit ). The Apostle Paul was also a ( hebrew believer ). He had a great burden for his people. He understood the will of God for that nation and, also for the Gentile world. When he makes the statement ( if God permits ) he speaking of seeing as many Jews as possible come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

When we look at this verse of scripture:

( Revelation 13:8 )

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

I realize that; in this verse it’s speaking of worshipping basically Satan however, I want you to see that, in the mind and heart of God, Jesus Christ was slain before he formed the world. The Apostle Paul understood, that God’s plan had place ( Israel as a Nation ) in a certain place and ( the Gentile or whosoever will ) being ( the Church ) the bride of Christ also in a certain place in time. Another way to look at it is to say; we that live today and, the believers in the Apostle Paul’s day are simply watching that plan unfold. They being, more at the beginning to this age and, we, more toward the end of the same age.

When you consider that the Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the ( born again Believers ) in Christ but, his calling was not to them as a nation. He was sent, by God to the Gentiles,. ( Ephesians 3 ) and ( Acts 13:46 ). However, even within this truth, the Apostle Paul was desirious for as many Jews to be born again as possible.

Although, he wrote this letter to his people; the other Apostles and, other men were preaching the gospel to the Jews. I’ll seek to use an example here. I live in one little place in the United States of America. However, I have a heartfelt desire for the people in other nations, such as Africa to be save. I’m possible never going to preach to the people in Africa however, ( if God permits ) someone else will, and this letter is going out to those people.

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the ( Hebrew believers ). He was doing all he could to bring about salvation the a people he had a true burden for although, he had to leave the preaching the gospel ( as God permitted it ).

As we get into ( verse 4 ) the Apostle Paul is seeking to teach his brethren ( the Hebrew believers ) the basic difference in what they had been use to and, how the Holy Spirit within them worked. If we, as believers will look back, we can see the very same thing he is pointing out here. There’s another verse that the Apostle Paul wrote that actually makes his point here:

( 2 Corinthians 7:10 )

For Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.

I’m going to try and use my own personal testimony to make the point the Apostle Paul is making. When I was about twelve years old, we went to a Methodist Church close to our house. At that time they had revivals. One night at a revival meeting, after the preacher had preached the message, I felt great conviction as he had the alter call. I knew without a doubt; God was dealing with me as a sinner. However, I left that Church, that night just like I went in.

I’m am now seventy years old, I still remember that night. Now, let’s say that I would have died some time before I asked Christ to save me. Let’s say I stood before him as my judge. It would be ( impossible ) for me to tell him that I didn’t feel his convicting power. I had been ( enlightened ) I had ( tasted the heavenly gift ) I had been a ( partaker of the Holy Ghost ) I had ( tasted the good word of God ) and ( to powers to come ). What did I do? I ( crucified the Son of God afresh ) and ( put him to open shame ).

In ( verse 6 ) it says this: If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance ). All it saying is that I cannot go back and deny that the Holy Ghost did his job. The word ( repent ) means to turn away. I cannot tuen away from that fact no matter how long I live.

Now, let’s move foward a few years. As I grew as a young man, I committed grievious sins. Sins that made me feel as though I had shamed my families name. Once again, I went to a revival, this time in a Baptist Church. Once again, I heard a message from God’s man. At the invitation, this time I went to the alter. A preacher came to my side and asked me if I had been saved, I said ( no ). He then asked me if I would like to be? I replied ( yes ). He took his Bible and showed me some scripture in ( Romans ) I now know that is called the ( Roman’s Road ). After he read a few verses; he asked me if I believed what it said? I sais ( yes ). He then lead me through the sinner’s prayer and I prayed that prayer.

When we stood up. he announced to that Church that I had just been saved. Just as quickly as I could, I left that Church. To the best of my knowledge I didn’t go to another Church, including that one until 1973. However, if you would have asked me if I were saved, I would reply; ( yes ) Why? Because I had been to an alter and made a profession of faith. I still cursed, stole, lied, you name it, I probably done it. Another way of putting it; nothing changed in my life.

You see, I was ( worldly sorry ) for my actions. Many times people desire for their families, friends and so on to look at them another way. They will say they are sorry for the way they acted and, in most cases people will forget the past and move on. Worldly sorrow doesn’t mean anything pertaining to God the Father. Just because men forgive you doesn’t mean that God is pleased with what you did.

I’d like to show you a couple of verse of scripture and we’ll move on: First

( Romans 5:1 )

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Second: ( Philippians 4:7 )

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Just by way of teaching; what is the difference in the term ( Jesus Christ ) and ( Christ Jesus ) in these two verses? We often change scripture and think little of it when; if we will study we might find that those little things matter. I’ll try and show you what I mean. In ( Romans ) we can say that a person just ask Christ to save them. Once we are born again, God the Father is satisfied with us being covered by the blood of Christ. The Holy Spirit is living within is, therefore we have ( peace with God ). He is completely satisfied with our salvation. You might still be anxious, unsettled even doubting your salvation at that time. You’re just a babe in Christ but, God is completely satisfied. Another way of saying it; I don’t see any change in your fleah but, Christ is within you. To use my name we could say ( Marshall Christ ).

In ( Philippians ) he uses to term ( Christ Jesus ). He’s speaking of having the very ( peace of God ). In other words, you are just as satisfied with your salvation as God the Father is. You have grown spiritually to that place in your spiritual walk with Christ. Now, not only is Christ in you but, people all around you can see the completely changed individual. We can say that you have become Christ. We can change the term to ( Christ Marshall ).

When Jesus was young he was just Jesus, we can say but, as he grew every person around him began to see God in him, God in the fleshly body of Jesus.

Now, as time moved foward, I finally started to go to Church again in 1973. We went to a Methodist Church. My daughters, my wife and I were even members. With that being said, nothing had changed in my life other than the fact that I now went to Church.

In late summer, 1975 I started to visit another Church on Sunday nights. I’m telling you that the power of God was so strong in that Church that a sinner was very uncomfortable just being there. We went a few Sunday nights and then we decided to go on Sunday morning. In November, that year on a Sunday morning, under great conviction, I went to the alter. Not one person came to my side to speak to me, no preacher, no deacon and no Church member. However, Jesus Christ met me at that alter. On that Sunday morning, I became ( Godly Sorry ) for who and what I was. The Holy Spirit of God moved into my heart and, I was now ( born again ). At that moment, I had ( peace with God ) however, you understand it took a while for me to spiritually receive the ( peace of God ). that surpasses all understanding.

As we get back to ( Hebrews 6: 4-6 ) and, understand that the Jews were use to doing the yearly sacrifice year after year. That had to learn what it meant to actually have the Holy Spirit within them. The Apostle Paul, assuming they all were born again was simply showing them that once they had been enlightened and, understood that, they could not go back to that place again. Can you see that he might have been concerned that many of them were just like I was, they had ( worldly sorrow ) but not ( Godly sorrow ).

Have you ever put something in your mouth, tasted it and then spit it out? That means that you had tasted it, you were enlightened to how it tasted, undertood you didn’t like it and, spit it out. That is a physical picture of what many people, just like me; do spiritually with the Holy Spirit. We can be baptized, faithful to Church, make many people think we are doing good but, the Holy Spirit is not within us, we have never been born again. However, if you have felt that conviction that comes from the preaching of God’s word, felt that drawing power of the Holy Ghost then, you can never again say to a righteous God that you didn’t feel that drawing.

I thank God that he is very longsuffering toward all of us. He allows his Spirit to draw conviction on our hearts more that once. In our ignorance we often reject that Spirit for any number of reasons but if that conviction moves, he is still willing to save us to the uttermost.

I personally believe this; God uses the preaching of his word to draw conviction on the hearts of those that hear it. That drawing power can take place multiple times in the course of a life. That same conviction is present when we have sin in our lives and God’s is seeking to cause us to turn from that sin as believers. However, in either case if we continue to reject that call, that conviction, one day; that same word will harden our hearts and we will never feel conviction again or, at least we won’t pay any attention to it when it happens. Actually, the next two verses explains what I am saying.

We all must be born again to go to live with our Lord. Conviction is a very valuable commodity in our spiritual lives. We must be willing to hear and yield to his spirit when he is drawing; understanding that as long as we live, we will never reach perfection. We must be willing to slowly die to ourselves and be all he desires for us to be.

Next week we’ll look at ( Hebrews 6: verses 7-9 ). Until then, May God bless each of you and grant you the peace of God that surpasses all understanding!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


( HEBREWS 6: 2 )


I suppose we could spend a little time on the thought here ( the resurrection of the dead ). We haven’y actually said anything about that. So, I’ll say this as a way to create thought and to cause you to study to prove me wrong. As you already know I teach that ( the book of Acts ) is a transition period from the ( Age of Law ) to the ( Age of Grace ). In the last part of the ( Age of Law ) and the first part of the ( Age of Grace ) we see the ( Doctrine of Christ ).

If I were to create a metaphor about what we see here; this is what I’d say. You, as an individual became ( a living soul ) at the very moment of conception. Your mother’s body nourished you for the first nine months of you being. Once you were actually born she also feed you with food from here body ( milk ) and, you were slowly ( transitioned ) to a totally different diet which also caused you to grow and mature.

We can see people that were raised from the dead all through the Old Testament and, until the end of the ( Book of Acts ). I challenge you to show me any person that was raised from the dead after the ( Book of Acts ), that is in any of the epistles. As a matter of fact; we now are supposed to build ( Church Doctrine ) designed according to the epistles of the Apostle Paul. I also continue to contend as the Bible teaches in:

( Ephesians 3: 1-4 )

For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles, ( 2 ) If ye have heard os the dispensation of the grace of God ( WHICH IS GIVE TO ME TO YOU-WARD:) ( 3 ) How that by revelation the ( MADE KNOWN UNTO ME ) THE MYSTERY, ( AS I WROTE AFORE IN FEW WORDS, ( 4 ) Whereby when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ).

Today, there are complete Church doctrines built falsely because of the lack of understanding these verses we see here. Within this concept and, looking at all things said ( Hebrews 6:1-2 ) the most outstanding in my opinion is the fear of ( eternal judgement ). I’m going to address this today however, I’d like to make a spiritual point before we get to that.

When we consider the term ( resurrection from the dead ) what are we saying? We know that Jesus Christ and his Apostles had actual power to raise people from the dead. Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the grave, we can see events where the Apostle Paul raised a lad from death in ( Acts 20:9-12 ) when he fell asleep sitting in a window. However, like I said, we never see any of this in the epistles. The only other place in the New Testament I see a person raised from the dead is in (Revelation 13:14 ). This is referring to ( the beast ) the great imitator of Jesus Christ.

Over my years as a born again believer I came to realize a point that I believe needs to be made here. I’d also like to say that ( I believe ) God the Father has the power to do anything he chooses to do, no exceptions. He stepped out on nothing and spoke the world into existence. However, that doesn’t mean that God is going to move in every way we think he should move today does it. We live in a time of faith but, faith in what? ( I ) must understand what we can expect from God in the ( dispenstaion ) to which we live. Look at this verse:

( Acts 5:16 )

There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one.

( Luke 6:18 )

And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed.

Do you see the same picture in ( Luke ) or the gospels and ( Acts )? Notice ( they were all ) ? Can you show me where we see ( faith ) there. If these people had faith it was in a man and, ( his God given ability ) My point is that it was not their ( great faith ) that did any thing. It was within the ability that was given by God to men.

Whether it’s ( healing ) or ( raising the dead ) it was past of the ( Doctrine of Christ ) to which the Apostle Paul is saying ( Leaving ), as in ( past tence ). My faith is spiritual today. I’ll show you this verse and how faith relates to me and we well move on.

( Romans 8:28 )

Foe we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

I’ve never been deathly sick. I’ve always enjoyed pretty good health. I will say ( I Love God ) and it’s my desire to be ( called according to his purpose ) and not my own. If God chooses to use a slow method of death to take me out of this world then, I desire for my faith in him to shine! above all! I want my exit from this world to be ( according to his purpose ) no matter how tough it is on me. The only way that I choose to be healed of any sickness is if it’s God’s will for me to be healed. We could talk about this one thing all day. However, ( I believe ) God gives us wisdom and spiritual insight to walk through this world. If I have a tooth ache, I go to the Dentist, if I’m sick, I go to the doctor and, I take medicine. If I see a tree falling, I get out of the way. That’s common sense!

Now, back to what I said I’ve noticed. This has to do with ( eternal Judgement ). The people that can’t put ( raising from the dead ) ( healing ) ( laying on of hands ) ( dead works ) and so on behind them will almost always be concerned about ( eternal judgement ). What I mean by that is; those people believe you can fall from grace as they call it. ( They fear ) eternal judgement.They never get to the place that they can put their ( dead works ) behind them.

We need to ralk about this. Do you remember, in a former lesson I said that the ( Jewish people ) each year beought their sacrifices to be offered, they were excepted and, they went back to doing just as they always had, lived the same way as they did the year before? That being the case, just how much did they appreciate the forgiveness they just received?

That lamb was just a picture of ( the sacrifice to come ) being ( Jesus Christ ). He became the perfect lamb of sacrifice. I think I’ve also said this. When these people offered their lambs to the priest; he didn’t look at the person that was offering,, the priest was concerned about the lamb meeting all the qualifications for the sacrifice. Jesus Christ became that ( perfect sacrifice for me ). I want you to know ( I truly appreciate him ). I seek to allow him to live through my life. I willing desire to give up all I want and allow him to direct my life.

One day when I stand before him, I’ll be a sinner, I realize that however, Im not depending on my ability to meet any standards, I totally ( placing my faith ) on his ability to meet every standard. I don’t have to worry about ( etenal judgement ) becauce ( by faith ) I know I can trust him. God the Father, in that sense, will be looking at the perfect sacrifice, not me as I am judged. Actually my judgement for sin has already taken place in his death, burial and resurrection, by faith I trusted that.

When people are truly born again ( eternal judgement ) is past tense! Is sin in our lives ( past tense )? No, it’s not! Every born again believer will battle the ( practice of sin ) until we die. Basically, we are dying to sin daily, we are seeking to do all to please him, not because we have to but rather because we choose to. Often when people tell me that they believe that a person can fall from grace or, lose their salvation, I asked them; have you ever lost your salvation? Almost every time the answer is ( No ), they always see someone else that has; in their opinion.

The greatest reason for this is they look at a physical act and, consider that salvation. They watch someone go to an alter, make a profession of faith, get baptized and join Church. None of that is salvation. I often tell people, I’m not a judge ). I can’t look at you and tell that you are lost. If I look at you and ( I say ) you are saved, am I not ( judging you ) to be saved when I can’t see your heart? God’s Spirit gives us discernment, I realize that but, we can also be wrong. We can’t completely depend on our ability to decide who is lost and who is saved. I like this verse of scripture:

( Romans 8:16 )

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

By faith the Holy Spirit assures us as believers that we are God’s children. I can say that ( I know ) I’m saved. At the very same time our spirit, that Holy Spirit within is can discern often when another person is one of his children or, not. The point is that; while I can say of a certianty that the Holy Spirit lives in me, just as you can say that about your own self if he lives with in you but, we can be a judge for certainty of anyone else, lost or saved.

You must understand, I didn’t get this assurance the day I was born again. I had to spiritually grow and understand. I often say I’m the product of many spiritual teachers but, I myself had to study to gain that assurance. My knowledge and spiritual groweth might help you to gain that assurance but, that is a blessing that is completely between you and the Holy Spirit as you grow.

As you read this, do you fear eternal judgement? Have you been born again? My greatest burden in this life is one that I’ll have to say that I can’t know for certain the salvation of others. What I mean by that is that ( I believe ) there are many people that are members of Churches that have never been born again. While I’m not a judge of any man, that doesn’t mean to I am not concerned. ( I believe ) that our Churches today far too often leave the perception that ( saying you believe in Christ ) ( getting baptized ) and ( joining Church ) is salvation. Most Churches never teach the concept of what it means to be born again. This leaves people to stay in spiritual darkness about what it truly means to be born again. Their lifestyles are never challenged and, their salvation is never questioned.

The Apostle Paul is actually doing a great job of preaching here in ( Hebrews ). He’s challenging these people to ( leave ) ( move foward ). That, not in a physical sense but, spiritually to an understanding of spiritual new birth. ( I believe ) that a pastor should preach every message to the place he causes every person to question their salvation every Sunday or every time he preaches. When we, as individuals reach that spiritual point that our salvation can’t be brought into question; then we are truly growing to the spiritual level we shoud be. If we still fear ( eternal judgement ) it’s not that we aren’t saved but that we haven’t reach the spiritual level we need to that we understand what being born again is all about.

Only you can decide whether you are born again or not! However, I’ll do my best to make you doubt that you are saved until you grow to the place that you have the assurance from within that the Holy Spirit lives within you!

I’ll close with this: ( I’m so sure of my salvation that I’ll swing out over hell on a rotton grape vine and spit in the Devil’s eye. He cannot touch my salvation! He can tempt me, sometimes cause me to fall but, he can’t touch my salvation.

This is the place that I desire for you to reach as a born again believer. This verse in closing:

( 2 Peter 1: 10 )

Wherefore the rather, brethren, giving diligence to make you calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:

( verse 12 )

Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remeberance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth.

You should read starting in ( verse 1 ) and notice,

( Verse 9 )

But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar of, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

Just as spiritual teachers before taught me to grow spiritually, I now have that responsibility to you. However, only you can allow God’s Spirit to teach you and move past ( eternal judgement )!

Until next week,

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


( HEBREWS 6:1-3 )


I realize we have spent a lot of time on these three verses and, we aren’t done yet. However, It’s very important that we understand the transition that happened to the people that lived during the time of Christ and the next few years after his death, burial and resurrection.

There are many people that don’t like the word ( dispensation ) and simply refuse to see the ( landmark changes ) that have occurred since the days of Adam and Eve. Without seeing those things it is impossible to ( go on unto perfection ). The Apostle Paul is trying to get the Hebrew believers to see one of those ( transitional changes ) here in these verses.

Our lives are full of ( things that pass ) and can never be seen again. My wife and I often speak of our parents and our childhood. We, to some degree yearn for those days however, the only way we can go back to those times is simply in our minds. For instance, both of my pearents and hers have passed. We live in the very house I grew up in. I can sit and think, even see things in this house that use to be but, I can’t go back and relive those experiences in any way.

Each of these things we speak about in these verses, while they did still exist in the book of ( Acts ) as the Church began to grow slowly disappeared in time. Just like any man or woman seeking to cling to their childhood, it can’t be done, We must grow up and take on the responsibilities of maturity as men an women.

In this lesson we are looking into ( laying on of hands ). We can find many places in the gospels , as Jesus walked this earth that he laid his hands on people and something changed. One such place is in :

( Mark 8:23 )

And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.

You can read the whole account. I simply show that verse to show the act of ( laying on of hands ) that is part of the ( Doctrine of Christ ). Jesus Christ also gave his apostles this same power. They each had virtually the same powers that he had and, they used them during their complete lives. As I mention that, let’s look at this verse:

( Luke 10:19-20 )

Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. ( 20 ) Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.

Although we read this verse; we see very few times that the apostles used these powers in the gospels. We also see here in Luke that seventy people had special powers, that’s to whom Jesus is speaking in these verses. The point I’m making is that this act was part of the ( Doctrine of Christ ). The complete ( Doctrine of Christ ) was all about helping the ( Nation of Israel ) see and understand that he was who he claimed he was.

I’ve often stated this; even after the resurrection of Christ, the acts we see in the first few chapters of ( Acts ) it was still to the ( Jew first ). Personally, I believe that even at that ( IF ) the Nation of Israel as a whole would have excepted Christ, he would have set up his KIngdom there at that time. I also realize that God, in his foreknowledge knew that it wouldn’t happen. Jesus Christ didn’t come to this world to be their King at that time. He came to be the Savior of this world.

( John 18:37 )

Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice.

We know that God had blinded their eyes as a Nation. However, he still desired for them to believe on his name. Even after Jesus had called the Apostle Paul, it was still that he preached unto the Jew first. All through the book of Acts we see that ( as long as the Apostles lived ) they had special powers. However, look at what the Apostle Paul said unto them:

( Acts 13:46 )

Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, it was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.

There’s a book that could be written on that one verse! I just might do that one day! I want you to know that from the creation of the Nation of Israel, all the way up to this verse, that Nation had opportunity after opportunity to simply seek God’s will, but they would never change, they lived in ( unbelief ). Again, we must consider all that is said in that one word! That word is not saying they didn’t believe in God, it’s saying they never learned to trust him.

It’s so much to teach! The laying on of hands in the early days of the Church as the end of ( the Doctrine of Christ ) had to do with helping individual Jews to place their faith in Jesus Christ and his shed blood. That is, as many as possible in the early days of the Church. It’s a lot I’d like to say here but, maybe in a later lesson.

I’d like to show you something here:

( Acts 3:6 )

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

In that verse if you will read the whole account, we never see anything about the ( Laying on of Hands ) do we? We do see that Peter took him by the hand, he did touch him. But, ( laying on of Hands ) is not mentioned there. The point is their gifts were use in many different ways. In most cases in Acts that gift was used that people might receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. However, we can see times when ( laying on of hands ) weren’t used. Look at:

( Acts 19: 1-6 )

And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, ( 2 ) He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. ( 3 ) And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said, unto John’s baptism. ( 4 ) Then sais Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus ( 5 ) When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. ( 6 ) And when Paul had laid his hands opon them. the Holy Ghost came upon them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

We can also see both baptisms there. the former and the baptism we receive now. However, the baptism didn’t change a thing. ( the power of the Apostle did ). He laid his hands on them. When he laid his hand on them, they spoke in tongues and prophesied. This was just a mere sign that they had received the Holy Ghost. The Jews ( sought a sign ). It appears, just by reading ( Acts 18 ) that these people were Jews. They had just never heard of the Holy Ghost.

The Apostle Paul is telling the people, the Hebrew believers that they need to forget this aspect of their lives because it’s not a part of the Church any more. It had its place but now the Doctrine of Christ had been transformed into the Doctrine of the Church, a completely different way of walking in Christ.

I’d like to share something with you. When I was ordained into the gospel ministry a group of men layed their hands on me and prayed. Just before they brought me out before my congregation to do that ordaination, one of the men in that group asked me this question. He said, sir, if we decide not to ordain you, what are you going to do? I answered, well, I was preaching before you came, expounding God’s word, leading people to Christ. If you men decide not to ordain me, I’ll just keep doing what I do.

Although those men laid their hands on me and prayed, it meant nothing. They could have stood back ten feet from me and prayed and, accomplished the very same thing. I, as a member of the body of Christ have matured and moved far beyond the ( Laying on of Hands ) to being about God’s will in a person’s life. The Holy Spirit is what moves on any person to do the needed changes in every life and, that apart from anything any man or woman might think they have the power to do.

Our Churches today truly needs a special gift from God. That gift is wrapped up in our willingness to submit to the power of the Holy Ghost that now lives within the heart of every born again believer. When we learn to simply let him speak through our lips of clay, get our flesh and our will out of his way then, salvation can come to multitudes of people. As long as we stand in his way, as long as we think we can do anything, we are simply being deceived by our very own pride.

After the ( laying on of hands ) there are two more things mentioned. ( resurrection from the dead ) and ( eternal judgment ). Then we go to ( verse three ) And this we will do, if God permit.

Is it possible for us to grow up spiritually today? God will permit that, that is, if we are willing to turn from ourselves and do so. Do you remember the verse of scripture that says we must ( hate ) our father, mother, brothers and sisters? This can also mean forsaking the members of the Church you belong to. Can you be willing to stand up and proclaim truth even if every person disagrees with what you teach? Look at this verse:

( Titus 1:9 )

Holding fast the faithful word as it hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

Do you realize that there cannot be but one truth? We’ll get into this next week but, just considering ( eternal judgement ) as a believer, are you still worried about dying and going to hell, facing eternal judgement? Just as a starter, the Hebrew children were still looking at having to bring a sacrifice each year for their sins. They couldn’t relate to Jesus being their perfect sacrifice. We have people today that still worry about ( if they sin ) then they are lost again! Same picture!

We’ll continue next week.

Marahall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


( HEBREWS 6:1-3 )


We’ve been looking into these verses now for a few weeks to try and show the difference in the way that the Hebrew people viewed Jesus Christ while he walked with them and the transition that took place on the ( day of Pentecost ). We have discussed the ( repentance from dead works ) and are in ther process of trying to define the ( doctrine of Christ ) within all the things we see in these verses. We also considered ( faith toward God ) and the difference in the way we view that faith today verses how they did at that time.

As we continue; we will be seeing how all the things mentioned here were part of the doctrine of Christ and, that the doctrine we live by today as members of his body are not the same as it was when he walked on this earth. This is what the Apostle Paul is teaching his brothers and sisters in the flesh. ( the Hebrew children ).

Today, I’d like to look into what he means by the ( Doctrine of Baptism ). We have already said a few things about this however, I truly feel impressed to look into it in a more revealing way that we might see how it ties to the doctrines he speaks of. The word ( doctrine ) means or is a set of beliefs by a person or group of people. It’s what they teach or stand on. Therefore, today when we are baptized; we are establishing a standard that we believe that Jesus Christ lived, was crucified, died and rose again for our sins. We are saying in the picture of baptism that we are willing to die to ourselves and allow him to direct our lives and live through our bodies.

What I believe; is my doctrine. Most people, when they are baptized actually have no idea what they are being baptized into. I was the very same way when I was baptized. What I mean by that is that I knew very little about all that can be said about Jesus Christ and, the differences in all the doctrines we can see in scripture. I don’t look at that a being a bad thing. It’s simply a learning process! If we bring it down to a physical level, it would be like saying the day you were born, you knew very little about what you were being born into. We could say that you built ( your doctrine ) as you grew and matured.

As I make that statement; can you see how that, as you grew, one day being born again, you had to change the doctrine you lived by? Sometimes completely? This is to a very overwhelming degree what happened to the Hebrew Children, those that believed on the ( Day of Pentecost ). Let’s make an argument here. On the day Of Pentecost when the one hundred and twenty believers were ( filled ) with the Holy Ghost. How much did they understand about that ( baptism )? The day that you asked Jesus Christ to be your Savior, receiving that same Spirit, how much did you understand about that baptism? Look at this verse:

( Matthew 3:11 )

I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

Here, John the Baptist is making a distinction between his baptism and the baptism of Jesus Christ. Therefore, when John the Baptist was baptizing, what was the ( Doctrine of Baptism )? Let’s argue that all one hundred and twenty believers on the ( Day of Pentecost ) had been baptized by John the Baptist. When they were baptized they were simply standing on the doctrine that they believed that Jesus Christ was to coming Messiah. They believed the Jesus Christ was the rightful King of the Jews. As they went down into the water, let’s say in the river of Jordon, all the people that stood and watched, that heard from that day foward knew that they ( believed in ) the fact that ( Jesus Christ ) was who he said he was.

The Hebrew children when they were baptized were exactly like we are the day we get baptized. There is absolutely no change in any of us spiritually, it’s just an outward picture of an inward change. Actually, when we were baptized an actual change had ocurred within our hearts, the Holy Spirit had moved in. However, that didn’t happen when the Baptism of John took place, that is what he is saying.

When we consider the ( Doctrine of Baptism ) and, the Apostle Paul teaching ( not laying again ) of that doctrine, just how deep does that go? Listen to this phrase:


( Matthew 3:2 )

What would be the difference in the ( Kingdom of Heaven ) and ( the Kingdom of God )? Within the understanding of those two phrases is hidden the whole concept of what the Apostle Paul is teaching in ( Hebrews 6 ) as concerning the ( Doctrine of Baptism ). Consider this: the Hebrew children were looking for the return of Jesus Christ in bodily form right after the ( Day of Pentecost ). Didn’t he actually return on the ( Day Of Pentecost )? You see, he ( Baptized each of them that day with ( the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and with fire ). From that moment on, ever time any person believed, that same spirit moved into their hearts.

When Jesus Christ walked upon this earth in a body of flesh, God’s Spirit ( the Holy Ghost ) lived within his body. He was ( God in Flesh ). When that self-same spirit lives within each of us, isn’t the ( Kingdom of God ) within us? The ( Kingdom of God ) is where God lives. The baptism of John the Baptist didn’t create that situation. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost did! This is the concept that the Jews struggled with.

I want to take you to a different place in scripture now.

( Acts 8:12 )


Do you realize that this is the first mention of baptism as of in water since the ( Day of Pentecost )? However, what had just happened? We must read the next few verses to realize the whole situation.

( Acts 8:14-17 )


There’s actually a lot of things happening here. I feel that I must teach through them all. I missed ( verse 13 ) on purpose because in this study I’m more interssted in the teaching of baptism than I am teaching about Simon. The question we need to ask is this. When Philip here preached Jesus to these people at Samaria, why didn’t they automatically receive the Holy Ghost? Why did Peter and John have to come down and lay hands on them?

If you remember, I said that just because a person received the Holy Spirit did’t mean they understood all things concerning that Spirit. When Philip was preaching to these people he was still preaching the ( Baptism of John the Baptist ). ( Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand ). He was baptizing them into that belief; that Jesus was the coming Messiah.

Now. let’s take this a step farther. Look at this verse:

( Matthew 16:18-19 )


Also remember this:

( Acts 1:8 )


We see in this verse that Jerusalem was first. We can also find this in other place in the gospels. What happened was that Jesus Christ was preached to the Jews first. On the ( Day of Pentecost ) the Apostle Peter used the first key to unlock to door of salvation to the Jews. In ( Acts 8 ) he used the second key to unlock the door of salvation unto Samaria. It took the Apostle Peter to unlock the truth, revealing the Holy Ghost to those that believed.. Up until this time it was only to the Jews, now we see that the gospel is spreading to Samaria, the second mentioned in ( Acts 1:8 ). We’ll see those keys used once more in ( Acts 10:34-48 ). As far as I know this is the only three times these keys were used. To the Jew first, to Samaria and then to the Gentiles.

On more thing here and I’ll close this lesson. If you will notice Philip here in ( Acts 8 ); we see where thse people are baptized. Look on down to ( Acts 8: 26-37 ) you will see where Philip was led by to Spirit to join a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch and he preached unto him. In verses ( 36-37 ) The eunuch want to know what hindered him from being baptized. Philip told him if he believed he could be baptized. They stopped the chariot at water and philip baptized him. This is the first time that any person was baptized the same way we are baptized today. The difference, we don’t see any mention of the Holy Spirit, it’s all about what is in a man’s heart and his willingness to be transformed by that Spirit.

Next week we’ll continue more about the ( LAYING ON OF HANDS ) and how it all related to the ministry of the Apostle Peter. My prayer is that you can see the difference in what is being said about the ( belief and baptisms ), the Jews,Samaria and so on. I’m the first to admit that it takes God’s Spirit within the believer to convince each believer of truth. In other words, he is your teacher, I’m only a vessel for his use!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


( HEBREWS 6:1-3 )


I sought to show in the last two lessons that the term ( repentance from dead works ) is having to continue to confess the same sin time after time. When we, as born again believers have God’s Spirit within our hearts he helps us to daily, weekly monthly and yearly turn from ourdelves to a ( vessel fit for the Master’s use ).

Last week we looked at this: ( Leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ ), ( let us go on unto perfection ). I shared with you how that Jesus Christ lived in the time of the law. His death on the Cross ended that period of time. I’d like to show you something that many never consider.

Let’s use Abraham and the thief on the cross as examples. Where did they both go when they died and, why? Abraham lived 430 years before the law was given. Yet he believed. The thief on the cross lived at the same time Jesus did. ( Luke 23:43 ) We can also mention Lazarus in ( Luke 16:19-31 ). First, Jesus told the thief this: ( today thou shalt be with me in paradise ). We see in ( Luke 16 ) that Abraham and Lazarus was already there.

I say all this to make the point that something changed when Jesus died on the cross. He was the perfect lamb that was sacrificed by God the Father. Every person that believed before the crucifixion went to a place called paradise until the perfect sacrifice was made. I argue that the thief on the cross stayed in paradise a shorter time than any other person.

If we look in:

( Matthew 27:51-53 )


We know that God didn’t have to do this however, he wanted to show the change to the people in Israel. As we look at these verses in ( Hebrews 6 ); all that we see is concerning the nation of Israel. If we take it a step farther. notice this:

( Acts 1:8 )


When I seek to teach this, I always make the point that the four gospels reveal Jesus Christ in four different lights. ( Matthew ) reveals Jesus as the King of the Jews. ( Mark ) reveals Jesus as the servant to man. ( Luke ) reveals Jesus as the Son of Man and ( John ) reveals Jesus as the Son of God.

That; in itself can be a whole different study but, the fact is that Jesus offered himself the the Nation of Israel first. In the verses we are studying, when the Apostle Paul says ( leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ ). He then list the things that are part of that doctrine. The things he mentions were things that would help Israel to know that he was the King of the Jews, that he was ( God in flesh ). We, as believers today just have to understand how each thing he mentions is defines or, how they seen it. I’d like to try in this lesson to do just that.

Since we have already looked at ( repentance from dead works ) and how it relates to us, let’s look at the next phrase: ( FAITH TOWARD GOD ). To help you see what is actually being said here; it will probably take this whole lesson if I choose to teach it all the way through. When looking at this and, to understand the spiritual aspect of what is being taught, we must understand this very important fact. The Nation Of Israel are an earthly people with earthly promises. Born again believers are a spiritual people with spirtual promises. When the Apostle Paul is teaching in Hebrews, he is teaching ( members of the Nation of Israel ) that are now ( Members of the bnody of Christ ) as well.

There’s a tremendous spiritual lesson to be learned here if we can grasp it! You were born a physical being with a physical mother and father. If we would like to put the word ( faith ) here we can. From the time you were born until you reached a level that you could walk away from you mother and father, your faith was completely in their ability to look after you. They provided you clothes, your food and the place you lived. Can we say that: ( at some point ) you left the ( doctrine ) of your parents? You moved foward and placed you faith in your own ability to provide for yourself.

That fact had nothing to do with how much you loved your mother and father did it? If they were good parents, they laid out good principles for you to live by and, moved foward from living under their wings.

In many cases; we are people that have lost all concepts of what our physical and spiritual lives are all about, that is; as far as this world is concerned. Do you realize that we as people become ( physically responsible ) and spiritually resonsible ) somewhere around the age of twelve? Along that age is the age that our parents and the Holy Spirit should be able to begin to let us start to become responsible on our own.

Therefore, when we look at ( faith toward God ) what are we seeing and what is the Apostle Paul saying to the Hebrew believers? To answer this we must watch things as it unfolds in the ( Book of Acts ). If we can understand that the ( Book of Hebrews ) is directly tied to the first ( Hebrew children ) that received God’s Spirit on the day of Pentecost it might help to enlighten us on what he is actually saying.

For instance: In ( Acts 2 ) we see where the new believers sold all that they had and brought the money and gave it to the Apostles. Why did they do that? And, why don’t we do it today? When the Hebrew believers did that; they were showing their ( Faith Toward God ) the only way they knew how. They truly believed that Jesus Christ was going to return at any moment! Remember how he took ( two fishes and five loaves of bread ) and fed the multitude? In their minds, when he returns he will supply all their needs, he’ll be their King and ( by Faith ) he will do what God the Father has always done.

Can you see a picture there of how a child never gets away from the fact that their parents have to suppy their every need? The Apostle Paul is telling the Hebrew believers that they have to leave that aspect of ( Faith toward God ). They are now ( spiritual children ) with ( spiritual promises ). They are just exactly like any Gentile believer once that have experienced the new birth.

Here, I’d like to make a point; you prove me wrong. Once we leave the gospels and the ( Book of Acts ) which is a time of transition from the ( Age of Law ) to the ( Age of Grace ), I’d like for you to show me one time where any person is raised from the dead. If I’m not mistaken, we don’t even see anyone that is healed. We can see in the ( Book of James ) healing mentioned but, ( I believe ) that spiritual minded people understand what he is saying.

The whole point is that there’s a great difference in a believer having faith in the spiritual aspect of their lives and the physical aspects of their lives. That is what the Apostle Paul is seeking to teach the Hebrew children.

There’s so many things that can be taught here as it relates to our physical and spiritual walk through this life. God desires for us to understand how much he loves us and all that our relationship ( by faith ) has to do with him. I love using this verse of scripture:

( Romans 8: 28 )


Just how much do you love him? How willing are you to be ( called according to his purpose ) and not your own? That is the question! God desires to bless us physically ( according to his purpose ). His desire is to bless us spiritually ( according to his purpose ).

The book of ( Ruth ) has only four chapters. I often refer to that book when teaching these things. If you will read it you will see that Ruth was gleaning in Boaz’s field. She was working, seeking to feed her family. Boaz loved her! He told his reapers to ( leave her ) ( handfuls on purpose ). I believe that God does us the same way. When we are willing to do spiritual work for our Lord, seeking nothing in return then; God will physically give us blessings because we are seeking to do his ( spiritual will ). That doesn’t mean we are perfect, but it does mean we are willing. As a ( well known sinner ) it is my desire to seek to do ( God’s spiritual will ). Because of that fact, God blesses me physically in small ways.

God never asks us to die physically for him but, to live physically for him. He does desire that we be willing to die physically for him if that time should come. I’m going to give you this verse and I’ll close for this week’

( 1 Corinthians 11:29-30 )

For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s supper. ( 30 ) For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew children wandered for 40 years in unbelief, they all died in that unbelief but Joshua and Calab. Moses sent out twelve spies to spy out the land. Only two of them returned with the faith that God would help them take that land, ( Calab and Joshua ). Many people that say they believe cannot grasp this aspect of their spiritual walk. They live in the same kind of unbelief. That’s what he is saying in these verses.

Our spiritual walk by faith must be a walk to we are willing to be used of God, even in sicknes and death if necessary. However, when we live a selfish physical life void of true faith then it creates a situation where we are often ( sick and many even die ). This has nothing to do with salvation, not in the verses we are speaking of but, it has to do with our willingness to grow to spiritually mature believers.

We must understand the difference in our physical walk and our spiritual walk as it relates to the faith we say we have. When the Apostle Paul was teaching the Hebrew Children, that’s what he was saying. There’s a difference in ( faith in God ) physically and, ( faith in Jesus Christ ) spiritually.

Until next week!

Marsall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


( HEBREWS 6:1 )


As we get into chapter six; we must look at the last part of chapter five to see where we fit in this study. That call is not mine to make, only you can decide where you stand spiritually as it concerns your ability to move foward from being simply a babe in Christ.

As I’ve stated; I believe the Apostle Paul wrote this book to his beloved people, brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus Christ himself makes the point that ( unless you are willing to deny father, mother, sister and brother you cannot be my disciple )( Luke 14:26 ). He even says you must be willing to deny yourself, your own life. The Apostle Paul, as a jew had asked Christ to be his savior. He had even counted his own life as dung all for the knowledge of Christ ( Philippians 3:8 )

In ( Hebrews 5:12-14 )he says this:

For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not strong meat. ( 13 ) For every one that useth milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. ( 14 ) But strong meat belongeth to them that are of ful age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

This is a statement that I have often made and stand on even as I seek to teach through these verses. If any person truly desires to understand what is being taught in the time frame of scripture to which we live, it becomes very important to understand what actually takes place in the ( Book of Acts ). ( I believe ) that if you as a believer will study, with sincere prayer, dying to youself and the inputs that might come from any other person then your understanding of scripture in general will be greatly inhanced.

I truly desire for you to know! It cannot be me nor any other person that is your teacher. It must be your willingness to yield to God’s Spirit as he teaches you. That, even to denying your own personal beliefs. Just like the Nation of Israel that the Apostle Paul was speaking to, it can’t be left to our old teachers, parents, families, Churches as in denominations and so forth. It must be as God reveals truth to you.

I’ll share this personal story that happened to me years ago. I’m an electrician by trade. Many years ago my helper and I was working on a job where another brother in Christ was working as well. As we met, realizing we both believed in Christ as our savior, we began to fellowship one with another. My helper was not a believer.

One day as we talked the young man asked me if I spoke in tongues? I replied ( No ). From that point on in his mind, there was no way I had God’s Spirit living within me. He believed that in order for me to say I had the Holy Ghost, I had to speak in tongues. We finished that job and, I never seen to young man again.

The very next job we went to was a drycleaning business. We were wiring the building and the equipment for drycleaning. It just so happened that I knew the plumber that was plumbing the building. He was also a person that believed in speaking in tongues. I knew him well enough that normally we just wouldn’t even debate that issue. However, my helper didn’t know that.

One day as we were taking about spiritual things, my helper looked at the man I’m speaking of and said: I can say one thing about Marshall, he’ll take a stand on things such as speaking in tongues, not knowing or understanding that the other man and I disagreed on that subject.

When we said that the other brother was determined to make me tell him what I had said but, I simply didn’t desire to argue about it. Therefore, for two days I just wouldn’t answer. On the end of the second day as he continued to pressure me, I said, O.K.

At that I asked him this question referring to:

( 1 Corinthians 13:10 )

But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

I asked, what is that which is perfect? He automatically answered ( Jesus ) I replied, it can’t be because the word ( that ) is not a personal pronoun, If the answer would have been Jesus the scripture would have said ( He which is perfect ). He said ( I see ).

The next morning, as we got to the job and said our good mornings, he said ( heaven ) I replied; no that’s not it. I shared with him how that the Apostle Paul was speaking of the completing of the New Testament. I said, common sense will reveal to you that when Paul was writing that verse, the New Testament had been finished. However, when it is completed, many things that was used by God’s Spirit at that time ( will be done away )

When I amde that statement, I could see the look in his eyes and tell, ( he knew I was correct ). It was not me that had convinced him, I was God’s Spirit. I told him just what I just said. As we stood there, I also said, now you have a problem. That problem is, are you willing to stand up against the people you fellowship with and take that same stand?

You see, having to seperate yourself from those you love and, stand above all with Jesus Christ is not an easy task. The Apostle Paul knew this as he wrote to the Hebrew believers. Are you able to ( move ) from where you are toward perfection? He asked the believer. Can you leave the ( principles ot the doctrine Of Christ )? What does that mean? And, what would be the knew concept?

We have Churches today that still aren’t able to do that one thing. Therefore, they remain babes in Christ. It’s not just ( that principle ) but the whole list we see in ( Hebrews 6: 1-3 ). He says ( this we will do if God permit ) God did permit that. The Apostle Paul, being a Jew done it, with many others. There are many believers that has move on to perfection but many will not because they are stuck in traditions of men, just as Israel was and, still is to this day.

Well get into these things seen in ( Hebrews 6 ) and also look at The Day of Pentecost and how it relates to these things. It always amazes me how people get so involved in ( denominational teaching ) that they are very willing to forget the ( Principles of the word of God ) clinging to their own loved denomination.

The ability to listen to and heed to the Holy Spirit is a great asset to have, to learn. We see ( Leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ ). That; as far as the believer is concerned as compared to the Hebrew people. They were so bound to what they seen in the life and ability of Christ that they had a hard time leaving those principles.

Often today, we get so caught up in what a single denomination teaches that we can’t leave those principles and move foward to ( the doctrine of the true Church ). Can we do that and move toward spiritual perfection? What we often miss is how we find the doctrines of the true Church as spelled out in scripture. If you remember, I made a statement about ( the Ap[ostles’ doctrine ). What was that and, why?

I’d like for you to consider this. In the very early days of the Church being right after thr day of Pentecost, there were eleven Apostles only. In ( Acts 9 ) we can read where Jesus Christ called and commissioned ( Saul ) who became Paul. As we move foward in Acts the Apostle Paul becomes the ( keynote speaker ). In the first chapter of ( Acts ) we see where the eleven apostles tried to pick an apostle to repace Judas which had fallen. They were instructed to ( go to Jerusalem ) and wait for the promise. Here, they got ahead of Jesus Christ and, made this decision before to promise came. However, that didn’t change the plans of God the Father.

Often, we make the same mistake. We do things, especially in our Churches that have nothing to do with God’s Spirit but, we still seek to build on those things as babes. Those things often build a wall between what God’s Spirit desires to teach and the believers in Christ, causing them to remain ( babes in Christ ).

The book of Hebrews is one of the books that the Aposlte Paul wrote as concerning the maturity of the Church. In the very verses we are considering here ( Chapter 5, verse 12-14 ), he is saying that we are drinking milk and not eating strong meat. THe Apostle Paul becomes that person that feeds that strong meat.

If you will consider the birth of a baby. Once that baby is born doesn’t it continue to feed of of his mother for a while until he becomes strong enough to eat other foods? The Apostles’ doctrine is exactly the same picture. The original eleven Apostles stayed in Jerusalem nurturing the new Jewish believers, They continued to feed them the ( Doctrine or the principles of Christ ). That is exactly what a mother does to a new born as it begins to grow. We can basically find every things mentioned in the first two verses here ( Hebrews 6:1-2 ) in the early part of Acts. Even the Apostle Paul was gifted as an Apostle to do these things. As you study through Acts you can see this.

However, in ( verse 3 ) he says ( and this we will do if God permits ) He’s saying that we are going to move on to perfection as the body of Christ. The true story I told you about the understanding of ( 1 Corinthians 13:10 ) and the brother was used as an example. Many people cannot make themselves seperate from their friends and families as they seek to move foward from spiritual childhood. We have to be spiritually wise enough to understand the things he mentions in ( verses 1-2 ) to become spiritually strong. For instance; the phrase ( FAITH TOWARD GOD ). What’s he saying there? Don’t we have faith toward God today? However, I don’t expect God to destroy all my enemies like he did for Israel. I don’t expect food to fall out of heaven every day. I don’t expect To be able to take two fishes and five loaves of bread and feed a multitude.

The Apostle Paul is saying that every thing mentioned in ( Verses 1-2 ) are past tense. We’ll begin to look at them in the next lesson. Basically every thing he mentions is or was a part of the ( doctrine of Christ ). Each of the Apostles were part of the ( Doctrine of Christ ). Each of them were part of the beginning of the new formed Church. They were part of the foudation we stand on today. Understanding that is paramount to knowing God’s word as it unfolds toward our spiritual growth.

Next week we will continue with these verses!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7



I never liked to preach or teach messages on special days just because it was seen as a special day by man. Holidays and things of that sort are created by man and not by God the Father, That even goes for Easter and Christmas. That doesn’t mean that I or, anyone else shouldn’t acknowledge those days but my point is that God’s Spirit still speaks and directs those that seek to follow his lead even on the days that men have set aside for special acassions.

With that being a fact about me, I do feel very impressed by the Lord to teach what I will be teaching today. If you remember last week, at the end of the lesson I pointed out the phrase ( REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS ). It amazing to me how we can even tie that phrase or thought into what I well be teaching today.

One other thing and we’ll get started with today’s lesson. A whole week has gone by since last Sunday. God is forever churning in my heart and, I’ll add in every born again believer’s heart. What I might have thought to be ( Of God ) last week can change from day to day. While I don’t think we are going to leave the thought ( repentance from dead works ) the lesson will change on what I believe to be the direction of the Holy Spirit of God.

I’ll make this the title of this lesson:


I’ll use this verse to bounce of off:

Jeremiah 22:23

O inhabitant of Lebanon, that makest thy nest in the cedars, how gracious shalt thou be when pangs come upon thee, the pain of a woman in travail!

If you remember last week I shared a story of a man and his wife that were truly desirious to have a child, God granted their prayer and, they are blessed with a child. My wife and I read this past week a story in ( 1 Samuel 1 ) about a lady named Hannah. This wife also desired to have a child. Her whole life revolved around that fact. Her prayer life was about that very thing. That prayer was answered and God gave her a son named Samuel.

Now, let me ask you something. If we compare these two women that became mothers that we see that I mentioned, seeing that they both truly desired to have a child. Do you think they were concerned about the pain they might feel with child birth or, only the pleasure they might feel within the act that takes place to bring about children between a man and his wife? If I answer that question I’d say no. Neither of these women were focused on those aspects but rather had a true desire for child birth.

Today, do we ever realize that ( that act ), the act of bearing children is an act only between a man and his wife? How many young women today truly desire to be a mother? How many look way beyond the pleasure or pain to comes along with child birth and are truly seeking the end product and for the express reason to be considered a mother? If you will read ( 1 Samuel 1 ) and beyond, not only did Hannah have a son but she totally gave that son to the Lord!

When you look at the two wives of Elkanah in ( 1 Samuel 1 ), Peninnah and hannah. Can you see two completely spiritual pictures of how we might look at ( the act of bearing children ) today! To one it was nothing very special about it and, to the other it was the most precious act that could ever be? Also, can you see how ( that very act ) can be seen as ( dead works ) while the other is all about bringing glory to God?

I realize that as I teach this ( Mother’s Day ) message today, I’m going to get very, very close to some people. However, I believe that we must seek God’s will in all that we do and say. We cannot fear man or what they might say but rather seek to bring all things into the of a solid relationship with God the father in all that we do.

The very fact of child birth if for a woman only. If we go back to:

( Genesis 3:16 )

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shalt be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

I used this verse in the former lesson I taught and, I also made this statement. I believe that a woman comes just as close to death during child birth as any person can come without actually dying. I also said this; for a woman that truly desires to be a mother, just as soon as her child is born and, she sees God’s gift to her, the pain is quickly forgotten.

I often wonder when I read this verse in ( Genesis 3:16 ) If a man had to actually go through the pain of child birth; would he he die because he couldn’t bear the pain? I think it’s very possible he would! There is not a way to prove that is it? Why? Because no man in his natural state will ever have a child, and, what if we add, if a man was actually ( transgendered ) into a woman that could have children, at that actual birth, being a natural man, would he die?

Friends, a mother that truly desires to be one is a very special person! As a matter of fact, her love is right next to the love of God and Child birth proves that point, even in a spiritual sense. We make a fun thing out of things that God never intended to be that way! Consider this: do you think any any person that commits fornication or adultery are seeking to have children while committing that act?

How about homosexuals or transgenders, are they seeking to have children? The very act of having children is set as a part of married couples only. Can we agree with that? The pleasure and the fruit of that act is designed by God for a man and his wife, no one else! And when we use it in any other form it becomes a dead work. Remember the phrase ( repentance from dead works )?

I’m not hrere to be a judge of any person, I’ll leave that up to the Holy Spirit. However, I wonder, if you leave the ( sexual aspect ) out of the homosexual lifestyle in any form, would that still be ( as they are )?

When we look back at the text verse in ( Jeremiah ). He using the pain a mother goes through as an example of the judgment that mankind will face because of their lack of concern of seeking God’s will for their lives. Do you realize that the very things that you consider to be fun today, you do at you pleasure, one day when you stand before God, it will not be fun anymore?

I wnat you to look at two verses in closing:

( First ) ( Hebrews 13:4 )

Marriage is honourable, in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will Judge.

( Second ) ( Galatians 6:7-8 )

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. ( 8 ) For he that soweth to his flesh shall of his flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life everlasting.

We see here that God honors marriage and, what a man and his wife do within the confines of their bed he doesn’t defile. We see this as two people, man and wife that are seeking to be pleasing to God the Father. We also see that everthing else is seen a worthy of judgement!, no exceptions! God made the sexual aspect of our lives to be enjoyed, pleasurable, a very special thing between a man and his wife. Because of this act wives become mothers and, husbands become fathers. We are made to enjoy one another and, to procreate, that’s God’s will.

In the next verse ( Galatians 6:7-8 ) we see that God doesn’t play with the things we like to play with. When we, outside the marriage relationship sow, we will always reap corruption because there is nothing within our flesh that will ever be pleasing to God.

A true mother is a person that takes every aspect of her life very responsibility. That includes motherhood! She understands from the very inset of every act that she must be the woman she needs to be, life, whether it be hers or one she helps to create is never seen as a game.

The spiritual equal to this is the Church and the possibility of new birth into God’s family. Those that are truly born again realize the importance of the preaching of truth and our reaponsibility of nurturing that new life just as a mother cares for a new born baby.

( Is it possible ) that we could ( coin a phrase ) here? ( the Homosexual Church )! That because the Church has no desire for new spiritual life but is perfectly content with just being socialable. one with another? The acts we do has nothing to do with the very spirit of God and truly being born again. ( God is not mocked ) what we sow, we will reap!

( Repentance from dead works )! If what we are doing in our lives is not keyed toward the development of new life it becomes ( dead works ). God offers us ( life more abundantly ). I’m an electrician by trade. I love doing that work. I love the fellowship with my brothers and sisters at Church, I love my wife, I enjoy many aspects of the life I live. However, within all of that I realize my responsibility of being mindful of God’s will for my life. The Spirit of God makes these aspects of my life more abundant, when we leave him out then, ever aspect of our lives is ( dead works ).

Since it’s Mother’s Day let’s consider the mother. My mother was one of the hardest working people I ever knew! However, I now realize that all her hard work revolved around her love for her family. It had nothing to be with simple pleasure for herself. Did she do things that she enjoyed? Sure she did but, her joy came from doing things for her family. She sought to make our family better, finanically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. To her, that was that abundant life.

Can we seek our own pleasure, satisfaction and be pleasing to God? I think not! It becomes all ( dead works ) and that to be repented of!

I pray that all I taught in this lesson can be seen as a spiritual thing. I’m the enemy of no person but sin is our enemy. There’s a great difference in confessing sin and repenting from that same sin. When we think we can simply confess sin but never turm from sin that becomes a spiritual problem! Our dead works is something we need to repent of and not just confess. We cannot continue to live in sin and be bleassing to God the Father.

Look at yourself! Are you filled with ( dead works ) toward God! Do we continue to ( confess ) our actions but, remain the same. That my friend is a mockery to God! Repent form your dead works and allow God’s Spirit to direct your path!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7

SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ( May 2,2021 ) ( Hebrews 6:1-3 )


If you notice, the first word here is ( therefore ). That word is tying this chapter back to what was is being said in ( Hebrews 5 ). In the last part of that chapter the writer is making to point that ( strong meat ) is for them of full age. Every person that uses milk is ( unskilful ) in the work of righteousness.

Before we get too deep into the teaching in ( Hebrews 6 ) there is something, even a point that the Apostle Paul is making within this study that we need to build upon. The point is ( are you actually born again )? The act of being ( born again ) is the act of God placing his Spirit within you. Now, in this book, Apostle Paul is teaching the Jewish believers, The problem is, what did they believe? If we look at the very first part of ( Hebrews 6:1 ) he say this:

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us move to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works.

The people that the Apostle Paul was speaking to had no problem believing in Jesus Christ. Many of them walked with him, talked with him, seen his miracles. They could basically tell you every part of his life. However, knowing those facts is not salvation! The Apostle Paul stops short of saying these people are not saved. The reason is because we, as people cannot see what is within the heart of other people. Only God knows whether any person is truly born again or not.

The point is that if all you have is the ( knowledge of Christ ) then that could be the reason you are not able to take strong meat or, grow to maturity. When you allow God’s Spirit to come into your heart, spiritual growth is going to happen. Can we even debate that fact? I need to mention this here. The ( doctrine of Christ ). That doctrine is about the responsibility of Jesus Christ, why was he born? It completely different than understanding the ( Doctrine of salvation ) or ( the Church ).

I don’t know how far I’ll get into these verses today but, next Sunday is coming! I’d like to draw a comparison here. I’m going to begin this with ( the act of abortion ). Why would any young lady or woman be seeking an abortion? I’d say the question has a simple answer! It’s because ( they know ) there is something growing within them! And, they also know that, if it is left alone, by natural course, it will mature. Many people want to say ( it’s nothing ), well, if it’s nothing then leave it alone!

I pray God’s Spirit will allow me to teach this the way I feel it in my heart! I met a young man and his wife and child this past week. I actually talked to the young man yesterday. My desire is to use something he told me to seek to bring about the understanding of ( leaving the doctrine of Christ ) to the Hebrew people and, ( moving toward perfection.

This young man shared with me, with great excitement how that he and his with greatly desire to have a child for a long time and, finally his wife became pregnant ( with child ). Can you imagine this young man and his wife seeing other couples with little babies; desiring one of their own and not being able to have one. I’d say that especially for the wife. She could hold other babies, walk around with that little baby in her arms but, it was not her’s to possess!

The nation of Israel walked with Jesus Christ, touched him, talked with him but, still he is there, He’s standing ( away from them ). THe fact that he was ) outside ) of them did not actually make him a part of them. When will he belong to me?

Now, let’s look at this man’s wife, even he, the husband to the best of his ability. Can you imagine this lady, the very moment she was told she was with child!!!!? The very moment that she share that with her husband!? Can you imagine the care she took, they took just to simply protect the life that was within her!!!? Consider, the very moment that union was made life began! Now, she didn’t know that, he didn’t know that however, the desire to have a ( CHILD OF THEIR OWN ) was so great; even without that knowledge she, he, done all they could to assure the growth, even without the knowledge of it being there!

Once this young mother realized ( she was with child ) do you think she said it was nothing? I seen this young mother this past week. I stood at the passenger window of her vehicle and talked to her, not even realizing that there was a child in the back seat. Tat is; until she let the window down and told her to ( say hey ) to me. I think it’s a little girl, if not, they can schold me later! However, she was in a car seat. That young mother is still today protecting that little child she and her husband love so dearly and, as life moves foward, they will continue to do so; all because of a very great love for ( they life ) that they created, God blessed them with and, she carried within her!

Now, let’s spiritually take this to another level. This young mother went through ( the act of childbirth ). Look at this verse:

( Genesis 3:10 )

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multipy thy sorrow and thy conception: in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Personally, I believe that any woman that goes through natural child birth comes just as close to death as humanly possible and still live. Howeever, would you agree with me, and, I’ll say this to mothers; once you go through child birth, almost as soon as that child is born you begin to ( leave the principles of child birth ). I’d say that a mother has so much love for her new born child she quickly forgets the pain she went through and now changes her mindset to bringing her child to ( perfection ) or maturity.

The day I was ( born again ). I went through great conviction. One of the most difficult things I ever faced was stepping out from behind a pew and going to an alter. Even admitting; I was a sinner and I needed help. In comparison, just as soon as I got up from the alter, I began to grow spiritually. I often testify that I probably cursed someone out on my way to Church the day I got saved but, once God’s Spirit moved into my heart, my whole vocabulary changed!

As we look at the next few things mentioned here: ( ( foundation of repentance from dead works ) ( faith toward God ) ( doctrine of baptism ) ( laying on of hands ) ( resurrection of the dead ) ( eternal judgment ) And this we will do if God permit. If we go back and define these things within the ( doctrine of Christ ) then they all become pass tense as far as what happens once ( birth happens ). When a child is born, a mother changes her perspective on the things necessary and, once we are born again, we need to change our spiritual diet.

In seeking to close this lesson out, I’d like to share a verse with you and ask you a question about that verse.

( Acts 2:38 )

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The question is this: is that what you did when you received Christ as your Savior? Now, let’s move foward a little.

( Acts 16:31 )

And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

I’m going to say that; if you are born again, this verse describes what you did that God;s Spirit might move into your heart.

Salvation is in all three tenses. There is past tense salvation, present tense salvation and, future tense salvation. When this young mother found out she was ( with child ); now that fact is past tense, from that moment until that life is completely over, she will live in present tense and, once this life is over it’s future tense.

The fact I was born again, that day is past and gone. Now, I live in present tense salvation, I’m growing and maturing everyday. When I finish my course, since I’ve been born again, I’ll live in future tense salvation , in eternity with Jesus Christ my savior.

Jesus Christ, in reality died and rose again for the ( Church ). Now, when we are born again, we become a member of that body he died for. When the Apostle Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, he preached the very same message as ( John the Baptist ). Why? He’s preaching to the Nation Of Israel ) John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ! Those that believed that Christ, the Messiah was coming would get baptised to prove that they believed the message of John the Baptist. Now, that same Jesus had died and arose again. The people of Israel as we see here, are experiencing a change. Notice the phrase in: ( Acts 2:36 ) ( THAT SAME JESUS ). Now, he’s telling ( the nation of Istrael ) that if they believe that Jesus Christ died and arose again ( repent, get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

At this message the ( Nation of Israel ) the Jews by doing the very same act as they did when Jesus was born and lived among them now can receive the Holy Ghost ( the third person in the Godhead ) that he promised, by doing the very same thing. The gospel was first presented to the Jew. ( The Church ) is ( brand spanking new ) ! It’s, just like salvation, it has to grow and mature. Do you realize that on the Day of Pentecost, not one part of the New Testament had been written?

The book of Hebrews is written to those of Israel that were saying they were believers. However they were struggling with understanding the ( doctrine ) that the Apostle Paul was now teaching and, leaving the things they use to do behind.

If you will study the ( Book of Acts ) you will see that the Apostles ( laid hands on people ) Why? Because it brought about the knowledge that they were filled with God’s Spirit, Today, we don’t they to be filled.

In closing, next week I’m going to go into more detail about the next phrase ( repentance from dead works ). I can see a lot to say and teach there. So, that will be next week’s title!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7


HEBREWS 5:12-14


There’s a saying we often hear in our country today, that is ( the United States of America ). That sayig is this: ( the dumbing down of America ). Without many people realizing it; I believe that concept began in ( Our Churches )! I also believe it took years to accomplish that in both, our Churches and our Country.

My desire this morning was to teach starting in ( Hebrews 6:1 ) but, as I sought the face of God and, reread the lesson from last week with the last few verses in ( Hebrews 5 ); God’s Spirit changed my mind. By way of kicking this off, I’d like to ask a question. How many people understand the concept of being ( born again )? That; verses the concept of ( saying you believe in Christ ) ( being baptized ) and ( joining Church )? ( I believe ) within that question and, our ability to answer that question completely relates to what is being said in these verses and, what the Apostle is teaching in ( Hebrews 6 ).

Often, we misinterpret words such as teacher in scripture. Do you think that God calls you a teacher just because a Church allows you to stand and teach? I say not! Do you realize that the Apostle Paul said that he was taught ( at the feet of Gamaliel )? He was taught ( according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers ). He was also ( zealous toward God ). We see that in ( Acts 22:3 ).

Also, consider this, he was the last Apostle chosen, he said of himself ( I am the least of all Apostles ). Now, think about this as you consider these verses, there were men that actually walked with Jesus Christ, we can even take that all the way back to before Jesus Christ was born! The nation Of Israel were people ( chosen by God ) himself that he might raise them up to become a powerful voice in this world yet, the Apostle Paul, the very last one is now seeking to teach them. What do we see wrong in this picture? To add to this, he was rejected by them and, he turned to the Gentiles.

I dare say, just as humble as I know how and, with a great burden on my heart for members of our Churches and, the fact that very few know the concept of being ( born again )! There are people sitting in most Churches that ( should be teachers ) some ( even teaching ) ( even pastoring ) that are in need of being taught. The true problem is ( they reject ) those that can actually teach them!

Most pastors feed their congregations with a ( weekly dose of milk ) and the Church is ( unskillful in the word of righteousness ) ( FOR HE IS A BABE )! ( ( Verse 13 ) So, let’s take this to another level! Why was it that ( Gamaliel ) didn’t help ( Saul ) that became ( Paul ) in all that he taught him? The reason, Gamaliel didn’t understand the concept of being born again and, it was not important to him.

Most of our pastors go to school, universities, colleges and, are taught by ( a type of Gamaliel ). I wonder! Do they ever question their students about whether they are born again or not? Can those teachers explain being ( born again )? It’s almost like it becomes all about money. If I, ( even I ) decide to go to school, pay my money to be taught, what else would be required that I might attend? THe Apostle Paul is preachiung to the choir! All the teachers from the bottom to the top, although they might be teaching, have a need to be taught.

There is no teacher that can expound the word of God other than the Holy Spirit of God! However, that very concept is very seldom ever mentioned in our Churches. We hear quotes from professors, great theologians and are spell bound by the great things they teach and say. We love our pastors but very seldom question anything he teaches!

The very teaching of ( the concept of being born again ) can be considered as strong meat in scripture! Most people in our Churches will never even attempt to teach ( Hebrews 6 ), not in any form. Why would that be? Because within the concept of what he’s saying from ( verse 1 through 6 ) shows the very necessity of change once we are truly born again! ( WE CANNOT REMAIN THE SAME )! We can actually see in the verses there where if you still remain the same as you have always been the ( the act of being born again ) has never happened to you.

It’s much easier to simply leave these verses alone, have people believe that it’s speaking of lost people, not them, than to make people realize that ( spiritual growth ) is an essential part of being born again.

In essence, what was the children of Israel interested in? They were interested in someone caring for their every physical need, even if it meant to be in salvery. If you remember, God fed them with manna however, as soon as he stopped they told Moses that they were better off in Egypt. They were completely unwilling to pay any price to move foward from where they were.

Let’s be honest folks, most people are slaves to their Church! If that Church ceases to give them what they like, they’ll look far another. Another way to say it is this; it doesn’t matter what God they serve as long as they are satisfied. The average pastor knows this; therefore he feeds them what they desire to be fed, just like Israel!

I want to ask you a question. I do this just to make you stop and think! Just how close can any person get to hell without actually going? If you tell me you are born again, now, you also tell me where you are spiritually? That is axactly what is being said here!

What does it mean to be born again? What happens to any person that actually goes through that transforming act of being born again? Being born again means that you have seen yourself as a sinner and, that ( just like you are ) you cannot be pleasing to God the Father. You realize that, unless you find away to be transformed from the sinner you are thern, ( HELL WILL BE YOUR HOME ). You become willing to be transformed because ( YOU HATE ) who you are and, ( willingly ) ask ( GOD’S SPIRIT ) to move into your heart to begin to direct your path to ( SPIRITUAL MATURITY ).

You realize that Jesus Christ loved you so much that he suffered for you as an unworthy sinner! From the moment you are born again, every aspect of you being begins to change! The very things you use to love are now being changed, you begin to walk in a different light, you are not the same! If your salvation is locked in your desire to attend Church, be baptized, be seen as a ( CHURCH MEMBER ) then I would advise you to ( MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE )!

This was exactly what was wrong in the Nation of Israel! ( the assumed ) since they were ( Of Israel ) God would protect them. We ( often assume ) just because we are Church members ( God will protect us )! we often think we can still be ( as we are )!

( I believe ) simply by study that there is a long ways from the bottom of hell to standing right in the presence of Jesus Christ. That distance includes to ( top and bottom ) of Hell and ( the top and bottom ) of the kingdom we will live in, being born into his family.

I often hear people say. Well, I’m saved, that’s all I’m looking for! I’m not sure that’s all God wants you to be! And, that mindset will cost you in the end! The Apostle Paul seen this same mindset in the Nation Of Israel. He was seeking to help them see that, to God the Father ( spiritual maturity ) was a necessity; and that,of every believer!

I really don’t want to get into ( Hebrews 6 ) but, I feel impressed to point this out. In ( verse 1 ) he make this statement ( NOT LAYING AGAIN THE FOUNDATION OF REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS ). Maybe you know someone that tells you they are saved but, they continually come to you, having to say ( I’m sorry ) for doing the same thing to you or, someone time and time again. They can’t realize that ( you do forgive them ) but, you’re not the one with the problem, they are!

Can you see a picture of Israel, year after year, doing exactly the same things and, each year bringing a sacrifice to God for that same thing; over and over?

Look at this verse: ( 2 Corinthians 7:10 )

For Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. ( look at the next verse ) : ( 11 ) For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, ( WHAT CAREFULNESS IT WROUGHT IN YOU, YEA, WHAT CLEARING OF YOURSELVES, YEA, WHAT INDIGNATION, YEA, WHAT FEAR, YEA, WHAT VERHEMENT DESIRE, YEA, WHAT ZEAL. YEA, WHAT REVENGE! IN ALL THINGS YE HAVE APPROVED YOURSELVES TO BE CLEAR IN THIS MATTER.

WOW! Can you see that dramatic change? This brings into focus what the Apostle Paul is trying to get across. You see, saying ( I sorrow ) is not repenting. That, either with a Nation or, an individual. However, we can see ourselves as ( Godly sorrowful ), that very thing will bring about change in our lives! Within that, we can also see the ( BORN AGAIN EXPERIENCE ) You won’t be perfect however, ( you will be indignate, fearful, with verhement desire,, zeal, revenge,

What’s he saying? ( I believe ) that God’s Spirit is so real in each ( born again believer ) that when we begin to think ( worldly things ) allow ( jealousy, hate and so on ) to be felt in our hearts then, right then ( the spirit we now follow ) will begin to churn in our hearts making us ( indignate, fearful, with verhement desire, zeal, bound and determine not to go back to being what we were, but to be just as close to a picture of Christ as possible! That’s ( godly sorrow ) What a Change!

Marshall Clayton

2 Timothy 1:7